Never Keep Your Pot in the Freezer- How to Store Cannabis Properly


Never Keep Your Pot in the Freezer- How to Store Cannabis Properly

If you want to make your pot last longer while keeping up its potency, then you need to know how to store cannabis properly. We don’t recommend storing Cannabis in a freezer or refrigerator. It doesn’t keep it fresh, on the contrary, freezing temperatures degrade THC (the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high) and other Cannabiniods.

The best place for storing cannabis is in a cool dark place in dark colored sealed glass mason jars. Also, your marijuana should really be consumed within a year or so of when it’s grown.

We know some chronic enthusiasts here in BC, Canada (the bud capital), who have longer cured stuff that’s several years old, and it does take on interesting qualities as it ages, but ultimately, it eventually degrades. For all the 3 year or so cured BC bud I’ve smoked that burned perfectly and the organic compounds were preserved nicely, I’ve smoked far more old bud that’s simply past it’s prime and much, much less enjoyable, the kinda’ stuff you leave at the cottage for a rainy day.

What interesting qualities have you noticed when smoking longer cured Pot, the Chronic Beaver wants to know?



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