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Who is the Chronic Beaver?

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m The Chronic Beaver, the lead author and creative director for this website. I’m passionate about everything cannabis and I firmly believe that I’m helping trail-blaze the cannabis lifestyle as it moves from a subculture into the spotlight of mainstream Canada.

For 8 years, I was the creative and marketing director for an enterprise software company, but I left it all in January 2018 to be here, right now with you, helping trail-blaze our new cannabis frontier in Canada.

I have deep experience and knowledge when it comes to working with online businesses and dispensaries in Canada with a unique perspective of what Canadians are searching for when they want to buy weed online.

I’m also a foodie and own a popular restaurant on Vancouver Island, there is nothing better and more fun than trying new strains and cooking up a storm for friends and perfecting new recipes.

About TheChronicBeaver.com

TheChronicBeaver.com is a dispensary and cannabis magazine that features original works with a focus on the latest dispensary information in a fun and creative way. And hey, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we will find that silver lining and shout it out for you!

We firmly believe that we’re trail-blazing the cannabis lifestyle as it moves from a subculture into the spotlight of mainstream Canada. We are a team of journalists, enthusiasts, cartoonists, graphic artists, entrepreneurs, foodies, high tech geeks and much more. But above all, we are dedicated to connecting Canadians with the most relevant online dispensary information and resources in Canada.

At TheChronicBeaver.com, you will find marijuana lifestyle articles, strain reviews, online dispensary reviews and a whole lot more to help make you smile!