A Skeptic’s Review of Pre Roll Joints


A Skeptic’s Review of Pre Roll Joints

Pre rolls vs hand rolled joints

Indica strains have always been my go-to for relaxation and stress relief. But when it comes smoking joints, I’ve been a die-hard fan of hand-crafting my own. To me, the art of rolling your own joint is a ritual, and often a competition amongst friends, it’s almost as satisfying as smoking it. That said, I’m reviewing Indica pre roll joints that I got from an online dispensary I trust – Budlyft and comparing them to my own expert rolled joints. Pre rolls are gaining some serious traction, promising quality and convenience in a neat package. So, how could I resist putting these to the test? Let’s get into it.

Pre Roll Joint Product Specifications

  • Strain:  Indica, Death Bubba strain
  • THC Content: Generally between 18-24%
  • Grade: AAAA, pure flower, no trim
  • Size: Each pre roll is 0.7 of a gram containing premium BC bud
  • Packaging: Singles, 5 pack or 10 pack
  • Cost: $6 each / 5 pack for $25 / 10 pack for $50

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Review: My Pre Rolled Joint Smoking Experience

Roll Quality and Appearance

When it comes to the aesthetics and craftsmanship of these Indica pre-rolls, I have to admit, they look professionally done. Each pre-roll is tightly packed, but not so tight that it affects the draw. The rolling paper is uniformly wrapped around the cannabis and slightly tapered, avoiding any loose ends or awkward bulges that you might sometimes get with a hand-rolled joint.

The appearance is clean and streamlined, almost clinical, which may appeal to those who prioritize consistency and precision. However, for me, this is also where the charm of a hand-rolled joint comes in. There’s a raw, artisanal quality to rolling your own joint — each one is unique in its slight imperfections, and there’s a beauty in that.

In a hand-rolled joint, you have the freedom to choose your paper, whether you want it unbleached or flavored, thick or thin. You can even customize the filter to your liking and contents of the joint, like an infused joint. With pre-rolls, these choices are made for you, which is convenient but leaves no room for personal preference.

Pre Roll Joint vs Hand Rolled Joint Review

My hand rolled joint of Black Dolato from Nature’s Fire.

So, while the roll quality and appearance of these Indica pre-rolls score high on professionalism and consistency, they lack the personal touch and customization that a hand-rolled joint offers. It’s a bit like comparing a store-bought cake to a homemade one; both can be delicious, but they offer different joys and personal experiences.

Flavor and Aroma

Upon lighting, the aroma filled the room: woody with a hint of pine, and a touch of citrus. Yet, I couldn’t help but think that the terpene profile seemed more vibrant in my hand-rolled joints, probably because the qualify of the flower I use is always top-shelf buds, and not bottom of the bag leftovers that I suspect many dispensaries tend to use.


The relaxation kicked in swiftly, relieving stress and muscle tension with lots of laughs on the side. I found the effects to be worth while, although not necessarily more potent than what I experience with a well-crafted hand-rolled joint.

Burn Quality and Smoothness

Here’s where my bias was really challenged. These pre-rolls burned surprisingly evenly, requiring zero relights or adjustments, something that even hand-rolled joints can’t always guarantee. On the flip side, the smoothness of the pre roll was not up to par, it was harsh smoking and not ideal for a weedsnob like me.

Pre Rolled Joints Final Ratings & Final Thoughts

Hand-Rolled vs Pre-Roll: A Quick Comparison

While the convenience of pre-rolls is undeniable, I still felt like my hand-rolled joints offered a more rich and nuanced experience. Maybe it’s the love and attention that goes into crafting them, or perhaps it’s the choice of paper and a finely tuned grind. Either way, hand-rolled joints still hold the crown for me, but I’ve got to say, pre-rolled joints are closing the gap for those who prefer convenience.

The Chronic Beaver

Flavor and Aroma
Burn Quality
Overall Experience
Final Thoughts: If you’re someone who has always sworn by hand-rolled joints, these Indica pre rolls didn't measure up. Pre rolls offer convenience but there is a sacrifice in quality. While they haven’t won me over, they’ve undoubtedly deserve the spotlight for what they bring to the table to those who are into them.