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FairCannaCare Review & Ratings with Coupon Code

Our FairCannaCare review with user ratings and reviews, current coupon codes, bulk weed discounts, and wholesale shop.


FairCannaCare review, ratings, and current wholesale deals all in one place.


$6 grams / $125 ounces

This article features our FairCannaCare review and customer ratings with all their current promotions and coupon codes that are updated regularly.

Our FairCannaCare review and ratings are stirring up the internet with a variety of positive and negative reviews as they brand themselves as “The Walmart of Weed”. They are certainly an affordable option for cannabis coming from this mail order medical marijuana dispensary, but there is more to this story.

The low-cost options at FairCannaCare are not AAAA quality products especially at a cost to customers starting at just $2 per gram. These low-cost options will certainly do their intended job and make any value-minded medical marijuana shopper satisfied. FairCannaCare reviews reflect this on the internet and this online dispensary in Canada even go as far and have a disclaimer when you shop their value strains, again more on this later with our FairCannaCare review.


You can also get high-quality strains for as little as $6 and $9 (quads) per gram that’s still very affordable for any enthusiast. When you buy weed online with FairCannaCare the choice is yours, order low-cost buds or get high-quality Quad-A Buds, you will get what you pay for with unbeatable value no matter what you order.

FairCannaCare Coupon Code, Promotions, Bulk, and Wholesale Discounts

Wholesale Shop

faircannacare-wholesale-medical-marijuanaFairCannaCare’s wholesale shop features wholesale $4 grams to $7 grams but at even further reduced prices when you buy medical marijuana in bulk at FairCannaCare. Their wholesale shop also includes Pre-rolls, Kief, and wholesale concentrates with FairCannaCare’s $15 shatter, $20 shatter, and $25 shatter prices reduced at the wholesale level when you buy shatter buy the pound and half pound. FairCannaCare also have wholesale hash and wholesale distillates available at unbeatable wholesale and bulk prices.

FairCannaCare Current Coupon Code


Use coupon code: fcc10 for 10% off

FairCannaCare usually has coupon codes available to use. Right now the most current coupon code is for 10% off your first order, use coupon code at checkout: fcc10

FairCannaCare Cash Back Rewards

Earn Points. Use them towards future purchases.

How do you earn points?

Sign up for an account
Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. You’ll receive 20 points for just signing up, that’s $20 bucks!

Product Purchases
Earn 2% of your purchases back in points. The more you spend, the more you earn!

FairCannaCare Review
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FairCannaCare Flash Sales

faircannacare-flash-salesEvery once and a while, FairCannaCare run flash sales, they’re usually for 24 hours, and sometimes 48 hours. The most recent flash sale was for their all-new Mercedes hash for 10% off.

It’s difficult for the Chronic Beaver to be current with posting their 24-hour flash sales, the best thing for you to do is to check out their website homepage for their current flash sales at FairCannaCare.

FairCannaCare Review and Ratings

faircannacare-reviewOur FairCannaCare review starts with an overview of who they are and what they stand for.

Their mission: FairCannaCare is a group of compassionate growers who operate with the belief that every Canadian should have access to high-quality cannabis, regardless of their income, social status or medical needs.

They promise to maintain pricing at a rate far lower than the current market – and they are succeeding. At just $2 to $7 per gram, FairCannaCare are is currently 60% to 70% lower than most other online dispensaries in Canada. FairCannaCare is committed to making all their customers happy no matter what. If you have any issues with your delivery, they will make it right whatever the cost.

As mentioned earlier, our FairCannaCare review and ratings are stirring up the internet with a variety of positive and negative responses as they brand themselves as “The Walmart of Weed”. Their budget cannabis options are bound to create false expectations with customers, after all, we are all human right. So, to address this and to be more transparent, they have a disclaimer when you shop their value strains:


*We at FairCannaCare strive to source our patients the best quality medicine at the most affordable prices.

With this said please understand when choosing the $2 & $3 flower or $15 shatter the quality will not be AAA medicine.

These low-cost options are to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of financial status, have access to affordable medicine.

For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing our Compassion Care Sample Pack which includes:

  • 1 gram of $2 flower
  • 1 gram of $3 flower
  • 1 gram of $15 shatter

This sample pack is so our customers can get familiar with these low-cost options before moving to a final bulk purchase.

**All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

FairCannaCare Review of Their Service Commitment

The Chronic Beaver put FairCannaCare to the test and logged on to their website and placed an order to test their service commitment promise. We ordered their compassion care sample pack for $20 that included:

  • 1 gram of $2 flower
  • 1 gram of $3 flower
  • 1 gram of $15 shatter

The $20 Compassion Care Sample Pack

The sample pack had full disclosure that it wasn’t AAA+ quality, and all sales are final, so of course, we had questions.

