DaVinci MIQRO Review Canada – The Best Portable Vape 2019The DaVinci Miqro Out-of-the-box

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DaVinci MIQRO Review Canada – The Best Portable Vape 2019

DaVinci MIQRO Review – The Best Portable Vape Canada

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There are numerous reasons why the DaVinci Miqro is the best portable vape in Canada for 2019. My DaVinci Miqro review covers all of them and I also talk about what I didn’t like about the Miqro in my pros & cons list and in the conclusion.

This DaVinci Miqro review breaks down the vaporizer using an infographic with an explanation of how it all works along with my comments from using this vape for over 45 days. We also look at the Miqro out-of-the-box, for vapor quality, ease of use, build quality, how to clean the Miqro, and how I liked the battery.

The Davinci Miqro is the best portable vape in Canada 2019

The Davinci Miqro is a dry herb conduction vaporizer and is by far the smallest and best vape I’ve used in its class. This Bic lighter sized personal vape is designed for people on the go, its practicality, and functionality are both truly impressive that helps make the Miqro a perfect personal companion when you are out and about doing your thing and the best portable vape for 2019. Plus this tiny little vape produces some serious vapor clouds from the palm of your hand.

DaVinci Vaporizer has been trailblazing the vaporizer industry in Canada since the launch of their first vapes back in 2012. When DaVinci launched their second vaporizer – the DaVinci Ascent back in 2013/2014, it skyrocketed the DaVinci Vaporizer brand with rave reviews from users and critics alike. Since then, Davinci Vaporizers popularity in Canada has gone mainstream and it’s just cool to have the DaVinci Miqro in your pocket these days.

I can’t wait to see DaVinci’s next innovation that tops the Miqro, hopefully, later in 2019 or early 2020.

DaVinci Miqro Explorers Collection Out-of-the-box & Photo Gallery

The Miqro Explorers Collection Out-of-the-box List

  • DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer
  • Carry Case – With lots of storage compartments for your gear.
  • Glove – A must have.
  • 2 – 18350 900 mAh Batteries – With a removable battery inside and a second battery in the carry can.
  • USB Braided Charging Cable – High-quality that will last a long time.
  • Carry Can – Dual purpose (holds the extra battery), keychain size with a screw on airtight lid, you can attach your Keychain tool to it.
  • Keychain Tool – Great for packing your herbs into the oven, and has a metal all-purpose tool inside (there is 2nd metal tool inside the top of the vape).
  • Extended Mouthpiece – And it doubles as a 10mm Water Tool Adapter.
  • Flat Mouthpiece – Great for when you want to be extra discreet when you are out and about.
  • 4 Cleaning Swabs – Used for all-purpose cleaning, they are quite effective and cheap to replace.
  • DaVinci Sticker – Who doesn’t love stickers! This one shows off the DaVinci brand and looks cool.
  • Owner’s Manual – A small booklet that’s designed superbly with an easy to follow layout, it will get you vaping your new IQ in no time.
  • Ginder Card – I find it to be not very useful.
  • Pearl Gaskets 
  • Mouthpiece Gasket 
  • 8 Vapor Path Cleaning Rods

DaVinci Miqro Pros, Cons and Specs

DaVinci Miqro Review – Pros & Cons


  • Ultra Portable, stealth, fits in the palm of your hand perfectly.
  • Produces excellent vapor quality for a tiny vape.
  • High-tech design and quality build, very durable.
  • Accessory friendly for bongs and bubblers.
  • Smart Path feature lets you vape the way you prefer.
  • Removable/replaceable battery.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easiest vape to clean.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, the best in class.


  • The IQ Vaporizer gets a little hot while in use, but not too hot to handle with the glove.
  • Only for dry herbs, not shatter or concentrates compatible.
  • Not an everyday use type of vape, best suited for personal use when you’re out & about.

