BulkWeedInbox Review and UnboxingIsland Boys craft cannabis, Zkittlez AAAA+ strain.

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BulkWeedInbox Review and Unboxing

Updated on January 12, 2024

I finally got around to it and ordered all sorts of weed and concentrates from BulkWeedInbox. This online dispensary has been in business for over 3 years and they have a good overall reputation online, so it’s time for my deep dive BulkWeedInbox review.

I got together with my usual poker crew and shared all the 420 love. Oh boy, we had a memorable evening and smoked everything I brought to the table, but suffered from some short term memory loss, I wonder why? It’s a good thing my review assistant, Ray Sunshine, was there to take notes of all the stand out comments and critiques.

BulkWeedInbox Review Contents:

  • Dispensary overview with Pros and Cons
  • Unboxing Photo Gallery
  • Island Boys Craft Cannabis product review, with shatter, hash, and pre-rolls review
  • Coupons and promotions
  • Final Rating and Final Thoughts

Dispensary Profile with Pros & Cons

BulkWeedInbox (BWIB) is a leading Canadian online dispensary that offers a diverse selection of high quality to mid tier quality cannabis products depending on your budget. Their product range includes dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, THC and CBD edibles, vapes, magic mushrooms, CBD oil and topical products, all sourced from trusted and reliable growers and producers based out of beautiful British Columbia. With a user-friendly website and detailed product information, customers can easily find the products that suit their needs.

BWIB is not just an online bulk weed shop, you can order in small increments as well. But, if bulk orders are your thing, then this shop is a perfect fit for you. They have lots of mix and match packs by the ounce, QP, half pound, and full pounds of weed and popular concentrates. Their prices will shock you!

Service Quality

BulkWeedInbox is known for its fast and discreet mail order services, excellent customer support, and honest return policy. Overall, BWIB is a reliable and trustworthy source for all your cannabis needs. My order was delivered to my door the next day to Vancouver Island. It’s nor far, but still impressive by any standards.

Bulk Weed Inbox review pros and consPros & Cons


  1. Wide selection of products: BulkWeedInbox offers a diverse range of cannabis products including dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, and much more.
  2. Value: BulkWeedInbox offers very competitive pricing based on volume discounts. Medical marijuana users tend to appreciate this as they consume or smoke more than recreational users.
  3. User-friendly website: The website is easy to navigate and provides detailed information on each product, making it easy for customers to find the products that suit their needs.
  4. Fast and discreet delivery: BulkWeedInbox is known for its fast and discreet delivery services, making it a convenient option for customers who need reliable delivery times.
  5. Excellent customer support: The dispensary provides customer support via email and live chat, ensuring that customers can get the support they need in a timely manner.
  6. Strong return policy: The owners told me that they honour returns when there were mistakes made in fulfillment and wrong addresses. Shipping policies are covered by Canada Post.


  1. Online only: As an online dispensary, customers cannot physically inspect the products before making a purchase, which may not be ideal for some customers.
  2. Shipping limitations: BulkWeedInbox may not be able to ship to all regions in Canada, such as Nunavut in the North West Territories. This could limit its accessibility for some customers. If you live in a remote region, it’s a good idea to contact the dispensary before ordering.
  3. Limited product information: Some of their products do not offer sufficient details on the packaging. Customers may prefer more detailed information on the products, such as the origin of the cannabis (the brand), the growing process, and the extraction method.
  4. No privacy policy and terms of service.
  5. Plain packaging: My cannabis was packaged in generic pouches with a low quality basic label. I prefer high-end branding when I’m spending a lot of money on weed. It elevates my expectations of the flower and overall experience.

Unboxing Photo Gallery

BulkWeedInbox Product Reviews

I ordered some craft cannabis from Island Boys and Okanagan Ranch cannabis brands. I also got me a few grams of shatter by Lit Extracts, and some wicked good old-school hash. And, there was a bonus inside the box – two Thunder Joint pre-rolls, more on those later, wow!

2024 Product Reviews

  1. Rolls Royce Hash
  2. Mercedes Hash

Craft Cannabis Review

AAAA+ Zookies Strain by Okanagan Ranch
Hybrid crossed with Original Glue and Animal Cookies strains. 

Well the scoop on Zookies, let me tell you, is no joke. First off, this BC bud smells like my favorite dark chocolate with mixed nuts cookie that’s been lightly sprayed with diesel and then rolled in a bed of fresh flowers, my god, I was salivating for a taste. And the flavour? It’s like a blast of pure gassy, nutty dankness if you will, with hints of pepper and earthy undertones.

