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GetKush Review, Cannabis, Hash & Shatter

Welcome to my GetKush review of their Mango Haze and Death Star strains, Rolling Stones hash, and Death Bubba shatter.

This GetKush review is my second that covers their AAAA grade cannabis and concentrates. My first review of GetKush discusses the online dispensary as a company with all their promotions, and with an unboxing GetKush review.

I had fun creating this GetKush review and experiencing all their premium products with my friends. I hope you have some fun as well, make sure to watch the video of Darth Vader playing the guitar for Death Star money.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them at the end of this article in the comments section, we love to help any way we can.

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GetKush Review – Mango Haze Strain

  • ORIGIN: Bred from the Netherlands-based Creators of Super Silver Haze
  • GENETICS: Mango Haze is a cross between Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze
GetKush Mango Haze Strain
GetKush Mango Haze Strain 3.5 Grams
Mango Haze bud up close from GetKush

Mango Haze Cannabis Strain Review

The Mango Haze strain GetHush sent me to review is beautiful looking with typical Sativa elongated bud structure that gave me a dreamy high while allowing me to be productive in an easy going, level headed kind of way.


  • Cerebral
  • Energizing
  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Happy
  • Relaxing
  • Uplifting

This bud is delicious and very effective, I sampled it alone and was a perfect high for a sunny late winter afternoon work sesh. I vaped this strain in my Davinci MIQRO then smoked a joint and got right into it. Once I opened up the windows in my office this high started its course with uplifting inspiring energy, like the feeling of a warm Vancouver Island winter breeze coursing through you with spring in the air. I love it when that happens, don’t you?

The effects of Mango Haze hit hard at first then it mellowed out with a positive body high that just kept going, allowing me to focus deeply and get this particular strain review done. The body high didn’t make me sleepy, making Mango Haze ideal for day use when you need an energy boost that is also pain relieving.

Additionally, Mango Haze is a perfect strain for treating fatigue, stress or anxiety, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic migraines or headaches.


The Mango Haze buds from GetKush were medium sized dense foxtail-shaped nugs that were forest green with dark amber hairs and with beautiful crystal clear white trichomes that gave the overall appearance of the buds a whitish hue.

The buds, as expected, had an enticing aroma of sweet mango with a hint and taste of sweet tropical fruit.

When vaping Mango Haze the fruity flavors were more prominent when compared to smoking it. Smoking this strain was more enjoyable for me because it hit harder and tasted earthy with a hazy sweet fusion that was more subtle.

It smoked wonderfully, slowly, and evenly with nice clean white ash. I recommend if you get your hands on this strain, to smoke it in a joint first as a starting point to base your comparisons on.


Bud Appearance: 85points
Effects Quality: 95points
Vape & Smoke Quality: 90points

GetKush Review – Death Star Strain

Death Star from GetHush was something to remember. I`m tempted to quote some Star Wars pun, but it`s been overdone, so instead, take a look at Darth Vader on the guitar raising money for his own Death Star, playing some Rage Against The Machine. Makes me laugh every time!

GetKush Death Star Strain 3.5 Grams
  • INDICA DOMINANT HYBRID: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
  • THC 27% / CBD 0.1%
  • GENETICS: Death Star is a cross of the great Sour Diesel and Sensi Star

Death Star Cannabis Strain Review

Okay, time to get serious, Death Star is a powerful dominating strain plain and simple. The THC content in this strain is over the top and I`ve seen it clock in at 30% from some expert growers.

The sample I received had nice medium to large buds that were sticky and fat in appearance. I smoked Death Star (no vape this time) with a few friends one evening and we had a good old time around the pinball machine. We all felt the Indica effects creep on after the first joint, and after the fourth fattie, the games got more intense and competitive, high scores were beat, and not by me!


  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Stress Relief
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Helps with Depression
  • Pain Relief
  • Happiness
  • Will get Dry Mouth 100%

The effects of Death Star hit us all hard at first as mentioned, but later on, we were all spaced-out, very relaxed, and elevated to a happy mental state, while glued to the couch. No, we didn`t get into a Star Wars marathon, but we did geek out and have some interesting conversation around how fast the comic book version of the Hulk would crush any version of Captain Marvel.

Death Star, like all strains, has its own set of medicinal benefits. Many people suffering from depression turn to medicating with Death Star. It also is very effective to help alleviate stress and is a powerful sleeping aid strain. Nausea and pain are two more ailments that Death Star can be used to help relieve.



Death Star up close from GetKush

The appearance, flavors, and aromas of Death Star are all pretty much exactly a blend between its two genetic origins; Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. Death Star is very pungent and aromatic especially when you crack open a bud. You will smell it immediately and will dominate whatever space you`re in quickly. So yeah, you won`t be sneaking around with this strain easily, and watch out for the roaches if you like to save them, they are little skunky stink bombs.

GetKush`s Death Star smelled somewhat earthy and skunky, with slight diesel and sweet undertones. The flavor is very similar to its scent. When smoking the joints, we did get a bit more of a diesel back flavor with a side of citrus. It tasted smooth on the tongue on exhale with some tingling mixed in. I love that and is a sure sign of great BC bud.