We contacted them using the form on their contact us page. We asked them what strains we would be receiving in the sample pack and what kind of shatter we will get. FairCannaCare responded within 30 minutes which was nice and said that the purpose of the sample packs are for customers to get acquainted with their budget flowers before they commit to a bulk order. Fair enough, but they didn’t answer my original questions, so I replied to the form mail response using the email address attached and asked the same questions and a few more – How much is delivery? and how long will delivery take? We got a response immediately and we were quoted the delivery price and warned that delivery could be 5-7 days and even longer with the Canada Post rotating strike in place. As for the strains and shatter that come in the sample pack, we were told that they won’t know until the order has been packaged and they assured us that we will be happy with our $20 purchase.

Our order was delivered in 6 business days, and we were happy with that, after all, there are horror stories all over the internet that people are not receiving their orders at all from some of the new recreational online cannabis stores. The bud that was delivered wasn’t bad, a bit dry, and we couldn’t tell the quality difference between the $2 and $3 flowers, but it didn’t matter. The bud vaped well and tasted good for what it is. The shatter was better, quite good actually, it was softer and stickier than I expected it would be and darker, not golden clear. We used the nectar collector and had a great old time, the flavor was good with nice thick rich tasting white clouds, for $15 a gram, I would order FriCannaCare’s shatter, it’s hard to beat that value online.

Is FairCannaCare Legit?

This is a common question that’s on everyone’s mind before committing to any kind of bulk or wholesale sized order with FairCannaCare.

They are one of Canada’s busiest online dispensaries for many reasons:

  • Their website is professionally designed with transparency about there value priced strains.
  • Their website is safe and secure using SSL encryption.
  • FairCannaCare provides a wide range of products to suit every type of cannabis users needs with unbeatable value.
  • Fast and discreet shipping with responsive customer service.

To answer the question is FairCannaCare legit? Yes, they are legit, they are a good option for budget grams of weed.


The Chronic Beaver found the service at FairCannaCare to be above average to excellent, they genuinely care about their customers and want to make sure everyone can afford to order from their shop. They respond to inquiries via email quickly and are friendly with a willingness to help.

If you are looking to buy weed online from FairCannaCare and save a bunch of money, then you can’t go wrong, it’s safe, it’s secure, it’s affordable with great service. The Chronic Beaver recommends FairCannaCare for budget weed, if you are shopping for their value priced cannabis and shatter, I recommend that you try the sample packs first before committing your hard earned money to a bulk order.

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  • comment-avatar
    Hailey 2 years ago

    DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS!! I have read countless stories similiar to the rest of these. Faircannacare is selling shit weeed at premium prices.. not only that but they seem to scamming many indiniduvals… first order is great, fast shipping good quality and the second order just never arrives…. Ive been trying to contact them for MONTHS to get my order refunded that never arrived. Their website says their policy is to replace… HAHA fucking right… I havent had a single response from their support team and I’m out over 200.00 bucks… and Ive read this same story probably 50 times now… THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS! DO NOT BUY FROM FAIRCANNACARE

  • comment-avatar

    Original issue with this mom was poorly packaged shipment and subsequent product loss. I chose to not complain and asked to have my account purged from their system. this was 2 years ago. I requested spam emails to stop, and it got worse. Spam emails are now coming daily, seems it got worse when I started responding negatively, but I kept my requests polite and civil, and within the FCC system. Now I have posted reviews(negative) so I wonder what kind of spiteful BS they will pull now. This is my experience and have chosen to share it with others so they may make an informed choice before registering with FairCannaCare, use at your own risk

  • comment-avatar
    L. Beneitez 3 years ago

    Do NOT order here, this is the worst online dispensary I have ever seen. Flowers are just disgusting and they only ship good stuff when you make a complaint. Then they will tell you to stick to a more expensive one, which will be in fact the same strain. I ordered 3 different types and qualities and they sent the same flowers and wrote down different names pretending to be different. Terrifying. A waste of money and time.
    They show you a product picture and what you receive is totally different from what you ordered.
    It not only smells and tastes really bad ( they probably spray it or something worse) but also is not helping with my medical problems, first time I experience so bad quality in my life. Just buy if you want to poison yourself. The flowers wont even burn.
    Do not let them fool you too! You can tell how professionals they are by looking at their site : *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*.
    It is not the first time it happens to me but definitely the last one.
    This store shouldn’t be operating at all.