We started out our evening of over-indulgence with a 2 gram monster joint of Zookies. Talking about a welcoming high, our poker table was all of a sudden lifted and eager to let the games begin. Not one of us was anxious, and we all, so it seemed, became self organized and worked together surprisingly well to get the games rolling. Normally, it’s a rigamarole to get the chips on the table, everyone seated and paid up. Yup, Zookies set the tempo for the night, and its effects are memorable in every way that a hybrid strain should be.

This bud is definitely worth adding to your stash, it’s packed with flavour and potency and it’s beautiful to look at and admire. If I was in the market for a bulk purchase, Zookies would be one of my top picks.

Check out all Craft Cannabis at BWIB

Lit Extracts Shatter Review

I got one gram of Blue Dream and one of Blueberry Mac shatter by Lit Extracts. I used to be a huge shatter lover 3 or 4 years ago. Yup, I was chronic for a while, me and my nectar-collector dabbing rig were best friends. I’ve reviewed lots of it and I know what to look for when it comes to premium shatter. The consistency was on point – nice and snappy and easy to handle. The transparency was just what I wanted to see –  clear and clean.

At the table, we dabbed it and all found the shatter to be smooth with no chemical after taste, perfect! I also rolled half a gram of it in a joint with the Skittlez strain about half way through the night. LOL, that joint put us all into an intense power-baked state. You have no idea, it started with a euphoric rush of uncontrollable impulse. “All in!”, “I’m starving!”, “My eyes feel like they’re glued shut!”, “I forgot what I was saying!”, “The FUKing river!”, were some of the comments I heard overtop all the laughing. Trust me, this concentrate is the real deal with nice packaging and presentation, it’s definitely worth a try for $15 per gram, or way cheaper in bulk.

Check out Lit Extracts shatter at BWIB

BWIB Hash Review

The call out hash for the night was defiantly the Sticky Larry Hash. It reminded me of the old school soft black hash I used to get in Ottawa as a teenager, the texture was spot on. And the flavour? It’s old school as well, with characteristic deep and spicy flavors of pungent earthy coffee.

Now, on to the effects. I rolled a huge fattie and blazed it up about 20 minutes after we smoked the shatter joint. We were already blasted at this point, but what the hell. This hash packed a serious punch that delivered a high that quickly relaxed us enough to launch a serious eating frenzy. Oh, and we ate everything in sight. I put my famous bean dip on the table, but didn’t heat it up enough, everyone was complaining like spoiled children, and before I sat back down, the dip was 75% gone with a mess all over the table. That’s how much we enjoyed Larry’s Sticky Hash. And it’s cheap – you can get an ounce of it for $275, or $40 for 3.5 grams.

Check out Sticky Larry Hash.

Pre-rolls – Thunder Joints Review

Look at my macro pic of this Thunder Joint pre-roll, as seen in the photo gallery. It’s insane!

Bulk Weed Inbox Thunder Joints Review

Thunder Joints are rolled with 1g of premium cannabis flower, and coated with 98.99% THC distillate and premium kief.

I think the image speaks for itself doesn’t it? This pre-roll smoked ultra dank and super slow, we couldn’t finish it. It was smooth inhales and exhales all day long (that’s my go to term when I raise at the poker table “raise $20 all day long”).  Anyways, the Thunder Joint we smoked at the end of the night made me fall asleep at the table not wanting to leave, I was perfectly willing to camp out at the table for the night, but I dragged myself into my friend’s car for a ride.

Check out the Thunder Joints.

Coupons and 420 Promotions

My exclusive BulkWeedInbox coupon for 20% off site-wide.

BWIB continually run promotions to celebrate pretty much any holiday and 420 event. You will find these promos featured on their homepage, they like to run limited time coupon codes for their repeat customers, and cash discounts for first and second orders. You will also find great deals on flower, edibles, THC and CBD oils and more on their dedicated page.

Final Ratings and Final Thoughts

Overall Service Quality: 9
Overall Value for Money: 10
Overall Flower Quality: 9
Overall Concentrates Quality: 9
Brand Appeal: 8
FINAL THOUGHTS - I definitely recommend giving BulkWeedInbox a try for killer good BC bud and concentrates, the value is there in cost and quality.