Bubhub Canada – Created for Canadians by Canadians


Bubhub Canada – Created for Canadians by Canadians



budhub-canada-marijuana-dispensary-vape-shops-directory-listingsCanadians have an exciting unpaved frontier ahead of them when it comes to legalized recreational cannabis in Canada. Budhub Canada is set to help Canadians navigate those unpaved roads as new retail cannabis stores, online dispensaries, and cannabis craft brands are popping up throughout Canada by the minute.

As a result, the cannabis marketplace is becoming a vast wonderland in Canada making it difficult to navigate to the information that’s important to you.

In most cases, Canadians want the same things when it comes to keeping track of their cannabis-related resources. They want to know where they can buy weed online securely, they want to be able to easily find new retail cannabis stores closest to them, and they want to find the best deals for cannabis, edibles, CBD oil, ETC.– Budhub Canada is helping with all of that.


Budhub Canada – Created for Canadians

Budhub Canada’s passion is like rocket fuel when it comes to cannabis in Canada. With that passion, they are willing to go above and way beyond for Canadians and the cannabis community with colorful enthusiasm, an eye for detail, and with an endless need to make people happy! 

Cannabis in Canada is in the spotlight worldwide and its importance has never been so critical. Canada is the second country in the world and the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis. The industry is going to be a multi-billion dollar mega-market, making it highly competitive with lots of big corporate players.

Budhub Canada helps Canadian small businesses that are cannabis-related with their branding to ensure it shines and stands tall, because brand awareness and perception are becoming everything in this emerging competitive marketplace. They also help small business owners with SEO and inbound marketing so the small business owners can focus on what they do best.

The inbound marketing benefits that Budhub Canada brings to the table are perfectly aligned with the needs of Canadian small business owners in the cannabis space.

Budhub Canada can help strengthen your online presence and brand while attracting and delighting new leads with a slick and well-written business listing page designed to convert leads into sales.

dispensary-open-iconIf you are new to the cannabis online landscape with a new cannabis store for example, then Budhub Canada can help you establish an online presence with a professionally designed business listing that’s written to optimize your keyword phrases to help attract, convert, close and delight new leads.

Budhub Canada and The Chronic Beaver also helps the Canadian marijuana consumer become aware of current issues and lifestyle topics around cannabis in Canada. Issues from drug-impaired driving and the potential problems you could have at the USA border, to growing legal marijuana in rental suites and outdoors at your home. These topics and more are covered in their blog and at The Chronic Beaver.

Budhub Canada – Created by Canadians

Budhub Canada and The Chronic Beaver websites are both 100% Canadian-owned and operated from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The teams at Budhub Canada and The Chronic Beaver consist of cannabis enthusiasts who happen to be expert designers and illustrators, developers, SEO strategists, and inbound marketers with a unified focus — to help cannabis in Canada move from a subculture into the spotlight of mainstream Canada.


What is Budhub Canada?

Budhub Canada is an online cannabis listings and directory website exclusively for Canadian businesses and consumers. Users can search and find marijuana-related products and services in their area, they can easily connect and chat with local business owners, be part of a passionate and engaged cannabis in Canada community, and they can learn about the cannabis lifestyle and other related topics with a little fun thrown in.

Budhub Canada connects you to:

  • Verified Mail Order Marijuana shops

Anyone can sign up for a free user account with Budhub Canada. Once signed up and logged in, users can post ratings and reviews of cannabis stores, dispensaries, and other cannabis-related businesses, save their favorite brands etc., and interact with local businesses and with other users within our cannabis in Canada community.

Cannabis Businesses in Canada can add their listing as well using a self-help platform, to help position their brand to their ideal customers and to attract and delight new customers.

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