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“Package This” Legal Cannabis Strict Packaging Rules in Canada

Canada cannabis "Package This"
Health Canada recently set strict rules for legalized marijuana packaging. Following the rules means in a nutshell that recreational and medical cannabis must be sold in plain packaging and with health warnings.

> Here are the details of the proposed cannabis label requirements.

The government’s focus is to reduce the appeal of pot among our youth, preventing accidental consumption and informing consumers about the health risks of marijuana. Since the announcement, there has been lots of controversy around the topic. Some say that marijuana packaging should be left to health experts, not industry. While other Canadians broadly support the tight regulations.

We all know that industry will bend and tweak the rules as far as they can when it comes to cannabis packaging and marketing, this summer/fall 2018 will reveal all, exciting stuff!

I say, Package this…

Canadian Cannabis Packaging Mock-up