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Greening Out Guide With Tips & Tricks

Greening Out Guide

Updated on February 24, 2024

With the advent of legal marijuana, the approach to cannabis of more is better is a common theme among new users.  Although cannabis is generally a relatively safe substance, overindulgence can set you on the fast track to getting too high and throwing up.  If this isn’t your first rodeo, chances are you’ve got a few greening out stories under your belt.  By far, greening out is the most uncomfortable experience cannabis can put you under.

So you went ahead to buy weed online, overestimated your tolerance and now you’re scared of the consequences? Don’t worry – we’re no strangers to this and understand how bitter a taste it can leave in your mouth. To help you ride out the storm we’ve created an in-depth guide covering the symptoms of the dreaded green out and tips on how to survive the experience! 

Green Out Symptoms

How do you know you’re greening out? Common symptoms of greening out include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme anxiety & panic attacks
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating

What to do if You’re Greening Out

Smoking too much is never a good idea.  Unfortunately this happens even to the best of us.  Here are some things you could do if you find yourself greening out:

1) Get some CBD in your system

One of the most important things to try and do is to remain calm.  Greening out may cause intense anxiety in users, further intensifying any discomfort at hand.  Getting some CBD in your system will reduce anxiety and inflammation minus the psychoactive effects.  If you’re too high, try a CBD oil Canada tincture or oil as it will soften the effects of THC.

2) Find a place where you can vomit

Smoking too much has an extremely high probability of causing nausea.  It is prudent that you find a comfortable place where you can throw up.  Although greening out may not cause you to throw up, having a safe place to do so will save you a mess to clean up in the event that it does happen.  In the case that you do feel it coming up, just let it all out as you will feel a lot better on the other side.

3) Drink some lemon water

Lemons have been considered an antidote for cannabis due to the terpene limonene found in the fruit.  Limonene is believed to possess anxiety alleviating effects, softening any discomfort experienced during a green out.  As you would expect, cannabis is also known to be very dehydrating.  As water is essential for life, drinking it can be one of the best things you can do to settle the nausea in your stomach and relieve yourself of any dehydration.

4) Take a cold shower

A cold shower’s wakeful effects can help set you in the right direction towards sobering up.  Cold showers trigger deep breathing and an increase in electrical impulses to the brain, improving blood circulation.

5) Chew some black peppercorn

This may seem like a strange one, but black pepper carries a terpene called beta-caryophyllene that also helps to curb anxiety. Beta-caryophyllene is also known to bind to the same cannabinoid receptors as THC, resulting in a calming effect on the user.

NOTE:  Sleeping off a green out can be a great solution, however, you should ensure that any chance of vomiting is ruled out before you decide to hit the sheets.

How long does greening out last?

Symptoms of greening out can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on several factors, mainly the method of consumption and the type of cannabis product consumed.  Expect the green out period to last the same duration of time as your typical high.  If cannabis was the only substance ingested, medical care is usually not required as symptoms will subside on their own.  However, if used in tandem with alcohol or other illicit substances, medical attention may be recommended.

WARNING:  Mixing cannabis with other substances is usually never a good idea.  Please exercise extreme caution.

The day after greening out

A weed hangover can leave you feeling absolutely awful, sometimes feeling even worse than you would during an alcohol hangover.  Luckily, there are few sound methods to combat the post green out grogginess.  As it turns out, curing a weed hangover is actually strikingly similar to treating a regular one.       

Each time you’re consuming cannabis, your body’s cannabinoid receptors are subject to being overstimulated.  As a result, your body tries its best to counteract that by rendering these receptors as inactive.  The problem here is that it is not just the external THC consumed that is blocked, but also your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids

In moderate doses, there is no real issue as the body is able to sort things out naturally.  However, overuse could have you waking up in a state of cannabinoid withdrawal, leaving you with a feeling of deep dehydration and a lack of mental clarity.  With that being said, your first priority should be to rehydrate as soon as possible and reach for some CBD to ease any discomfort from the withdrawal.

Tips on how to prevent a green out

Much like getting blackout drunk, greening out is extremely easy to circumvent.  Here are a few tips on exactly how you can avoid a green out:

1) Measure your doses and find your sweet spot

As with anything else in life, overindulgence is usually never a good idea.  When approaching cannabis, it is always wise to take a cautious approach to your dosage.  Try to pay attention to how much cannabis you are consuming each session and how that dosage makes you feel.   Remember, sometimes less is more.  

Especially with edibles, it’s important to never bite off more than you can chew. Unlike smoking, edibles remain in your system for a much longer period of time and can catch you off guard if you’re not expecting it. 

If you’re using edibles for the first time, start off with half or even a quarter of the recommended amount and waiting an hour to 2 hours for them to kick in before dosing again. 

TIP:  Remember to give yourself a tolerance break every once a while.  A tolerance break helps to purge your body of any foreign THC and rejuvenate the effects of cannabis.  A three-week tolerance break is usually enough for a full reset.

2) Avoid smoking on an empty stomach

Similar to drinking, smoking without gas in your tank can cause a much more intense experience than you bargained for.  Proper preparation can save you a lot of headache, remember to fill the tank up with some gas before you slam your foot on the pedal.

3) Avoid cannabis after drinking alcohol

With alcohol and cannabis now being so easily readily available, you would be hard-pressed to find yourself in a situation where these two didn’t mingle.  If you are new to the world of weed, you may not know that cross-fading, or mixing alcohol with weed greatly increases the absorption of THC.  This will undoubtedly result in an exponentially stronger high and can get you greening out within the blink of an eye.

WARNING: It is highly recommended to avoid cross-fading if you are unaware of your personal tolerance level.  The intensity of the high will sneak up on you and hit you over the head with overwhelming strength.  

Final Thoughts on Greening Out

While greening out is definitely an intense and scary experience, you can rest easy knowing that the experience will eventually pass. If you’re experiencing green out symptoms often, it’s best to reconsider your dosage amounts and change your smoking habits to better accommodate your tolerance levels. 

If you find yourself greening out and just want an end to the rough experience, the easiest and best thing to do would be to drink some water, lie down and take a nap. You might still wake up a bit stoned, but the worse of the experience will be over and you’ll be feeling a lot better.

Good luck and happy trails!
The Chronic Beaver