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Shatterday dealsShatter is one of the most popular concentrates with Canadians and it can be very expensive to buy from online and brick and mortar dispensaries. This glass-like potent THC extract is commonly referred to as “marijuana on steroids” with concentrated THC levels up to 75% or higher, which dictates its high price tag. Cheap shatter in Canada can mean several things and can display different search results that might not be intended. Some shatter lovers are looking for cheap prices but only want the best quality shatter, while others are searching to buy the cheapest shatter online to fit their budget, even if the quality isn’t quite there.

This article breaks down cheap shatter products from the best online dispensaries that have been reviewed for the best reputation for value, brand, product and service quality. You will find tables and comparison charts with deals, coupon codes and prices. This includes shatter sold by the gram and in bulk.

Let’s get into it and talk about one of Canada’s favorite concentrates.

5 Best Cheap Shatter Deals Online in Canada
Updated February 04, 2023



AAAA+ House Blend Shatter Review

1 gram $25 / 2 grams $40 View Product

AAAA Crown Royale (Indica) Review

Sold by the gram $30 $8.50 View Product in Daily Deals

AAAA Island Pink Shatter (Hybrid)

Sold by the gram $39.99 $19.99 View Product

Premium Blue Fin Tuna (Indica)

$20 per gram, cheaper in bulk View Product

AA-AAA $10 House Shatter (Indica or Sativa)

$10 grams / $280 ozs View Product

Shatter Prices Comparison Chart

Shatter Quality

Best Online Dispensary

Shatter Prices

AA nug-run

$10 or less per gram

AAA nug-run

$15 or less per gram

AAAA top-shelf, nug-run

The Grow House

WCC (Bulk shatter)

$20 to $30 per gram

Premium Branded Shatter

$25 to $35 per gram

Top 5 Places to Buy Cheap Shatter Online

Get more details with verified coupon codes, and examples.

#1) West Coast Cannabis

Premium Shatter by the Gram and in Bulk
All West Coast Cannabis premium concentrates are nug-run and made from top-shelf BC bud. You can’t beat their shatter pricing, and they have mix and match packs that will satisfy any connoisseur.

With over 20 strains of shatter to choose from multiple brands, their shatter prices are as follows: 1 gram $10 to $20 / 7 grams $70 to $120 / 14 grams $140 to $210 / 28 grams (1 ounce) $280 – $400


Get 5% off your order: Beaver5 (one-time use). Also, get 3.5 grams of free weed with your first order. Check their homepage for their current deals and in-house 20% off code.

My West Coast Cannabis Concentrates Review

#2) The Grow House Online Dispensary

On sale with a 20% off coupon: Chronic20

For high-quality nug-run house shatter.

Find some of the cheapest shatter online at the Grow House. Check out these examples:
AAAA ISLAND PINK SHATTER – $39.99 per gram, on sale for 50% off $19.99
AAAA BLUEBERRY YUM YUM SHATTER – $39.99 per gram, on sale for 50% off $19.99
WHITE COOKIES 7 GRAM SHATTER PACK – $244 for 7 grams, on sale for 43% off $140.00
PREMIUM PINEAPPLE EXPRESS SHATTER – on sale for $19,99 per gram

My Unboxing Review

#3) Speed Greens

The Best Shatter Canada at Speed Greens

With the biggest selection of top-quality shatter brands in Canada with cheap prices.
Featuring premium shatter from brands such as, House of Glass Shatter, Galaxy Extracts Shatter, Everest Shatter,  Paramount Extracts and more. All their shatter prices range from $20 to $30 per gram, and it’s all premium nug-run shatter.

Coupon Codes:

  • 20% off coupon code: TCB20 (one-time use, excluding on-sale products)
  • Repeat order 10% off coupon code: BEAVERAGAIN10
  • $25 off discount code: BEAVER25 (one-time use, min order $139)

My Speed Greens Shatter Review

#4) Haute Health Online Dispensary

With the cheapest shatter prices and with bulk and wholesale buying options.