  • comment-avatar

    Moldy weed and no refund

    Moldy weed and no refund. Out money and they dont care. Cant even leave a review on their site which explains everything

  • comment-avatar
    Tracy Dow 3 years ago

    Had an order destroyed by canada post apparently due to the smell .I contacted FairCanna many times and they will not answer me .So I have lost over $200 for non delivery of product.It says on their website that if there are any delivery issues the order will be replaced .Has not happened and its been over 4 months .FAIRCANNA CARE does NOT CARE

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 3 years ago

    Ripoff the people.

    I order berry og kush and I receive bad weed with seeds.

    Not the same of the pictures at all.

    I send picture to customer support and they say no refund allowed.

    My order number 208031

    Please don’t order from this company.

  • comment-avatar
    michael 3 years ago

    I order berry og kush and the weed I receive was really not good like fluffy stuff with seed.

    Really bad weed not the same of the picture at all.

    I write to them and they say no refund allowed.(I show picture everything with seeds)

    Its the worst weed I ever see in my life.

    Technical support are not good also.

    Here my order number 208031

    Please don’t order from this company

  • comment-avatar
    Ripped Off 3 years ago

    These people sell popcorn weed as AAAA weed. They show a picture of one product but when you buy it, a completely different product arrives. They claim affordability but I just paid $1,900 for AAAA weed and recieved garbage mixed with shake. No taste, no crystal, no buzz! I wrote them about it amd they did not reply. I could have got this weed for $1,000 off another site. Stay away from these thieves!

    • comment-avatar
      justin osborne 3 years ago

      What sites would you recommend.for cheap p’s i love the bake lol plz and thank you …and thanks for your info saved me the disappointment

  • comment-avatar
    Mathew Aaron 3 years ago

    Will recommend you include AC/DC CBD Hemp flower for sale on your list.

  • comment-avatar

    Ordered 1500mg/ml full spectrum CBD tincture.  It was half the cost of a similar product I bought elsewhere.  What I reCeived was completely clear and very viscous like water.  It also tasted like water and I shook it quite extensively.  The photos for the product showed an amber tincture just like the CBD I had purchased from another outlet. The faircannacare tincture did not work work for me at all. It was $89 wasted.  I didn’t bother to complain to them because their site said “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” which should have told me something.  I am okay with a place selling appropriately priced product but the strength, color etc were clearly advertised.  Sell what you say you are selling.  Don’t scam me.  I will not have anything to do with them and will share my story as much as I can.

  • comment-avatar
    Brad giovannini 3 years ago

    Go to helland your crapy worth for nothin site I just got 30 of my friens write the same stuff all over Facebook and the internet oh don’t no newfoundlander will ever buy from ye cause they will know the truth about ye .u should of did your FN job and cear about the customers and run the site like it’s supposed to be run with dignity.not with the scum bags that r there.hets what’s all over the internet and Facebook soooo far. It’s all over the newfoundland site . I’m going to post all your emails ye sent me yester to to prove it.heres what’s on it… The worse site I ever dealt with.the service was garbage.they don’t cear about the costomers. I order 3 bags worth over $200 it was suppose to ship express . But they never did it now I got to wait 3fn weeks for my weed.and I’m only in newfoundland..first they try to say they didn’t know what happen then they said that’s how they ship everything now cause of people taking mail .lol thats crap.and it don’t say it will take 3 weeks on the site.dont believe the site. It’s lies. I ask for a refund they wouldn’t do it.i ask for a ounce while I’m waiting for there mess up to come. They won’t even message me back.. is there a number for this place I wonder.but hey this is the worse site on the internet. Worse weed ever.they r like a bunch of FN nazie.hope they burns down.lol the weed won’t even burn in the fire.i hope they reads this and knows how crapy their site is.they treats there customers like dirt.and gives them dirt .they ruin my FN christmass.i had it for xmass gifts. I order Dec 9 and I won’t get it tell Dec 30 all because of their shiping.they r the worse .don’t buy because your only get rip off.they don’t even reply to your emails…. Thank u have a nice day do not shop here if u likes your money

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  • comment-avatar

    This place should be shut down red dill mold weed not fit to smoke nasty nasty weed

  • comment-avatar
    Taylor Rhonda 4 years ago

    I have issues with delivery as well. 10 days is unacceptable. This is the second time now. The weed was good large stick of bud. jack Heyer was the name. I had emailed looking for answers 3  times and no one replied. Wow. Lots of places to buy weed from. Did they change ownership???  See ya. 

  • comment-avatar
    UncelSam450 4 years ago

    I usually buy from Faircannacare and I am usually very satisfied with the price and quality .

