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The Most Iconic Stoner Slang Weed Terms Explained

Smoking weed has become increasingly popular and mainstream, and along with that popularity has come a whole new stoner language. The world of cannabis is filled with slang terms and lingo that can be confusing for those who are new to the scene. This article is just not for those newbies though; experienced stoners might learn a thing or two, or at least have a laugh with some of my own terms.

In this article, I will define 23 the most iconic stoner slang weed terms and I’ll include a few of my own that have become popular with my friends and colleagues in our world of Cannabis in Canada.

Slang Terms for Describing Cannabis (The Plant)


"Chronic" Weed Slang

“Chronic” is a term used to describe high-quality cannabis, particularly strains that have a long-lasting effect. You know, that weed. The term originated in the 1990s and is often used among hip-hop culture. You might hear someone say they’re “smoking some chronic” or “getting some chronic” when referring to this type of cannabis. Chronic is popular among college students and young adults who want an over-the-top, long-lasting high.

I have been on the hunt for Chronic bud for most of my life, and as fate would have it, I make my living now as “The Chronic Beaver” reviewing and continually searching for the best AAAA craft cannabis and concentrates available in Canada.

BC Bud


BC Bud is a term used to refer to high-quality cannabis that is grown in British Columbia. It’s known for its potency, flavour, and large, beautiful buds or “bag appeal”. BC Bud is popular among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide and has gained a reputation for being some of the best cannabis in the world. There is also a sativa hybrid strain called BC Big Bud that’s native to BC.

I remember being in high school back east in Ottawa when hash was the only thing available from my local dealers in the late 1980s. When BC Bud rarely became available, my friends and I jumped on it and would pay any price for that infamous flower, what a treat it was, oh memories!

Mary Jane

The term “Mary Jane” is common slang for cannabis. It’s often used in pop culture, music, and movies to refer to the plant. You might have heard the song “Mary Jane” by Rick James, the lyrics of the song proclaim his love for Mary Jane that always makes him feel elevated and better. The term is a play on words deriving from a literal translation of the Spanish word “Marijuana”.


Another common term for cannabis is “Pot”. It’s a shortened version of the Spanish word “Potiguaya” which means marijuana leaves. You might have heard the phrase “pass the pot” in movies or TV shows where characters are sharing joints or the bong. Pot is a popular term among college students and young adults, I used it a lot myself when I first got into smoking pot.


Flower is a term used to refer to the dried buds of the cannabis plant. It’s one of the most common and traditional forms of cannabis consumption and is often smoked in a joint or a bowl or pipe. The term “Flower” is used to differentiate the dried buds from other forms of cannabis such as concentrates, kief, hash, or edibles.


“Green” is yet another term used to describe cannabis. It’s a reference to the plant’s color, which is often a shade of my favorite color – green. If someone says they’re “smoking some green” it means they’re smoking cannabis. You might also hear the term used to describe someone who’s new to cannabis and hasn’t built up a tolerance yet.


This a more general term that can be used to describe any type of cannabis, regardless of its quality or strain. You’ll often hear “Herb” used among cannabis enthusiasts as a way to refer to their favorite strain.

That herb I scored last night was killer man.


“Ganja” is a term used primarily in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean to refer to cannabis. It’s often used in reggae music and Rastafarian culture. If someone says they’re “smoking ganja” it means they’re smoking weed. People also use the term to describe a particular strain of cannabis.

A lot of people in my circles use “Ganja” in their vocabulary all the time. I like it, it sounds hip, and exclusive at the same time.

Wacky Tobaccy

“Wacky Tobaccy” is a slang term for cannabis that gained popularity in the 1970s. The term was also later popularized by country music artist Toby Keith in his song “Wacky Tobaccy” released in 2017. The term is often used humorously to refer to cannabis and is a playful way to talk about the plant. You might hear someone say they’re “smoking some wacky tobaccy” as a lighthearted way to refer to cannabis.

In my experience, “Wacky Tobaccy” is used by non-users of cannabis and the elderly, because its a term that is less stigmatizing and more playful.


Dope is a term used to refer to cannabis, particularly when referring to its potency or quality. It can also be used to describe something that’s cool or impressive. The term “Dope” has been used in various contexts throughout history, but in the context of cannabis culture, it’s often used as slang for high-quality cannabis.

That dope is da bomb man!


Skunk is a term used to refer to a particular strain of cannabis that has a strong and pungent smell, like a skunk. It’s often associated with high-quality cannabis with strong terpene profiles which produce the aromas all us stoners desire. “Skunk” is also often used as a descriptor for weed in general of higher-than-normal quality.


“Dank” is a term used to describe high-quality, potent, and sticky cannabis flower. It’s often used to describe strains that produce dense clouds of smoke that taste creamy and unique. If someone says they have some “dank weed” it means they have some top-shelf bud. You might also hear the term used to describe a particularly good experience while stoned on cannabis.

