Find the Best Cheap Ounces Canada With a Weed Comparison Chart Blue Dream Strain for $99 per ounce at Budlyft.

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Find the Best Cheap Ounces Canada With a Weed Comparison Chart

Finding the best cheap ounces of weed online in Canada involves lots of research of going through all the popular online dispensary’s deals and cheap ounces product pages. You will soon discover that your options are endless from hundreds of mail order marijuana shops. With $100 ounces, $99 ounces,  $89 ounces, $60 ounces, and even $50 ounces abundantly available, you might just get a weed headache and lose patience. Maybe it’s time to light one up, make life easier on yourself and chill with The Chronic Beaver!

This article is intended to help you find where to buy the best cheap ounces online via a small Q&A, and a weed comparison chart that includes reviews, weed grades, and seasonal availability.

Cheap ounces Canada weed comparison chart.

This chart shows the best cheap ounces by weed grade sold in 28 gram increments from repeatable and trusted online dispensaries. Also take a look at my mix and match weed guide for great savings, and my wholesale dispensary bulk ounces page.

Cheapest Ounces by Weed Grade Comparison

A to AA+ Weed Grade



The Grow House AA $75 to $90 ounces on sale. Reviews

Budlyft Large selection of AAA $99 ounces. Unboxing Review

The Canna Society AAAA-AAAA+ $150 to $160 ounces. Unboxing review

West Coast Cannabis AA $70 to $80 ounces, cheaper in bulk. Reviews

West Coast Cannabis AAA $100 ounces, cheaper in bulk. Reviews

West Coast Cannabis  AAAA $160 ounces or less. Large selection with mix & match

Haute Health A $56 ounces, AA $84 ounces or less. Unboxing review

Cystal Cloud 9 AAA $100 ounces. Reviews

The Grow House Premium AAAA $130 to $150 ounces on sale. Reviews

Cystal Cloud 9 AA $89 ounces. Reviews

The High Club AAA $100 ounces, AAA+ $120 ounces, cheaper in bulk. Unboxing review

The High Club AAAA $150 to $180 ounces, cheaper in bulk. Unboxing review

MMJ Direct AA+ $112 ounces (smalls). Reviews

The Canna Society AAA-AAA+ $99 to $110 ounces. Unboxing review

Budlyft AAAA $148 to $160 ounce sale. Unboxing Review

Best cheap ounces of weed list by price and gram.

Please note: You can add coupon codes to your first order and even codes for repeat orders in some cases, see my online dispensary Canada coupon codes page for a complete list.

Cheap Ounces Canada Q&AThree questions answered to help find the best cheap ounces in Canada.

1) How do I know if the quality of the weed is any good at such low price tags for 28 grams?
For the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to buying cheap ounces in Canada, unless you find a limited time killer flash sale. If you buy $2 grams online, don’t expect high quality weed for that price, expect the marijuana to be one step above shake and trim, or as I call it “headache weed”. Alternatively, if you buy AAA $99 ounces, you can expect some good quality weed that smokes well, and that will satisfy most consumers but all the weed snobs out there who only smoke super quads.

The weed grading system in Canada can help as it describes AA to AAAA weed quality and what to expect.

2) What online dispensaries can I trust who have the best prices by the ounce, service and weed quality?
The online dispensaries mentioned above in the comparison chart are all trustworthy competitive businesses who ship Canada wide within 2 to 5 days depending on your location. Also, take a look at my top 6 online dispensaries list for the best service and weed quality.

3) When are the cheapest ounces available online in Canada?
You can get the best weed deals by the ounce online starting in late spring and through out the summer and early fall months (April 15 to October).

To conclude.

Buying cheap ounces in Canada is subjective, your weed preferences dictate what cheap ounces actually look like. For example, if you’re only into AAAA weed, you know the top shelf stuff, then a cheap ounce of weed would cost between $150 to $180. On the flip side, if your’re a budget weed enthusiast, and prefer quantity over quality, then a cheap ounce should run you between $50 to $89.

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