DaVinci Miqro Review – Specifications

  • Device Dimensions – 1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D / 3.4 cm W x 7.95cm H x 2.3cm D
  • Device Weight – 3.53 oz / 100.07 Grams
  • Heat-up Time – 39 Seconds.
  • Battery – 2 Rechargeable / replaceable 18350 900 mAh batteries.
  • Charging Time – 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Warranty – 5 Year factory-direct.

DaVinci Miqro Review – Vapor Quality & Ease of Use

I felt that in order to provide you with a complete DaVinci Mirco review, I had to test the vapor quality using all the settings and different packing or loading styles.

When it comes to vapes, I crave big tasty rich dank clouds, so this was my end goal. After vaping about half an ounce of BC’s finest, I found what I was looking for and the Miqro performed beautifully. The oven in the Miqro has to work harder compared to the oven in DaVinci’s IQ vape in order to produce those awesome clouds I crave so much. I determined that I have to use the higher temps (between 390° & 430°F) or smart path 3 or 4 on the Miqro to get my desired results.

Using the Miqro is easy when you look at it in the simplest way.  You load the vape, then turn it on, set your smart path mode (1-4) using the up & down arrows, wait about 40 seconds, and boom! you’re vaping, and in about a minute or so you will notice your vapor quality get thicker and more plentiful.


How to load the Miqro

How to load the Miqro. I also found that loading is an easy process. I generally load about 0.2 grams of dry herb (med to fine grind) into the chamber of the oven with a med-tight pack to produce the best clouds with good flavor while using the Pearl to compensate for the extra chamber space. To load your herbs, open the bottom lid to access the oven chamber, then tap in your busted up herbs and pack them down using the packing tool provided, but don’t pack it to tightly or you may have to stir up the herbs halfway through your session, which I don’t like doing. Once packed, adjust the pearl on the bottom lid up or down to compensate for the empty space in the chamber.

NOTE: A general rule of thumb is that with a tight pack you will have to stir your herbs, but you’ll also get more clouds. And using a finer grind will also produce more clouds but you will have to clean the Miqro more often.

Here is a handy vape temperature guide for your dry herbs:

  • 350 °F / 177 °C  or Lower = Light mental medication, best flavor
  • 350 °F / 177 °C to 390 °F / 199 °C = Moderate body effects, good flavor
  • 390 °F / 199 °C and up = Heavy Body Effects, less flavor

DaVinci Miqro Review – Overview & How It Works

The Micro conduction vape is 33% more compact than the DaVinci IQ (see our review of the DaVinci IQ), with a fully functional adjustable oven. The vapor path in the Miqro is made using Ceramic Zirconium, along with the pearl, the bowl, the air path, and the mouthpieces, that helps the Miqro provide enhanced flavor and makes the Miqro easier to clean.  Zirconium is a very strong, malleable, lustrous silver-gray metal. Its chemical and physical properties are similar to those of titanium, the metal is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion and is another beneficial attribute that makes the DaVinci Miqro shine above the competition.

My DaVinci Mirco review includes an infographic that points out the core components of the Miqro, except for its battery, more on that topic later. Following that is an overview of how everything works and what the buttons do, with some personal comments based on my experience using this vape so far.


Zirconium Flat Mouthpiece / Extended Mouthpiece 

The mouthpieces are interchangeable and have different uses. The Flat Mouthpiece that comes installed on the Miqro out-of-the-box is my preferred way to go, as it provides for more discreet and hygienic sessions, you can literally conceal the Miqro 100% in your hand while hitting it.

The Extended Mouthpiece can be doubled to act as a 10mm water tool adapter to rig up your bong, bubbler or whatever you fancy. It can also be used as an option to get cooler vapor, some people just prefer using a raised mouthpiece because that’s what they are used to.

Top Lid

The top lid feels very secure with a heavy-duty hinge that snaps closed. This is where you access and interchange the internal parts of the Miqro for cleaning and maintenance etc. (Vapor Path, Battery, Tool, mouthpieces).

Control Button & Up & Down Buttons (Miqro Features & Functionality)

This part of my DaVinci Miqro review explains not only how to operate the buttons on the device but covers how to use the Miqro’s features, like Smart Path mode and Precision mode, they are relatively easy to use, let me break it down.

