About Phyto Extractions & Phyto Shatter Canada

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About Phyto Extractions & Phyto Shatter Canada

Phyto Extractions are makers of some top-shelf cannabis concentrates and extracts and are a well known cannabis brand in Canada. What launched their popularity was back in 2015 as they were seen strutting their stuff and landed the 1st place trophy of the Karma Cup for the best concentrates.

This article covers some popular topics about Phyto Extractions and Phyto Shatter Canada that hopefully helps you out. I also call out one of the most popular and trusted online dispensaries where you can buy Phyto Shatter, Vape Pens, Phyto Extractions distillate cartridges with coupon codes and deals.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of this post and I will do my best to answer them.

About Phyto Extractions

Phyto Extractions is a concentrates company based out of the west coast of Canada. There goal is to provide the best concentrates on planet earth, quite the goal isn’t it, I’m a believer.

With over 20 years of combined professional experience in growing medicinal cannabis, and with over 10 years in the extraction process, they have perfected their craft and helped start the shatter daze in Canada.

The Phyto Extractions team makes sure that every bud run is made from top-shelf cannabis. This cannabis is sourced from British Columbia’s best growers in the industry, oh yeah BC Bud! This ensures that every extract that you hit leaves the feeling of true quality and satisfaction.

Phyto Shatter Canada

Phyto Shatter Canada – Blueberry Strain

Phyto Shatter Canada from Phyto Extractions is a very popular line of shatter with an impressive lineup of strains of clean tasting and potent shatter. Phyto Shatter in Canada helped start the shatter trend and helped build the shatter craze to what it is today across North America.

Phyto Shatter Flavors

Like I said, Phyto Extractions has an impressive lineup of shatter with strains that will tickle your senses with endless choices. Phyto shatter flavors come in with over 80 strains to choose from, here are the top 10 Phyto Shatter flavors.

Phyto Shatter Flavors Supernova Collection

1) Phyto Supernova Shatter (Top rated ultimate collection)
2) Phyto Orange Crush Shatter
3) Phyto MK Ultra Shatter
4) Phyto UK Cheese Shatter
5) Phyto Nuken Shatter
6) Phyto Platinum Kush Shatter
7) Phyto Blueberry Shatter
8) Phyto Supernova Pink Lemonade Shatter
9) Phyto Amnesia Haze Shatter
10) Phyto Pink Kush Shatter

Herb Approach Online Dispensary has the biggest Phyto Shatter menu available at the moment. Take a look

Phyto Shatter Packs

Phyto Shatter packs are a great way to mix & match your favorite Phyto Shatter flavors. Normally when you buy Phyto Shatter packs you will get some good prices for their shatter, for example, Herb Approach has a good deal on a 5 gram Phyto Shatter pack for $150. Take a look

Phyto Concentrates Wholesale

It’s hard to find Phyto Concentrates at the wholesale level online. Most online dispensaries only sell Phyto Concentrates by the gram or in Phyto Shatter packs. For Phyto Concentrates wholesale, it’s best to contact Phyto Extractions directly.

Phyto Extractions Canada Bulk

To buy products from Phyto Extractions Canada in bulk, the same goes for Phyto Concentrates wholesale more or less, it’s best to contact them directly. It also depends on what you consider “Bulk” to be, you can buy multiple Phyto Shatter packs and get a good bulk deal, like the one previously mentioned from Green Society.

Phyto Extractions – Phyto Distillate Pen

Phyto Extractions Vape Pen Kit

Phyto Extractions Vape Pen Kit

The Phyto Distillate pen is branded by Phyto and made by CCELL. The Vape pen kit comes with a Phyto Extractions cartridge, filled with Phyto distillate with a good selection of phyto distillate flavors such as Grape, Mango, Red Bull, Rootbeer, Sour Apple, Watermelon, and Phyto raw distillate. Each cartridge comes preloaded with 0.6ml / 600mg of Phyto distillate that is infused with naturally-derived terpenes. The Phyto Distillate Pen kit comes with a Micro USB charger as well.

Phyto Shatter

Thanks for your time and learning more about Phyto Extractions. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you out.

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