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CannaWholesalers Review

Featuring CannaWholesalers strain, shatter, and vape pen reviews, current deals, promotions, and coupons codes.

Cannawholesalers review 2022

CannaWholesalers Review & Deals  (Updated September 2022)

This is my main review for CannaWholesalers, also take a look at my other reviews:

CannaWholesalers isn’t your average Wholesale Dispensary Canada, they make it their mission to provide incredible value when you buy weed online.

Wholesale dispensary Canada is a term used liberally online here in Canada, but CannaWholesalers take it seriously and are passionate about the best cannabis in BC, and maintaining BC’s reputation for having the best bud in the world (AKA BC BUD).

They even go as far and offer the lowest prices for weed in Canada guaranteed and will match any price for weed from any reputable online store in Canada with the same strain and quality. You can’t beat that, and you should put them to the test.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

CannaWholesalers Current Deals & Promotions

CannaWholesalers launched Mix & Match volume discounts for all their flowers:

  • 10% off 1 ounce
  • 20% off 2 or more ounces
  • 35% off 3 or more ounces
  • 45% off 8 or more ounces
  • 10% off 2 or more 1/4 lbs
  • 15% off 3 or more 1/4 lbs


Mercedes Hash for $110/OZ

Hashish Deals

Your wholesale dispensary Canada – CannaWholesalers always have incredible deals for cheap hash.

MERCEDES HASH$110 Ounces (or cheaper)

VANCOUVER ISLAND HASH$99 Ounces (or cheaper)

Cheap Ounce Deals

CannaWholesalers feature $49 to $159 ounce specials of weed that are updated weekly. View deals

Shatter Deals

CannaWholeslars also have some excellent nug-run shatter at great prices no matter how much you order.


$25/g Lemon Cake Shatter


Coupon code $10 off: Chronic10

CannaWholesalers Current Coupon Codes/Discount Codes

CannaWholesalers are always publishing new coupon codes/discount codes to compliment their wholesale dispensary Canada prices.

  • The current coupon code is for $10 off your order: Chronic10
    (one-time use only, min order $110)
  • Free Gifts with orders over $250, the more you spend, the more you get! View available gifts

CannaWholesalers Review and Profile


CannaWholesalers is a wholesale dispensary in Canada who are open to the public where you can buy weed online at the lowest prices possible.  They are known for their large variety of strains, concentrates, aggressive promotions, and exceptional customer service.

CannaWholesalers pride themselves in attaining customer satisfaction at all costs and pay attention to the small details to ensure 100% satisfaction with every client. Plus they won’t be beaten on prices, and they back it up – “If you find an identical strain of the same grade online for less we’ll match it!”

Their promotions and bulk deals for weed online are enough to give anyone in need of medical marijuana an excuse to order from them. They continually run monthly sales, bonuses, volume discounts, and coupon/discount codes. Make sure to check back here for their latest deals.


Because of CannaWholesalers deep experience in operating as a B2B wholesale dispensary Canada, they have established roots with their licensed BC farmers who cultivate a wide selection of strains to meet the diverse needs of medical marijuana users. So as a result, CannaWholesalers are able to provide the highest-quality medical grade cannabis to the general public in Canada at the lowest prices guaranteed. You can rest assured that you will find the perfect strain that’s right for you.

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  • comment-avatar
    Ray Maksymiw 3 years ago

    I’ve been a customer for about 2 years and have been very impressed every time I’ve ordered. Recently my package didn’t arrive and the tracking # showed it sitting in Bc. They understandably made me wait 3 weeks to see if canada post would eventually send it out but in the meantime reassured me they would correct the situation. They gave me a full credit to re-order and I went with Purolator to deliver it. Very impressed they made this right 🙂 

  • comment-avatar
    Nicole Morris 3 years ago

    I just smoked Bob Marley’s favourite strain Lamb’s Bread and I have to commend Canna Wholesalers for making this strain available,I have been looking forever! just rolled a nice fat doob, its light and fluffs but hits heavy as a Sativa, no wonder it was Bob Marley’s go to strain. It is now one of my top 10 strains on the market and it isn’t easy to find. If you love Will Wonder, Willie Nelsons strain you are gonna love Lamb’s Bread.

    I was most impressed with these two large buds in my package, they were light and fluffed nicely but still tight nugs tight and trimmed to a coned and honed perfection. The buzz was clean and uplifting.

    An example of how clean this product is the smoke was minima on the exhale which is what I want to see when I smoke. Will definitely order Lam’s Bread again. Hope it is still in stock on my next order.

  • comment-avatar
    mike chisholm 4 years ago

    Was sold three ozs of a qp of pencil eraser sized nugs with tons of leaf not worth buying from