Cannabis (THC) Drug Test, How Long Does it Stay in Your Body?


Cannabis (THC) Drug Test, How Long Does it Stay in Your Body?

Knowing how long Cannabis (THC) stays in your body is vital for anyone who uses marijuana, regardless of how often or how much you partake. You may need to pass a cannabis drug test to land that dream job. Or, you are worried about getting pulled over for impaired driving, hey, we all are! Although saliva THC drug testing for drivers is very controversial at the moment, high tech innovations are coming as recreational cannabis use inches closer to legalization in Canada.

Cannabis is the most frequent detected drug in workplace drug tests.

Let’s not consider the legitimate criticisms and debates of workplace drug tests for the moment, and let’s look at the one simple question: how long does Cannabis (THC) stays in your body? It’s a tricky question and there are numerous factors at play:

  • THC Dose
  • Use Habits
  • Inhaled or Ingested
  • Physiological Factors

It’s important to note that cannabis (THC) residue is stored in the fat cells, so if you’re skinny or have a high metabolism, the time it takes to leave your system may be reduced. Your level of hydration plays a key role as well, the more fluids you make your body process, the more urine you produce, then the quicker THC metabolites and leaves your body.

Here is a handy guide that shows the averages of how long Cannabis stays in your body:

Guide on how long cannabis THC stays in your body

Drug tests do one thing right.

Although they have all kinds of issues and shortfalls, marijuana drug tests do one thing right – show whether or not if you consumed weed, in some form, at some point in the past. Unfortunately, for many employers, that’s enough to fire you or consider the next applicant. Once Cannabis in Canada is legalized, the controversial issues I mentioned will be forced to the front page and change will happen for the good.