    However , I am actually having a very bad experience as I ordered 7 days ago and still did not receive anything . It took days for the tracking number to actually show something and now it’s saying that it’s gonna be delivered on Monday . ITS GONNA BE 10 DAYS TO RECEIVE MY ORDER . I ordered from a lot of other stores and NEVER experienced delays even close to this .

    I sent them an e-mail asking what was happening with the order but they did not even bother replying . I bought for thousands of dollars on this website so I would have expected not to be ignored .

    There is no point in having a good price with faircannacare cause I ended up having to buy weed somewhere else in the meantime . 10 days for delivery is just unacceptable .

  • comment-avatar
    Leanne demers 4 years ago

    Let me just start by saying how terrible my order I received was.

    I ordered 6g and 4/6 were brown like they’ve already been vaped and thrown back in a baggie.

    Not to mention, I ordered 6g and only actually received 5, every baggie was underweight.

    Every g was packaged in its own little baggie that was unprofessionally labeled in child’s writing, the name of the bud. Each baggie was pressed closed and sent on it way, not even sealed properly.

    My other concern and complaint would be the horrible smell that this so called marijuana had. I’ve smoked quite a bit in my years to know that weed doesn’t, and isn’t supposed to smell like pickles!

    I tried to email to address my concerns and say how unhappy I was, but I was ignored. What else could I expect from this company tho, right ?

    Atleast I’m not alone in this situation, it just sucks that one company can take advantage of so many people and not care.

    Oh and I don’t need you, thechronicbeaver, to reply to my complaint trying to stick up for these assholes like you’re doing for everyone else.

    Kinda obvious that you are affiliated with fairvannacare, no ?

    Faircannacare, I hope your business gets shut down and karma finds its way to you and you get what you deserve. You will no longer be able to rob me of my time and money

  • comment-avatar
    Allison Alloro 4 years ago

    Absolute terrible, terrible products with even worse customer service. My last and final order with them had AAAA quads that were the same quality of their cheap $2.50 buds, crumbled at the touch and stunk. (Not the good skunk stink either. Like vinegar stink) The order was missing a gummy and for almost 4 weeks now I have been trying to contact customer service to have them either send out the missing gummy or refund my CC as I have no interest in purchasing from them ever again. They quoted that they run on low margins and are not able to ship out missing items from orders when mistakes happen. And it is up to the customer to re-order and pay for shipping themselves and hope that they receive all their order, as well as a quality product that doesn’t crumble when it’s looked at and doesn’t stink like pickle juice and mould. 

    Mould is very dangerous and should never be smoked. Save your money and purchase quality bud from a reputable company. 

    Honestly, whoever wrote this review was paid. No one who actually orders from fair canna would say “the service at FairCannaCare to be above average to excellent, they genuinely care about their customers and want to make sure everyone can afford to order from their shop. They respond to inquiries via email quickly and are friendly with a willingness to help”

    No, Fair Canna Care does not care about their customers nor do they respond back quickly and are friendly with a willingness to help. This is a lie. Fair Canna Care are crooks who ignore customers in hopes that they’ll just drop it and Fair Canna Care will then make money off of the products they never sent. 

    • comment-avatar

      I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience Allison. Contrary to popular belief, FairCannaCare is a very busy shop with a large following. It’s terrible you were given the cold shoulder, that should not happen to anyone. I hope you find an online dispensary that suits your needs best in the future.

    • comment-avatar
      Charles Nicol 4 years ago

      I also placed 2 Orders with Faircannacare, the 2nd order was underweight and poor quality instead of the AAAA Flower & $25 Shatter I ordered

      The Oz of Shatter (weighed upon receipt of parcel) was exactly 25g instead of 28g

      The AAAA Grand Daddy Purple Flower was garbage with no crystal, terps, stickiness, or smell.

      When I complained I was ingnored about the AAAA GDP Flower and was credited 3 grams worth of
      $ 25 Shatter. They could have simply placed 3 grams in an envelope for under $2.

      Oh well their loss as I have since spent about $2500 elsewhere

  • comment-avatar

    Wow, slow delivery. Ordered on a Sunday, they didn’t get it to the Post Office till Tuesday, and now Canada Post is saying the following Monday before delivery. 7 days? I order from BC all the time, I have never waited more than on the third day for any purchase. I’m having some real hesitation about this place. I ordered the sample pack, half oz of Chocolope $4 a gram. My usual go-to place sells really good bud for 6-7 bucks across the board. Never late, never stale, always exactly what you order. We’ll see about this place. My gut feeling is, they are trying to be too many things to too many people. They are all over the place with their pricing which may seem good at first, but do some thinking about it. It has inherent problems all over it. Anyway.

