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Diamond Concentrates Review

Diamond Concentrates Review – White Death Strain

Welcome to my diamond concentrates review. I have been a THC diamonds fanatic since they have become popular in Canada about 3 or 4 years ago. My friends and I started with shatter, then it quickly escalated to diamonds and live resin as these types of concentrates are more pure, potent, and with much more flavor, as in they actually have a terpene profile. At first THC diamonds were out of this world expensive, about $100 a gram. But nowadays in 2021, you can buy diamonds online that costs anywhere between $25 to $50 per gram, depending on where you shop. My top recommendations on where to get the best and cheapest diamonds online can be found just above my final ratings and thoughts at the bottom of this post.

This review discusses my experiences with White Death THCA diamonds that I bought from West Coast Cannabis. My friends and I had a blast vaping, smoking and dabbing these diamonds, and they taught us to respect these extracts as it’s easy to overdue it and get way too stoned. You’ll end up taking a weed nap before you even realize whats going on!

Also for those who are new to THCA diamonds, I explain what they are and what THCA means.

White Death Diamonds Review

“Truly the best type of cannabis concentrates on the market”

What a THC quad-A treat it was to try these THCA diamonds and review them. Just like the name implies, these diamonds are highly praised for their dramatic glimmering appearance, structure, and THC purity. My amateur pic below does not do them any justice.

For this diamond concentrates review, I am going to briefly talk about what THCA Diamonds are, and I’ll describe the dabbing, vaping and smoking experience I had with them.

Diamond Concentrates Review - White Death Strain

What are THCA Diamonds or Crystals?

THCA Diamonds are High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE). Full spectrum extracts are cannabis concentrates that retain its full cannabinoid and terpene profile without undesirable by-products from the raw plant.

Other extracts, like shatter and distillate, do not retain its full cannabinoid nor its terpene contents. Shatter and distillate is typically exclusive to THC and contains little to no terpenes. With HTFSE, the full cannabinoids spectrum is extracted and added to the final product. Other extraction methods will result in the loss of most other cannabinoids. Furthermore, diamonds retain their full terpene profile which makes them extremely aromatic and tasty compared to other concentrates.

Diamonds is a term used in the cannabis world to describe THCA crystalline structures that are developed in terp sauce or Caviar extracts or they can be isolated on their own. At 99 to 100% potency, diamonds are considered to be pure THC and beat most other concentrates that are in the 70-90% range.

What is THCA anyways?

THCA is short for Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid. It’s the non-psychoactive acid form of THC found in the plant when raw. THCA doesn’t get you stoned until it converts to THC, this happens when it is decarboxylated. Meaning you need to vape or combust THCA diamonds for its pure THC effects that fanatics like me seek out. This also means that you won’t get a psychoactive high if you eat your THCA diamonds, downer eh?

Diamond Concentrates Review – Vaping, Dabbing and Smoking


White Death diamonds macro shot.

The diamond concentrates I sampled are made from the Indica strain White Death, using AAAA buds. White Death is an exotic, top-shelf strain that is popular within Western Canada and was originally created in British Columbia.

The diamonds are beautiful to look at with a slight yellow reflective hue and are hard to the touch. The aroma is quite unique with fresh fruity sweet scents, it reminded me of the reminiscent smells of fresh candy cane being made.

Vaping these White Death diamonds was intense, they performed well in my vape pen providing clean, and fresh tasting dense clouds every time. In the vape, the taste of the diamonds didn’t resemble its aromas, but on the exhales there was a slight lemon flavor that was refreshing. The high felt very serious as in, okay, this is the ultimate THC experience, almost 100% pure! So yeah, I was ready and fully expecting to be stoned like Cheech & Chong 2.0, and that I was. But, if you want to fully experience THCA diamonds, I recommend dabbing them.

Dabbing the diamonds is when it got serious. I busted out my Nectar Collector at my weekly poker game and shared the diamonds with a bunch of folks who never tried them before. Everyone loved how the diamonds smelled and presented themselves, some were even intimidated a little as the diamonds resemble hard drugs that no one likes, me especially. After 5 or 6 rounds of the Nectar Collector, everyone realized the truth of what I was preaching, “Truly the best type of cannabis concentrates on the market”

We were all having the ultimate experience on these diamonds, all-in euphoria settled in quickly among us all and the laughter and bluffing got out of control to a point where the thrill of the gamble turned into tears of joy.

We also smoked the diamonds in a joint after the dabbing rounds. Well actually, more like 3 joints, I simply rolled up some of BC’s finest bud and sprinkled some diamonds in using my adapted tweezers, easy-peasy. This stuff goes a long way, so there is no need to put a lot of your precious diamonds in your joints, just use them to enhance your joints if you like.

The diamond joints burned amazingly even and slow. The pulls off the joint were potent, packed with flavor from the bud and diamonds mix and well mind blowing. It was the end of me, each toke drove the nail in deeper as my euphoria turned into sleepiness. I could no longer concentrate on the game or what people were saying at all. Next time, I will take it easy with THCA diamonds and show my respect.

My top 2 recommendations on where to buy the best and cheapest diamonds online.

1) West Coast Cannabis for the cheapest and largest selection of diamonds online – See menu (See homepage for their coupons).
2) Speed Greens for the best diamond brands online – See menu – 20% off coupon: TCB20 (first orders come with 3.5 grams of free weed).

Final Ratings and Thoughts

I hope you got a kick out of my diamond concentrates review, I sure had lots of fun preparing for it. Please see my final rating below.

The Chronic Beaver

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in Canada



Overall Appearance: 10
Taste and Purity: 10
Effects or High Quality: 10
Over all Diamonds Quality: 9
This diamond concentrates review was a blast, pun intended. With almost 100% THC levels, and with tonnes of taste, you can't beat the diamonds experience, but don't overdue it.