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Haute Health Dispensary Review & Unboxing

Including Haute Health weed reviews, $15 shatter, and $45 shatter reviews and comparison, with coupon codes and promotions.

Updated on January 11, 2024

Haute Health Dispensary Review

Welcome to my Haute Health dispensary review. Right off the bat, I would like to mention that this online dispensary has class. As a brand, Haute Health are hip and streamlined. From a customer care perspective, they are compassionate, responsive, and thorough.

Haute Health’s mission statement, quoted from their website:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical marijuana products at the best prices possible.

My review breaks down that mission statement and how it holds up on all fronts. So, sit back, relax, get on some of your favorite smoke, and learn how Haute Health stacks up.

Haute Health Dispensary Review Profile & Customer Care


The Haute Health brand is classy with some value thrown in.

The team at Haute Health is based out of Vancouver BC, and is made up of experienced online retailers, budtenders, growers, and creative talents. I’m a big fan of their website’s layout and design, it’s always refreshing for me to see some creative passion put into a website. It helps build any brand’s image, trust, and loyalty.

Haute Health’s menu is well-rounded with offerings that appeal to the budget bud seeker, and to the top-shelf fan as well. With a flower menu set up by the gram price point ($3 grams, $4 grams, $5 grams, $7 grams, and $8 grams). And, their concentrates menu is set up the same way that offers some of the best deals online while maintaining quality.

Customer Care

The owners at Haute Health are a great bunch of dedicated operators who care about you and your satisfaction, in fact, it’s their top priority. I’ve been getting a few inquiries about them regarding some shipping issues and their $3 grams of flower. After allowing time for the Haute Health customer care team to respond, I can report that each issue was resolved promptly and with impeccable taste and style. These guys will make it right for you and back up their products with integrity. A word to the wise though, if you are into budget buds ($3 grams), you mostly get what you pay for, that is A to AA (at best) grade cannabis, not AAA-AAAA grade.

Is Haute Health Online Dispensary Legit?

Yes Haute Health is legit. My Haute Health dispensary review covers all the important topics that verify their legitimacy. They have a secure website, a great brand, and an experienced team, with top-notch customer support. They are featured on my best online dispensary list, and Haute Health earned a check for almost everything making them a trustworthy cannabis online provider.

EXPERTISE - BC based team with deep rooted experience 100%
AUTHORITATIVENESS - Awareness, trend setters, industry leaders 100%
TRUSTWORTHINESS - Secure website, excellent brand, fully vetted 100%

Haute Health Dispensary Coupon Codes and Promotions

Haute Health icon for rewards, value, and coupon codes

NEW! Smoking Weed Deals @ Haute Health

Check out their new smoking deals page, it has crazy stupid 420 sales with $1.50 grams, 50 to 70% off higher-quality flowers, half-price edibles, and ridiculously cheap discounted concentrates, like $45 top-shelf shatter at $18. I don’t understand how Haute Health makes any money with these offers. The deals are updated daily and sell out fast.

More Haute Health Deals:

  • Get free express shipping on all orders and VIP benefits when you join.
  • Spend $150 = $20 FREE PRODUCT + FREE XPRESS SHIPPING + 1 Gram Pre-Roll For Every $25 Spent.

Haute Health is also a Wholesale Online Dispensary

That’s right, Haute Health has a wholesale category that features, $3 grams and $4 grams with pricing options by the half pound (8 ounces) and full pound (16 ounces). The same goes for their wholesale concentrates (Shatter, Distillate, Wax, Kief, Phoenix Tears). These wholesale options provide even more value for those chronic users.

Haute Health Unboxing Review and Photo Gallery

My order from Haute Health Dispensary arrived by Cannabis Post in blazin time (2 days), and a tracking number was provided by the Haute Health team.