NEW! Smokin’ Daily Deals – Discover deep discounts of 40% to 82% off all grades of shatter and other concentrates.. Please note that these deals can run out very fast, but are updated daily with ones.

I sampled, reviewed, and compared their shatter and found it was all great quality, even the lower quality $15 shatter.

  • My Haute Health unlimited use coupon code: TCB50 (excludes: $2-$5 grams, $15 shatter & Smoking Daily Deals)

#5) Budlyft

With free shipping over $99

AAA to AAAA Nug Run Shatter

Featuring cheap shatter deals sold by the gram from $15 to $30 with mix & match concentrate packs.


  • Exclusive 20% off Coupon Code: CBBL20
  • Get a free $200 cannabis gift basket with a min order of $420 – More details
  • Free Gifts with Minimum Purchases – Choose your gift at checkout

My Budlyft Dispensary Review

Buy Shatter Online by the Gram Guide

Here is some helpful information to buy shatter online based on price by the gram.

$10 Shatter (or Less)

Expect $10 shatter to be darker in colour in most cases, it can be trim run or nug run shatter. I have tried and reviewed $10 shatter and found it to be fair to good for this price range. 

The Top 2 Online Dispensaries for $10 Shatter:

  • Haute Health – This shop has daily deals where you can find $10 shatter or for less, like $8 shatter.
  • BC Weed Edible – Their $10 shatter is verified to be nug-run and you can choose from Sagtiva or Indica strains – View product

$15 Shatter

Expect $15 shatter to be significantly higher in quality than $10 shatter, and you will often find dispensaries hosting shatter sales with reduced price tags to $15 per gram. In most cases, $15 shatter is nug run. I have tried and reviewed $15 shatter and found it to be good and much cleaner at this price range.

  • Haute Health – This shop has daily deals where you can find $15 shatter.
  • $15 shatter when you buy in bulk – You can find shatter at this price point when you buy 14 grams or more. Your best pick is West Coast Cannabis

$20, $25, $30 Shatter

Expect these price ranges of shatter quality of to be AAAA nug run. It’s clearer than the previously mentioned budget shatter options and you will notice that it has more of its characteristic snap. I have tried and reviewed $20 shatter and found it to be almost on par with premium high-end shatter, the biggest difference is taste and smoothness vs harshness.

  • The Grow House – Featuring a nice selection of premium nug-run AAAA shatter that’s always on sale at $20 per gram.
  • Budlyft – This mail order shop has house and branded shatter from $20 to $30 that’s always on sale.
  • Crystal Cloud 9 – Their shatter menu features about 15 strains of AAAA nug-run shatter, and it’s always priced at $25 per gram or 3 grams for $60. I have reviewed it, and my friends and I loved it all.

Bulk Shatter Canada


The best shops to buy bulk shatter are from online dispensaries that focus on bulk concentrates. You will find bulk shatter available by the half ounce (14 grams), and one ounce (28 grams). While wholesale shatter is available by the quarter pound (4 ounces), and half pound (8 ounces), and sometimes shatter by the pound (16 ounces).

Haute Health is the Best Bulk Shatter Dispensary

I sampled, reviewed and compared their shatter and found it was all great quality, even the lower quality $10 to 15 shatter.

Featuring over 8 strains of shatter (prices are subject to change, they are often cheaper).
> 1 ounce (28 grams) – $2,060.80 (or less)
> 1/4 pound (4 ounces) – $2,060.80 (or less)
> 1/2 pound (8 ounces) – $4,032.00 (or less)
> 1 pound (16 ounces)  – $7,884.80 (or less)

My Haute Health unlimited use 50% off coupon code: TCB50 (excludes: $2-$5 grams, $15 shatter & Smoking Daily Deals)

Cheapest Branded Shatter Mix & Match Promotions

38% off CannaCure Concentrates Harmony Shatter @ BudLyft
> 1 gram $40 $25.00 Shop now

Faded Shatter Mix & Match Bundle @ Green Society
25% off $120 $90 Shop now

When you buy 3 or more grams of Faded shatter, you get 25% off!

