5 Lessons Learned in Kindergarten That Make us Righteous Pot Smokers Today


5 Lessons Learned in Kindergarten That Make us Righteous Pot Smokers Today

The first official years in school is a conundrum of sorts for kids in kindergarten. They learn important and confusing life lessons that they deemed useless and unnecessary at the time. But it all wasn’t for nothing, these lessons shape us later in life into the righteous pot smokers we are today.

Here are 5 life lessons we learned in kindergarten that make us righteous pot smoker today.

1) Sharing is caring.

Sharing is Caring

We were all taught to share in kindergarten, even when that means little brat wants to play with your favorite toys at recess time, or when you share your chocolate pudding with your friend because he or she never gets dessert in their lunch. If you share, you care, plain and simple. It’s either built in by the time you are an adult, or it’s not. Everyone hates that joint hog or that guy who never rolls one but is always smoking other people’s stuff. Share your experiences, your knowledge, your imagination, your love, and above all, your marijuana! After all, it’s good karma.

2) Use our imagination.


Imagination is everything. It embodies us and provides opportunity and vision. Learning to use our imagination and to be creative will open our eyes to new perspectives and virtues in life, even early on in kindergarten.

Cannabis unlocks our creative potential, it induces an altered state of mind that helps us break free from ordinary thinking and associations, thereby, increasing the likelihood of generating cool and inspirational ideas. Now that we are all grown up and proficient at using our imagination, let’s rev it up and create something, anything!

3) Color outside the lines.

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Coloring is supposedly a good stress reliever, and we’re taught early on to color inside the lines because those lines represent the rules of life. We are being constrained to what everyone else thinks we should do, I say “color outside the lines and think out-of-the-box”. We’ll never know unless we try right? Things can get a little messy, but hey, that’s the beauty of it. Don’t forget to step outside the lines of life sometimes, and if you need a push, smoke some high-grade marijuana and be absolutely genuine and wonderful.

4) Be happy.

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Who doesn’t want to be more like an innocent kindergartener? It’s playtime all the time, you have your favorite toys, and you’re surrounded by your friends all day, without a care in the world. There are lessons to be learned here; hang with good people, play with things that make you smile, don’t stress out, and get high on perspective.

5) Nap time.


There are many benefits of napping. From improved mood, to increased alertness, to improved learning and working memory, to elevating your senses and creativity. Taking a nap can also prevent burnout, and if you’re a pot enthusiast like me, a weed nap is welcomed when you are simply burnt out from overdoing it with the nectar collector. So thanks to kindergarten for teaching us that nap time is important.

Hope you enjoyed my article,
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