They sent me the following products:
(All products can be seen in the photo gallery below)

  • Trainwreck Strain
  • Sour Cherries Edibles
  • Jack Herer $15 Shatter
  • Purple Kush $15 Shatter
  • Bubba Kush $45 Shatter
  • Lindsay OG $45 Shatter
  • Grape $45 Shatter (Grape Ape)


The package arrived from Haute Health in a standard bubble Canada Post envelope that had a clear vacuum sealed bag within. The package was professionally sealed and presented with no odor of any kind. Inside the clear bag contained all the individually packaged products.  Each product was labeled and sealed in their own self-contained little Ziploc type pouches (as seen in the photos below).

I was happy with the overall presentation, it was very discreet, and with zero smell. Online dispensaries get this right, almost every time, as discretion is everything. Haute Health also included a handwritten thank you note, some business magnet cards, and some cool retro advertisements, postcard size.

Unboxing Photo Gallery

Please excuse the quality of my photos, I’m an amateur photographer with an iPhone, lightbox and Macro lens, fun, fun, fun!

Haute Health Reviews, Edibles, Weed, $15 Shatter, $45 Shatter, Hash, and More

I’m taking a slightly different approach for these product reviews. I’ll briefly discuss the edibles and the Trainwreck strain, and talk about how they performed and tasted/smoked. For the shatter reviews, I’m going to break it down by the shatter price by the gram ($15 shatter, and $45 shatter). Since it’s a popular topic online, I thought it would be more helpful for you if I compared the differences between these types of shatter.

Recent Haute Health Product Reviews 2024

$15 Shatter Reviews VS $45 Shatter Reviews

Haute Health’s line of shatter consists of, $15 shatter, $20 shatter, $30 shatter, $40 shatter, and $45 shatter. I was given a real treat and sampled a total of 5 strains of shatter from the lowest end to the highest end they carry – the $15 shatter and $45 shatter.

Shatter Color Debunked

All of the shatter from Haute Health had a nice consistency that wasn’t sticky to the touch, even the $15 shatter. All the strains had some transparency with varying color. There are misconceptions out there about shatter color, that is, the darker the shatter, the lower quality it is, but that’s not necessarily true. There are several reasons why shatter can turn out darker in color, and in some cases, that darker color may actually be due to favorable causes.

If shatter looks dark, it may be due to a number of reasons:

  • the material used may be older, or was in storage for a while
  • the trichomes in the weed may have been more mature (better developed)
  • the extract underwent a [proper &] thorough purging process
  • excessive heat was introduced during the purging process
  • the purged extract was left to dry for a little too long

There are two shatter colors that you do want to avoid

Black and Green. Concentrates that are black in color likely haven’t been refined enough to be ideal for dabbing or smoking (they’re better suited to ingestion rather than inhalation), and the presence of a greenish color means that chlorophyll was extracted into the oil. Should you encounter wax or shatter that looks black, hold it up to the light and see if it shines through. If you see a translucent (albeit very dark) shade of amber in the light, go ahead and dab it up! If it’s solid black, take a pass.

I thought for this Haute Health dispensary review that a shatter comparison breakdown is the best way to show you the main differences between low end shatter and high end shatter.

The shatter being reviewed and compared (seen below):

  • Jack Herer $15 Shatter
  • Purple Kush $15 Shatter
  • Bubba Kush $45 Shatter
  • Lindsay OG $45 Shatter
  • Grape $45 Shatter (Grape Ape)

Haute Health Shatter Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

$15 Shatter

  • Color & Transparency: 6/10 Darker amber and brown with ample transparency, not black.
  • Texture: 7/10 More of a pull than a snap, hard, quite pleasing. Not sticky and a pain to work with.
  • Taste: 7/10 No distinct flavor compared to the $45 shatter. No heavy butane taste, some of the best $15 shatter I’ve tried.
  • Harshness vs Smoothness: Leans more on the harsh side, but it’s not over the top harsh and is very dabbable!
  • Buzz Quality: 7/10 A nice buzz as you would expect from potent concentrates. The $45 shatter is next level tho.
  • Overall Quality: 7/10 As far as $15 shatter goes, Haute Health has the best, and I’ve tried lots.