Nicknames for Cannabis Enthusiasts


"Stoner" Weed Slang

A stoner is a term used to describe someone who consumes cannabis regularly and acts the part. Cheech and Chong are suitably described as being stoners. It’s also often used in a playful or affectionate way among friends who share a love for cannabis culture. You’ll often hear this term used in popular culture to refer to characters who are known for consuming cannabis.

Weed Snob

A “Weed Snob” is a term used to describe someone who is overly critical or picky about the quality or type of cannabis they consume. They may have a particular preference for certain strains or methods of consumption and may look down upon those who don’t share their level of knowledge or taste. The term “Weed Snob” is also often used in a humorous or playful way to poke fun at those who take their cannabis consumption a bit too seriously.

It seems to me, that over the years every time I listen to a self-proclaimed weed snob go on and on, they generally don’t really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the finer details of what makes weed the best of the best.

Me, I’m kind of a weed snob I’m told, but my thirst for knowledge is unrelenting and I am always learning.


“Pothead” is a term used to describe someone who regularly uses cannabis, often to the point where it becomes a defining aspect of their lifestyle, like me! The term is often used in a lighthearted or humorous way, but it can also be used in a derogatory or judgmental way by those who view cannabis use in a negative way. The term has been used in popular culture, particularly in movies and TV shows to depict characters who are avid cannabis users or stoners.

Other Slang Used for the Term “Joint”


Example of a blunt

A blunt is like a joint, it’s essentially a cannabis cigar. The main attribute or feature of a blunt is that it’s wrapped in tobacco leaf paper instead of a standard rolling paper. This feature provides many of the distinctive qualities of a blunt, including taste, smell, effect, with a reduced burn time.

It’s a popular way to roll up weed in the USA particularly among hip-hop culture. You might hear someone say they’re “rolling a blunt” or “smoking a blunt” when referring to this method of smoking.


Reefer is a slang term used to refer to cannabis joint here in Canada. Although, to some it could be in the form of rolled cigarettes. The term is believed to have originated in the early 1900s and has since become a popular term among cannabis enthusiasts. You’ll often hear this term used in movies and TV shows from the 20th century to refer to cannabis use, such as the classic film “Reefer Madness“.


A spliff is a cannabis cigarette that’s made by mixing cannabis with tobacco. Spliffs are more common in European countries where it’s more common to mix tobacco with cannabis than in North America. The term “Spliff” is often used to differentiate the mixed cannabis-tobacco cigarette from a pure cannabis joint. “Spliff” is also a common way to describe a joint in Canada that has no tobacco.

Other Slang Weed Terms

Cannabis Post (AKA Canada Post)


Cannabis Post is pun I use a lot in my unboxing reviews and every time I head to the post office to pick up my weed deliveries. The cartoon was originally created by Bruce MacKinnon at the The Chronicle Herald.

Cannabis has been legally allowed to be shipped by Canada Post and other national courier companies anywhere in Canada from within Canada by medical marijuana producers since the early 2000s. And, since 2018 when recreational cannabis was federally legalized, the weed term “Cannabis Post” took off and is becoming widely recognized.


The number 420 has become synonymous with cannabis culture worldwide. It’s believed to have originated in California in the 1970s as a secret code for smoking weed. The term has since become a cultural phenomenon and many people celebrate April 20th (4/20) as a day to smoke weed with friends at home and in public. You might see people wearing clothing with the number 420 or using the hashtag #420 on social media.

420 is huge in Canada and is celebrated coast to coast, its particularly popular in the West Coast of Canada.

Smoking Sesh

A “Smoking Sesh” is a term used to describe a social gathering or session where cannabis is consumed. It’s often a casual and laid-back event where friends come together to smoke, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. The term “Smoking Sesh” is often used in a fun and playful way to describe these social gatherings. It can also describe a session of cannabis smoking when by yourself.


Glass is a term used to refer to glass pipes and bongs that are used to smoke cannabis. Glass pipes and bongs are often preferred by cannabis enthusiasts because they provide a cleaner, more pure smoking experience without the harshness and taste of other unwanted materials. The term “Glass” can also be used to refer to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making high-quality glass pieces that are used with weed.


“Kush” is a type of weed that is popular for its strong, relaxing indica type effects. This term is often used to describe high-quality weed in general, as well as the strains that belong to the Kush family.


These iconic weed terms and slang are just a few of the many important ones used in the culture surrounding cannabis. Each term has its own unique meaning and significance in cannabis culture and they continue to be used all around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or new to cannabis, understanding these terms can help you navigate the world of cannabis and connect with others who share your love for this beloved herb. Plus, you’ll just be hipper when using weed slang properly.

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