Click the Control button 5x and the MIQRO will power up in Smart Path Mode. Click the same button once to switch between Smart Path mode and Precision mode or 5x to power off.

Smart Path Mode – The Miqro features 4 Smart Heating Paths that offer a range of unique vaporizer experiences. Switch between the 4 Smart Paths by pressing the up/down buttons while in Smart Path Mode.

Use the Up/Down buttons to change Smart Paths or temperatures, depending on the smart path mode you select:

SMART PATH 1 Start temp 350°F – End temp 370°F
SMART PATH 2 Start temp 370°F – End temp 390°F
SMART PATH 3 Start temp 390°F – End temp 410°F
SMART PATH 4 Start temp 410°F – End temp 430°F

The LED display will indicate which Smart Path Mode you are on as you toggle the up/down buttons. After using this vape for about 45 days, I found that I have to use Smart Path mode 4 to get those satisfying clouds I crave.

Precision Mode – Precision mode heats your herbs to a specific temperature. Click the Control button once to switch between Smart Path mode to Precision mode. Increase the temperature by pressing the Up button or decrease the temperature by pressing the Down button. The Miqro will quickly flash the temperature and vibrate when the set temperature has been reached.

Boost Mode & Standby Mode – Press and hold the Control button while taking a rip to activate Boost mode, holding to stay at max temp for maximum clouds. This works well, and I find myself using this feature a lot. When done, release the Control button to engage Standby mode which cools down the vaporizer to conserve your herbs and battery life. Press any button on the Miqro to resume your previous temperature and mode. After 2 minutes in Standby mode, the device will turn off.

Stealth Mode – To dim the LED lights to be more “stealth” while on the go, click the Control button and Down button at the same time once. To adjust back to full brightness, click the Control and Up button at the same time once.

Temperature Display – To toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, click all 3 buttons at the same time once. The Miqro will remember your selection going forward.

Battery Life Indicator – Press the Up and Down buttons together to check the remaining battery life. The Miqro will vibrate when 10% battery life remains.

Temperature Check – To check to see what temperature you are at while in Smart Path Mode, press the Control button once.

Factory Reset – While the device is turned off, press all 3 buttons at the same time and hold for 10 seconds.

Bottom Lid with Adjustable Pearl

The Bottom lid also feels very secure with a heavy-duty hinge that snaps closed. This is where you access the Zirconium Ceramic oven to load your herbs and the adjustable Pearl can be accessed here as well. The Pearl is a Zirconium insulative spacer allowing for the chamber volume in the oven to be decreased by up to 40% by turning pearl counterclockwise to the desired height.

Zirconium Ceramic Oven (Loading the Chamber)

This is where you load your herbs in the chamber of the oven, I find that loading about 0.2 grams of dry herb (med to fine grind) into the chamber with a med-tight pack produces the best clouds while using the Pearl to compensate for the extra chamber space.

Zirconium Removeable Vapor Path

The Zirconium Vapor Path helps give the Miqro its amazing flavor and clouds for such a tiny vape. It’s easily removable for cleaning or replacing.

LED Display

The LED display has 15 lights that are in my opinion very effective. They are the focal point of the Miqro and they tell you what’s going on with the vape at all times. From temperate settings in Precision mode to what Smart Path mode you’re in and everything else.

DaVinci Miqro Review – Design & Build


The Miqro wearing its glove.

The Miqro is built with an anodized aluminum shell that’s gorgeous as well as resilient, it’s exactly what you would expect from a premium vaporizer brand like DaVinci. The Miqro feels sturdy and its design looks stylish with just the right amount of girth without it being too awkward and heavy in your hand, it’s a perfect fit.

The top and bottom lids are solid with industrial type magnetic hinges that open and close with a snap, it’s the feel of quality at its best. The key parts in the Miqro are state of the art as well, as mentioned, they are made from Zirconium so the removable path, the oven, and the mouthpieces are ultra hardened and resistant to damage and corrosion while enhancing vapor flavor and quality.

