Watch the weed edibles market in Canada bud and flourish in 2019 when it becomes legal to sell and buy commercially.

The existence of cannabis weddings in legalized states south of the border isn’t just an indication of marijuana’s increasing normalcy—it also signals the drug’s maturation from a blacklight-and-lava-lamp pastime to a grown-up product with gourmet options. Weddings are one of the new and exciting ways cannabis is being classed up.

Cannabis In Canada Weddings

A growing number of caterers, bakers, florists, and others are starting to capitalize on the intersection of the increasingly lucrative market for marijuana and the already lucrative market for weddings, as the U.S laws permit them to and Canada will soon follow the trend when cannabis becomes legal nation-wide summer/fall 2018.

Getting stoned at weddings is nothing new. Guests have long been slipping off to hotbox their cousin’s Corolla or sneaking a joint away from the dancefloor. The movement is simply making it more acceptable to enjoy cannabis as part of a group in a social setting at a wedding.

Couples looking for subtle ways to work cannabis into the ceremony might consider a hemp-silk wedding dress for the bride, pot-leaf-shaped cuff links for the groom, or joint-spiked goodie bags for the bridal party.

Here are some more great spins on how to infuse weed into your next cannabis wedding:

  • Ice bongs
  • A custom blown glass “unity” bong to enhance that “I DO” moment (a stoner twist on the traditional unity candle)
  • Pot friendly limo service
  • Light up all at the same time instead of a champagne toast, or a mix of both
  • Bud bar/private smoking lounge
  • Smokable center pieces
  • Pot edibles and snacks


The opportunities are endless, I’m spinning with ideas, or am I spinning from that cookie I just ate?. There is no doubt that the market will respond with temptations for all bud loving fanatics out there. It’s going to be fun, high times indeed, but we will have to wait until 2019 when edibles become legal to sell commercially.

Please leave your comments and tell us about your creative ways on how to infuse cannabis into weddings.