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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada Review – CBD Magic

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada Review

Let’s talk some CBD oil (aka Cannabidiol) tincture wellness. This full spectrum CBD oil Canada review is part of my CBD Magic main dispensary review.

I tested CBD Magic’s full spectrum CBD hemp oil tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle) over the course of one month to see if it will continue to help with my knee pain and overall body pain as well as my inflammation issues around my feet and ankles. This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to CBD usage, I’m a regular user now, and many of my friends and family are as well for various reasons. Yup, I have become a CBD Oil advocate, the stuff just works, and CBD Magic’s full spectrum CBD oil is some of the best I’ve used and my friends agree with me. Keep reading and see why.

First, are you wondering what Full Spectrum CBD Oil is?

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the natural cannabinoids that exists in the cannabis or hemp plant. When compared to CBD Isolate that contains CBD only, (over 99% pure), meaning the other naturally occurring cannabinoids have been extracted.

Premium full spectrum CBD oil is high in CBD, with only trace amounts of the other cannabinoids, and very low in THC (less than 0.3%). Regardless of these relatively low amounts, the overall CBD oil composition is considered to be “full spectrum” that provides the “entourage effect” – which refers to the increased benefit or effectiveness of the full spectrum CBD oil due to the different cannabinoids working in harmony. Full spectrum CBD oil is considered to be more effective than CBD isolate because of the “entourage effect”.

This Full Spectrum CBD Oil review also includes:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil photo gallery
  • About CBD Magic’s full spectrum CBD oil
  • My full spectrum CBD oil experience
  • Buy CBD Magic full spectrum CBD oil online
  • Final thoughts and final ratings

Full Spectrum CBD Oil from CBD Magic Canada Photo Gallery

Take a look at my unboxing photos of this full spectrum CBD oil and see first hand what to expect if you get some for yourself (see all products). With ingredients, suggested use, CBD oil color, and tincture. The CBD oil package even comes with a CBD information guide to help you get started.

About Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil from CBD Magic Canada

CBD Magic’s full Spectrum CBD oil is made directly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and they are over the top proud of it, here’s why. They work with top innovators and scientists including a former Apotex chemist, the largest producer of pharmaceutical drugs in Canada. CBD Magic claims that they have achieved a level of Full Spectrum quality Canada has not yet seen.

CBD Magic is a vertically integrated manufacturer, processor and distributor of hemp derived extracts, focusing on high-tech CBD (cannabidiol) and vital cannabinoids for optimal health. They operate a state-of-the-art facility for the processing of hemp & CBD for both small and larger scales.

Their lab facility enables extraction, winterization, distillation, purification and crystallization of hemp and Cannabidiol. It also includes state-of-the-art wet labs with solvent-handling systems, inert atmosphere glove boxes and a full suite of analytical testing equipment.

If all this tech talk isn’t enough to show that their full spectrum CBD oil is the best in Canada, then maybe the rest of my review will help.

Their Promise & Commitment

They are committed to providing you exceptional customer service and support so you can sit back, relax and have a peace of mind knowing your product will arrive on time! If you have any questions or concerns about any products or orders, expect a lighting fast response. They will do whatever it takes to ensure YOU are 100% satisfied!

3rd PARTY LAB TESTS- Reports available on their website
SERVICE & SUPPORT- 100% guaranteed
PRODUCT QUALITY - Certified with great reviews online

My Full Spectrum CBD Oil Experience

As mentioned earlier, I am not new to CBD and it’s magical benefits. I’ve been using CBD oil for over a year, and have tried most forms of it that are available in Canada from most of the popular brands. In this case for my CBD Magic full spectrum CBD oil Canada review, I used it for one month, and took 3/4 of a tincture in the morning, and another 3/4 before I went to bed, a healthy dosage for a 6′ 3″ 280 pound middle aged man. The 30ml bottle (1000mg of CBD) lasted almost the whole month, I had to dip into a second to get through the last week.

Here are my thoughts after the one month trial.
I use CBD primarily for body pain and inflammation. I can tell you that a natural solution like CBD sure does beat having to take Advil everyday. Like I said, CBD just works! and CBD Magic’s full spectrum CBD Oil turned out to be some of the best I’ve used for a few reasons:

Reason #1 – The entourage effect
Receiving the full spectrum of cannabinoids in every dose even if they are minimal makes me feel like I’m getting more compete medicine. Perhaps it’s a mind over matter thing, and the stoner in me, but it doesn’t mater does it? As long as it works in my mind or yours, that’s all that counts.

Reason #2 – The high dosage options
I had the 1000mg of CBD 30ml bottle that lasted almost a month for me which was impressive considering that I am a big guy with medium tolerance levels. Everyone reacts to CBD differently, and your tolerance will build as you use it regularity for extended periods of time. So to help combat this, you can order your full spectrum CBD oil with high dosages of CBD, up to 4000mg of CBD per bottle.

Reason #3 – I sleep better and longer
I find myself sleeping much deeper and for longer periods of time. I’m certain its the entourage effect helping with this as the trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids are doing their part.

As I took my 2 doses each day, I felt my knee pain and ankle inflammation succumb more effectively and for longer than some of the CBD isolates I’ve used before. Because of this, I found myself becoming a CBD Magic brand lover and more of a CBD advocate in general. These positive experiences got me charged up so much that I find myself talking a big game with my friends and family. Everyone who I talked CBD with ended up becoming believers and regular users of the full spectrum CBD oil and other various CBD topicals for pain and beauty.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Taste

CBD Magic’s full spectrum CBD Oil tastes like a woody alcohol free oily nectar if you will, with slightly bitter and natural favors. It tastes like what you would expect natural CBD oil to taste like. The flavor isn’t harsh at all, but it’s not pleasant. It does leave a small woody after taste that I am not a fan of, but all non flavored full spectrum CBD oils that I’ve tasted more or less taste the same, some more bitter than others.

See my final ratings and thoughts below

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Final Thoughts & Final Ratings

I hope my full spectrum CBD oil Canada review helped you decide if this is your new brand that you can trust when it comes to your CBD oil needs. I’m certainly a fanboy with their products and will continue to use them for my pain and inflammation issues and for anything else CBD may help me with as enter the 50+ club, like a good nights sleep.

See my final ratings below.

The Chronic Beaver
The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice.

Overall Brand Quality: 9
Overall Product Quality: 9
Overall Product Value: 8
CBD Oil Effectiveness : 10