So High Extracts Mix & Match Bundles
> Featuring 18 mix & match packs – Shop now

Mix and match your favourite concentrates in low quantities or in bulk. Get 20% off with 3.5 grams of free weed on your first order, use coupon code: NEW20

BMWO 7 Gram Shatter Budder Mix & Match Pack Canada
> $245 $218.50 Choose from over 10 strains

Mix and match 7 grams of top shelf bud run AAAA shatter and budder, save your money! Available at BuyMyWeedOnline

Shatter/Budder Mix & Match Pack (8 grams) @ GetKush
> On Sale  $200 $125

Mix and match any shatter and budder combo you see fit and get the best of both worlds with GetKush. See all the strains

Shatter Prices Canada 2023

Buying shatter online is expensive when you buy it in smaller quantities. Shatter prices vary depending on the brand, grade quality, whether it’s nug run or trim run shatter, and how much you buy.

How much is a gram of shatter in Canada?
Shatter is commonly sold by the gram due to its high potency and big price tag. The cost of one gram of top-shelf AAAA nug run shatter can be varied and is between $30 to $50 per gram from Canada’s dispensary storefronts. The same quality shatter from online dispensaries will cost you from $15 per gram to $25 per gram.  The price of shatter per gram will get cheaper if you buy bulk shatter or wholesale shatter. But be careful, with the low-priced budget options of $15 or less, the quality tends to degrade and is sometimes trim-run shatter. Tip: If the shatter is dark or black and not transparent, then it is a low-quality product and you shouldn’t pay over $15 per gram for it.

What is a good price for shatter?
A good price for shatter in Canada is $20 per gram in 2022. Expect it to be high-quality shatter made from AAAA cannabis flower. Typically, this quality of shatter can be found online for $25 to $30 per gram but nowadays, that is considered expensive.

Cheap Bulk Shatter Prices 2023
The prices drop considerably in bulk when compared to shatter prices by the gram.  Here are the average bulk and wholesale shatter prices, the price variance indicates the grade of shatter.

  • Half ounce of shatter (14 grams) – $275 to $350
  • 1 ounce of shatter (28 grams) – $400 to $650
  • Quarter pound of shatter (4 ounces) – $1700 to $4300
  • Half pound of wholesale shatter (8 ounces) – $3400 to $5700
  • One pound of wholesale shatter (16 ounces) – $5500 to $10,750

Bulk and wholesale shatter price references – Haute Health, West Coast Cannabis, Low Price Bud

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a term used to describe an extremely potent type of cannabis concentrate (up to 75% or more), AKA butane hash oil (BHO). Shatter is traditionally amber in color and gets its name from its transparent glass-like texture that “shatters” when it’s broken up to be smoked. Shatter is created by treating marijuana flowers with a solvent to extract the active ingredients. Just like marijuana flowers, shatter can be sativa, indica or hybrid-based.  The result is a marijuana concentrate with up to 90% or more in cannabinoids such as THC and/or CBD, compared to the average of 5% – 25% you will get in dried marijuana flowers.

Out of all the marijuana concentrate types available in the Canadian market, shatter is considered to be one of the most potent, so use caution when trying shatter for the first time. Make sure you get it from a trusted source so you get the cleanest safest shatter available.

Please note, that all forms of cannabis concentrates have higher cannabinoid content and as a result will have more THC & CBD ingredients than it’s flower counterpart.  Quantity and dosage become important, start with smaller doses in order to establish what quantity is right for you.

What is Nug Run Shatter?

“Nug Run” refers to shatter made from the buds themselves.

What is Trim Run Shatter?

“Trim Run” refers to shatter that is made from the trim left over when manicuring buds

A great end product can be made from nug run and trim run shatter, but the quality of your dabs will always rank supreme with nug run shatter.

Thank you, I hope you found what you are looking for.

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