You can tell that the DaVinci Miqro is a durable vape right from the moment you pick it up, it’s solid and feels tough. I haven’t dropped it yet because it’s designed and built so well to fit in your hand, I will probably never drop it. Even if I do, I’ll have the glove that comes with the Explorers Collection bundle to help protect it, I can’t see this vape ever getting damaged unless I put the hammer to it!

How to Clean the DaVinci Miqro


Cleaning the DaVinci Micro

To keep the Miqro working optimally and to maintain the purest taste, I recommend that all removable parts that come in contact with your herbs or vapor are cleaned regularly, after about every 7 to 10 vape sessions.

Removable Parts: Mouthpieces and gasket, Vapor Path, and the Pearl. All removable parts can be disassembled for optimal cleaning. Immerse pieces in isopropyl alcohol overnight, rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry before assembling.

Non Removable Parts: Do not submerge non-removable parts or unit in liquid. Use a damp cloth or q-tip to clean harder to reach areas like the oven.

DaVinci Miqro Review – The Battery


The DaVinci Micro Battery

The Miqro Explorers Collection comes with two removable 18350 900 mAh batteries (the extra battery can be stored in the provided carry can). The battery life is short, about 25 minutes or about 3 vape sessions, but this is to be expected for a vape this small. With the extra battery, you can get about 6 to 8 sessions in total which is all you need when using the Miqro the way it was intended. The Miqro was engineered for ultimate portability so that it can be used for on the go stealth sessions and not for everyday use at home, making the Miqro the best portable dry herb vape 2019 in my opinion.

The battery charges in the vape unit itself in about 2 hours or less from a dead state, using the supplied micro USB cable that plugs into any standard USB Adapter wall unit or any laptop/desktop. The thing is that you can only charge one at a time, so it could get cumbersome depending on your needs. DaVinci does offer an external charger that makes it easier and quicker to charge both batteries at the same time. If you decide to buy DaVinci Micro accessories, make sure to use coupon code: SAVE10 for 10% off.

Where to get the DaVinci Miqro in Canada at the Best Price

I recommend buying the DaVinci MIQRO Explorers Collection directly from Davinci Canada for the best price and value, and for all the extra accessories that come with the bundle. The accessories that are included the Explorers Collection are useful and enhance the Miqro’s desirability, plus the Explorers Collection box is high-end and in my view a collectible item.

You can also get the Miqro Standard edition at a lower cost from Namaste Vapes Canada authorized reseller, they are the largest online vape store in Canada.

Get the MIQRO directly from DaVinci Vaporizer Canada

DaVinci-Vaporizer-Best Portable-Vaporizers-Dry-HerbIncludes Free Shipping

Conclusion & Final Rating

First of all, I hope my DaVinci Miqro review was useful and I answered some of your questions, thanks for reading. If you are the type who is always on the go and need a personal vape to go with you, then the Miqro is the best solution. It’s tiny, it rocks awesome clouds, it’s easy to use and clean, it’s built well with premium parts and materials and backed by DaVinci’s 5-year warranty. I hope you love it as much as I do.

The biggest thing that really stood out about the Miqro was the fact it’s a personal vape for excursions and not ideal for everyday use at home and for sharing with larger groups of people. In these cases, the Miqro will become a high maintenance vape that will require constant reloading, changing/charging batteries, and cleaning, I recommend DaVinci’s IQ for that type of use, see my DaVinci IQ review, the IQ even has its own App!

I would love to hear about your experiences with this vape, please leave your personal DaVinci Miqro review in the comments section below.

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaCheers,
The Chronic Beaver
If you’re looking for a vape that’s a little larger and more powerful, then check out my DaVinci IQ review.

Ease of Use: 9
Value for Money: 9
Vapor Quality: 10
Versatility : 7
Build Quality: 10
FINAL THOUGHTS - The Miqro is the best in class portable vape for ultra stealth sessions on the go and for excellent vapor quality.