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Concentrates Canada / Extracts Canada

Buy bulk concentrates online Canada with the best prices and deals.

Find the best concentrates Canada with current coupon codes and the latest trending products.

Here are the latest and greatest concentrates and extracts deals & coupon pages:

You will find the best coupon codes and deals so that when you want to buy concentrates online Canada you will know that you are getting the best concentrates online at the best price. You will also find great deals on bulk concentrates and extracts, as well as wholesale deals.

All concentrates Canada deals and coupons are from trusted online dispensaries in Canada. Click on the offer that interests you, and you’ll be taken to the original source so you can get the deal directly.

Coupons & Deals for Concentrates Canada & Extracts Canada

All concentrates Canada and Extracts Canada deals and coupon codes are available for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age.

Speed Greens AAAA Budder

Speed Greens AAAA budder

Speed Greens Budder Reviewed by the Beaver

It’s all AAAA quality with over 20 strains to choose from at $23.90 to $29 per gram (depending on how much you buy).

Check out our Speed Greens review with all their coupons and promotions.

What is Budder?

Budder or wax refers to cannabis extracts with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also called crumble or cake batter. The consistency is comparable to a soft wax and is more forgiving to work with than shatter.

How to Smoke Budder?

You can smoke Budder in joints or blunts mixed with your herb, same goes for bowls, bongs, and bubblers (make sure to place the Budder on top of your herbs). Budder is great for dabbing, and it  vapes superbly using a concentrates vaporizer.

On sale with 10% off: Chronic10
On sale with 10% off: Chronic10
+ Get 3.5g of free BC bud on sign up
$33.50 – $187.00
$33.50 – $187.00
See all Mix & Match packs on sale.
See all Mix & Match packs on sale.
$99 Ounces of Hash
No coupon is currently available
20% off coupon: chronichighclass20
20% off coupon: chronichighclass20
Blue+Yellow - mail order dispensary rosin deal
10% off coupon: TRYUS10
Blue+Yellow Phoenix Tears THC Oil
Phoenix Tears THC Oil - $30
THC Distillate – Mix & Match Deals
10% off Code: beaverfire10
10% off Code: beaverfire10
West Coast Cannabis Shatter Menu
5% off code: Beaver5 (one-time use)
Free shipping over $99
Free shipping over $99
$10 off coupon code: Chronic10
$25/g Rock Star Shatter

Concentrates Canada & Extracts Canada at Green Society


Green Society has one of the largest online collections of Concentrates and Extracts in Canada

You will find pretty much everything you can imagine at Green Society with lots of mix & match packs for shatter, kief, hash, and diamonds. With all the best concentrate brands and with house features and sales.

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Concentrates Canada

Buy the Best Concentrates Online with West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis online dispensary has an interesting collection of concentrates sourced from some of Canada’s best cannabis concentrates brands.

With a wide selection of HTFSE products like caviar, live resin, and terp sauce. They also have over 12 strains of budder, about 10 strains of shatter, and lots of THC and CBD extracts and tinctures. Not to mention some nice hash, crumble, and moon rocks too.

You will also find some attractive bulk concentrates pricing on their shatter and budder with lots of fun mix & match options.

  • For example, their Shishkaberry Platinum AAAA Shatter is on sale and goes for $17.85 per gram if you buy shatter by the ounce, that’s one hell of a deal for AAAA shatter.

If it’s your first order with West Coast Cannabis, you can get 5% off, use my coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only)

Bulk Concentrates Canada

Buying bulk concentrates in Canada can be challenging as there are not many bulk or wholesale options and deals for concentrates and extracts online. Ideally, the more concentrates or extracts you buy, the more you should save to get bulk concentrate prices in Canada.

Here are the best online dispensaries Canada to buy bulk concentrates and extracts.

#1) Get Wholesale Concentrates Canada at CannaWholesalers
> See All

CannaWholesalers have some great pricing and bulk deals on concentrates, from Kief, Hash, Shatter, Terp Sauce, CBD Oil, Caviar, Live Resin. They have new concentrates coming in almost daily with lot of trending products.

See my Review of CannaWholesalers with their deals and discount codes.

#2) Bulk Concentrates Canada and Extracts at Green Society Online Dispensary
> See All

Green Society have a nice collection of bulk concentrates and extracts with Kief, THC Distillate, Hashish, with Cannabis Extracts sales and discounts.

See my Review of Green Society with my coupon and discount code.

#3) Get Bulk Concentrates and Extracts at The High Club Wholesale Dispensary
> See All

Get all of The High Club’s promos for bulk mix & match discounts on Shatter, THC Distillate and more.

See my review of The High Club with their coupon code.

#4) Bulk Concentrates at Speed Greens Canada

> See all the Concentrates

Speed Greens have the best concentrates menu going with endless selections and lots of bulk mix & match concentrate deals for HTFSE, THCa Diamonds, Live Resin, Shatter, Budder and more.

See my Speed Greens Canada review and get my exclusive coupon codes and free weed deals.

What is Shatter?

Cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to get that ultimate high are giving Shatter a try and as a result, Shatter in Canada is becoming mainstream.

Shatter is a term used to describe an extremely potent type of cannabis concentrate (up to 80%), known as butane hash oil (BHO). Shatter is traditionally amber in color and gets its name from its transparent glass-like texture that “shatters” when it’s broken up to be smoked.

Please note, all forms of cannabis concentrates have higher cannabinoid content and as a result will have more THC & CBD ingredients than it’s flower counterpart.  Quantity and dosage become important, start with smaller doses in order to establish what quantity is right for you.

Buy Shatter online Canada, better deals and better selection.

When you buy Shatter online in Canada, you will find that the prices are much more competitive with better deals when compared to buying Shatter from marijuana dispensary storefronts or recreational cannabis brick and motar shops. Plus, you can do some comparison shopping online for Shatter that’s simply much easier and faster than calling or driving around to your local dispensaries.

The online selection for shatter is vast, you can shop for Canada’s best brands for Shatter like Hooti Extracts and Island Extracts, and shop for your favorite strains of Shatter, like Pink Kush Shatter for example.

The selection online for Shatter is indeed impressive, the best part is that you can read Shatter reviews online from forums or from your favorite mail order marijuana shop and get complete product details to help you make that right decision, after all, Shatter isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for!

Find more deals for BC Bud and Shatter

Take a look at my main deals & coupon page for BC bud, shatter and pretty much anything else that interests you.

If you need some help guiding your way through the Concentrates Canada online scene, I’m here for you. Leave a question in the comments section below, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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The Chronic Beaver

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