$45 Shatter

  • Color & Transparency: 10/10 Golden to clear see through, fantastic! Sometimes visual perception is everything.
  • Texture: 9/10 More of a snap than a pull, hard, almost perfect. Not sticky by any means.
  • Taste: 10/10 Very distinct flavors attributed to the strain, I was very impressed. No unwanted butane taste. Wicked flavor on the exhale.
  • Harshness vs Smoothness: Very smooth, not harsh at all. It’s like comparing Silk to Polyester ($15 shatter) if you can imagine that.
  • Buzz Quality: 9/10 A hard hitting ride that makes your head spin with brain fade as I like to call it. Fantastic for Chronic pain sufferers, you’ll forget all about your pain.
  • Overall Quality: 9/10 Right up there in the top 5 of high end shatter strains I’ve tried. The biggest callout is the taste, specifically the Grape Ape shatter. 

Haute Health Weed ReviewsTrainwreck Strain

Haute Health’s Trainwreck strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid (90% Sativa/10% Indica), with a moderate THC level of about 18%. It’s listed in their $3 grams flower category, and to be perfectly honest, it should be in their $8 flower category.

The strain itself was created from a Mexican and Thai sativa then blended with an Afghani Indica. The reason this strain is so popular is due to it’s perfect balance of energy induced Sativa and its Indica pain numbing buzz.

It provides an intense cerebral uplifting high that jacked me up to a 1000 ideas a second and took my attention away from writing this strain review and on to some new article ideas that compelled me to take a deeper dice.. Anyways. I’m back.

Haute Health Review feature

Haute Health’s Trainwreck Strain

Smoking and Enjoying Trainwreck 

I received 3.5 grams of Trainwreck, the nugs were dense, beautifully trimmed, and aromatic with a pungent earthy flavor when smoked in a joint. The nugs were also coated in orange hairs and crystals. All of this gave me the impression that this flower was AAAA or maybe AAA quality. Did Haute Health grade this flower incorrectly? Currently, it’s listed in their $3 gram menu, that’s just over $77 an ounce, a killer deal man, but to be honest, it seems to good to be true.

Trainwreck smoked clean and beautifully, it was so enjoyable to smoke that it got me going in other directions as mentioned, but in a good and productive way. I love working on reviews riding the wave of an uplifting creative head high, some of my best work gets done and time gets away from you in a hurry.

I recommend Trainwreck to anyone who needs a boost in the brain department, and help with “focus” to allow amazing things to happen.

Haute Health Edibles Review – Sour Cherries

Sour Cherry Gummies at Haute Health

These gummies were a welcomed treat. They tasted like a confectionery candy right off the shelf while being fresh and juicy with lots of flavor. With no green taste, and no acidic burn when swallowing them, if you know what I mean.

The Sour Cherries edibles are a perfect dosage for me at 10 milligrams per portion. It’s just enough to feel the effects but not overpowering. I found myself using them as a sleep aid, giving me a full 7-8 hour sleep that’s awesome for me.

Everyone reacts differently when it comes to Edibles, for me they generally knock me on my ass if I eat 30 mgs or more. For others, they can consume 100s or even 1500 milligrams of THC edibles and be smooth operators. Please consume edibles responsibly. if you’re new to Edibles, please start with a half dose (5mg to 10mg), wait 45 mins, see what happens,  and go from there.

Haute Health Dispensary Final Ratings & Overall Final Thoughts

I hope my Haute Health Dispensary review was helpful and not too painful to get through. If you have any questions about Haute Health online dispensary, please post them in the comments section below, and I will answer them the best I can.

See my final ratings and thoughts below.

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaThe Chronic Beaver


Overall Service Quality: 9
Overall Value: 10
Overall Product Quality: 9
Overall Brand Quality: 10
OVERALL FINAL THOUGHTS - Haute Health have quality products for budget seekers and top-shelf lovers alike. Their $15 shatter is some of the best I've had at that price point, and their $3 grams were shockingly good as well.