  • comment-avatar
    Allison Alloro 4 years ago

    Are you positive you weren’t paid for this review? This reviews awfully suspicious. Faircannacares products are crap. Even the AAAA is dry, brittle, little to no flavour and has obviously been sprayed. Any regular smoker, even not regular can smell that the buds have been sprayed with. vinegar solution. Customer service is non-existent and the only reply you’ll receive is from them saying that they’re only human and have such low prices to allow everyone to purchase and shipping is just sooooo expensive that they can’t send you the items that they forgot in your order but please. Take these points and make a new order and use the points to pay for the missing product but here’s the catch! YOU WILL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING FOR THE ITEM THAT WE DID NOT INCLUDE IN YOUR ORDER!!!! And if you don’t want to pay or shipping, well then, just spend over $200 of your hard earned money on crap products that you don’t even want or like! 

  • comment-avatar

    hi i am interested in ordering wholesale pounds flower at the 1100 and 1200 prices, can anyone speak to the quality of the wholesale buds?

    same i want to order oz of the 15$ shatter and the $25 shatter, can anyone tell me if they liked it or not and what the quality is like? thanks

    • comment-avatar
      Charles Nicol 4 years ago

      My first Faircannacare order was a 1/2 Oz of the $15 Shatter and it was garbage. It would regularly catch fire when using an old school 80’s methode. Good Shatter doesn’t flame over.

      Place a 25cent piece onto a stove at Maximum then lower to 8 after the coin has become burned.

      Next use a grocery bag twist tie that has half of its coating burned away, make this end hooked and stick a BB size piece of Shatter onto it. Always lower the element to barely glowing or about 8.

      Then simply apply the twist tie with Shatter onto the 25cent piece and inhale with hooter ( a Bic Pen works great) Note until the 25cent piece is broken in, you must do small tokes
      as they want to bounce off, the coin will become scared/broken in after a half dozen tokes.

      Or use a Propane Bottle and Hot Knifes with Hooter and Twist Tie. FYI I find I can do a much smaller toke this way and my Shatter lasts much longer than when using an Enail and Rig.

  • comment-avatar

    I love this MOM and order all the time. Faircannacare is always on time and is very helpful when I have questions. I recently got 2 grams of the $25 shatter and it’s great, puts me to bed every time, super nice smoke and non-butane tasting.

    • comment-avatar
      Justin l 4 years ago

      last time i got shatter from them it was all black like rez.. none of it burnt clean… the 15 dollar shatter wasnt even shatter its a greesy black oil like rez. i show’d them pictures of this and they offred me a 20 dollar rebate.. i then asked if i could just send it back for a refund and they havent responded. i bought 14 diffrent grams of shatter you would think they would at least let me send unsmokeable dabs back. for anyone that thinks there dabs are good grab a hot knife take one of there dabs and smoke it off it and watch the giant crust of nasty stuff they expect you to smoke bubbles up would not buy from these guys!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Jack Kostashuk 4 years ago

    Ordered on Jan 2/18 didn’t arrive till Jan 14/18. Slow delivery.
    Weed is brown , when you break it up it’s like rolling a cigarette.
    Ordered weed not wood. Stems were huge. Order info said up to 28 thc. Not even half that. I won’t order here again.

    • comment-avatar

      Sorry to hear you had a poor experience Jack. I do know that they are super slamming busy these days, that could account for the delayed delivery, I believe they even state that on their website.

      What flowers did you order? Were they from the value menu? I have personal experience with their quad-A flowers, and I was more than impressed. Anyways, I hope you find the perfect online dispensary that suits you best going forward, cheers. TCB

      • comment-avatar

        No where on their website do they give an idea of shipping time. They only state that they ship from Vancouver with Canada post. They do say that with rolling strikes within Canada post could affect this. How ever those are no longer happening.

    • comment-avatar
      SUNshine Star 4 years ago

       Why is all their weed brown ? 

       I ordered six different things and it’s all brown four of them look identical  

       First and last order  …  I never thought weed was not smokable but this stuff is not smokable  

  • comment-avatar
    Hermit 4 years ago

    Dude I tried the 3 buck grams, and man the bud wasn’t that great, wasn’t the worst either, I wouldn’t order it again, well maybe for edibles or something. I guess you get what you pay for eh bro, chill

    • comment-avatar

      When I ordered FairCannaCare’s sample pack, I vaped the $3 strain and found it to be acceptable considering it was $3, was a little dry though. It tasted good and got some nice rips.