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Gelato Strain Review & Ratings

Gelato Strain Review

My Gelato strain review was made possible with thanks to BuyMyWeedOnline (link takes you to their review). I ordered two strains and a gram of shatter from them, and man, I must say that it was a real treat.

Gelato is an evenly balanced strain that provides an equally balanced high, with a unique flavor profile. This is an ideal strain for getting out, having some fun and being social, and can act as a good Indica for evening and nighttime use. Continue reading and learn how I liked it in more detail, with a photo gallery, ratings, and profile information.

My review covers the following topics:

  • Effects and Medicinal Benefits
  • Gelato Strain Review, Info & Profile
  • Gelato Strain Photo Gallery
  • Where to buy Gelato Online
  • Gelato Final Ratings & Thoughts

Join in on the review.

Do you have first-hand knowledge of Gelato? How did you like it? Let Canada know and leave your own review in the comments section at the end of this strain review.

Gelato Strain Effects & Medicinal Benefits

Happy 70%
Uplifted 70%
Relaxed 55%
Creative 50%
Dry Mouth 35%
Dry Eyes 30%
Paranoid 15%
Anxious 10%
Helps with Stress 45%
Helps with Pain & Headaches 40%
Helps with Depression 40%
As a Sleep Aid 25%

Gelato Strain Review – Information & Profile

This isn’t my first experience with Gelato. I’m a fan of this strain, the phenotype that BuyMyWeedOnline sent me was tightly trimmed, the buds were dense and loaded with orange pistils, with sweet, earthy aromas. This AAAAA strain was a step above, and performed above average in the “high” department, it’s not a strain that will floor you and put you to sleep immediately.

  • THC: 20-25%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • ORIGIN: Bay Area, California
  • GENETICS: From Cookie Fam Genetics, Sunset Sherbet crossed with Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Despite Gelato’s wonderful aromas and bud appeal, this strain is most adored for its effects that won’t leave you couch-locked for the most part.

The effects list for Gelato is long and impressive making this strain an all-around fan favorite. It can be a heavy hitting Hybrid that’s high in THC, the high started off like a heady Indica rush that eventually transformed into an uplifting energetic and fun experience. Then the Indica effects crept back leaving me relaxed with a nice body buzz and with a sense of purpose and well being. i was quite happy with Gelato and surprised how unique this strain is in both flavors and positive social effects.


Gelato is a robust strain and very aromatic. The nugs had a thick and dense bud structure, a nice coating of crystals and lots of bright orange pistils, with forest green leaves. All contributing to some seriously great looking BC bud and bag appeal. It was trimmed and cured almost perfectly.

The strain had a pungent sweet aroma that was unique and welcomed. It had a faint smell of sweet citrus berry and when I cracked the nug apart, its aroma intensified with a heavier pungent woody aroma that filled the room quickly.

When smoked in a joint, its flavor was very prominent with earthy and woody flavor profiles, and with sherbet-like fruity sweetness tingles on the exhale. The smoke was thick and packed with flavor that burned evenly and very clean.

Gelato Cannabis Strain Photo Gallery

Here are some home pics of Gelato that shipped to me. Simply beautiful! Check out that bud shape and structure.

Where to Buy Gelato Cannabis Online Canada

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Gelato Final Ratings & Thoughts

Get in on the Gelato review, and leave your comments below. My final Gelato ratings and thoughts are detailed below as well.

The Chronic Beaver

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Bag Appeal : 8
Bud Size: 8
Cure & Humidity: 8
Aroma: 10
Flavor: 9
Buzz Quality: 7
FINAL THOUGHTS - Gelato from BuyMyWeedOnline is a real treat that everyone should try. It's hard-hitting when you want it to be, with a nice Hybrid happy balance.