The appearance of Death Star was fat and dense with dark green leaves and dark orange hairs (trichomes). They were very nice looking nugs that had a unique look and feel to them, any connoisseur would be happy with GeKush`s Death Star.


Bud Appearance: 90points
Effects Quality: 100points
Smoke Quality: 90points

GetKush Review – Rolling Stones Hash

This Rolling Stones Hash brings me back to the days in Ontario when hash was the only thing available in the late 80s and early 90s for me. It`s more or less great quality black hash with a Rolling Stones stamp of approval on it.

Rolling Stones Hash at GetKush
Rolling Stones Hash at GetKush up close

Rolling Stones Hash Review

My GetKush review wouldn’t be complete without a hash review. The 4 grams of Rolling Stones hash that I had delivered was a real treat as I am a huge fan of hashish.

We rolled the hash up 2 ways and did hot knives to sample it for this review. We rolled a half gram the old school way with just hash and tobacco to get its true taste. We also rolled up another one with hash and some of GetKush’s Death Star strain, this was a huge splif, a half gram of Rolling Stones hash, and a gram of Death Star and man, it sent us spinning in circles wondering what to do next.



The Rolling Stones hash high felt more like a powerful Sativa buzz rather than an Indica buzz at first. There isn’t much lineage information and history available for Rolling Stones hash, so I am going to describe how the hash affected my friends and me.

What can I say about this hash without some Rolling Stones pun thrown in? The hash came to our Emotional Rescue in such a way that it helped give us clear-headed direction when we finished smoking the joints. The gagger tossed with Death Star bud and Rolling Stones hash spun us out of control at first. Then the hash buzz crept in and became clearly present, helping us decide to get out of the house and go on a trek to spot some of the local Bald Eagles.

In the Undercover Of The Night after our Bald Eagle excursion, we bust out some butter knives for a hot knives session, it’s been a while and we don’t have to worry anymore about our moms finding the burnt knives. Bonus

We did 5 knives each and Gimme Shelter man, “burns like a red coat carpet”, the red hot Knives were the knockout punch for us. We were immediately blasted with an intense foggy head buzz that was mostly felt in the frontal lobe area of our brains, like a rolling stone. We didn`t last long after that, we were pain-free, worry-free, with a serious case of the munchies and ready for a hash nap.

Appearance & Texture

The Rolling Stones Stamp of approval

Fluffing up the hash getting it ready for a joint was a true delight, what awesome memories. It crumbled perfectly just as a good black hash does. At room temperature, the Rolling Stones hash was hard but it got softer and easier to work with when you roll it between your fingers for a minute or so.

It has a delicious color profile that aroused my sweet tooth, being dark chocolate brown on the outside and milk chocolate on the inside. It looked so good that I was tempted to crumble it up and sprinkle some like chocolate sprinkles over a bowl a Rocky Road ice cream and eat it, next time maybe.

Taste & Aroma 

GetKush`s Rolling Stones hash has a classic spicy black hash aroma with deep aromatic scents of pine, it reminded me of being in a White Pine forest on the bank of a breathtaking lake somewhere in Ontario`s Algonquin Park.

When smoked, its flavor was very pure with no solvent taste, it tasted almost the same as it smells, like a good hash should. It was smooth, creamy on the exhale and it burnt evenly with minimal heater holes on my shirt.


Hash Appearance: 100points
Effects Quality: 100points
Taste & Smoke Quality: 100points

GetKush Shatter Review – Death Bubba Shatter

  • INDICA DOMINANT HYBRID: Indica 70% / Sativa 30%
  • ORIGIN: Bred by Matteo Suleyman, Vancouver BC
  • GENETICS: Death Bubba is a cross between the popular Bubba Kush and Death Star cannabis strains
Death Bubba shatter at GetKush

Death Bubba Shatter Review

The Death Bubba shatter GetKush sent me was a nice piece of glass! The gang and I were sitting around the couch one evening getting ready to watch a movie and we fired up the Nectar Collector to give this shatter a go.

We dabbed the whole gram over the course of an hour between 3 of us, and I must say the effects were textbook Death Bubba but it tipped the scales on the potency meter.


  • Euphoria
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Relaxing
  • Dry Mouth

The shatter performed like the Death Star did before the rebels blew it up (I know, I had to). When dabbing it with the red hot Nectar Collector the smoke was solid white, very smooth and pure with no chemical taste. On the exhale, the flavor reminded me of black licorice with earthy undertones.

After about 8 dabs, I was feeling its effects immediately, the left side of my brain kicked in and I was overwhelmed with relentless culinary inspiration. So to hell with the movie at this point, and I cooked up some braised beef street tacos for my friends who were fixated on the couch. La fiesta Mexicana fue épica!

The Death Bubba shatter relieved my numerous aches and pains nicely and it`s also a good option for those looking for quick and effective relief from stress, insomnia, and depression.


GetKush`s shatter look and feel had rootbeer transparency that was not sticky to the touch but was glass like smooth at room temperature. It was the perfect thickness as you can see in the above pics, making Death Bubba shatter easier to handle and break apart, it snaps perfectly.


Look & Feel: 95points
Effects Quality: 100points
Medicinal Quality: 95points

GetKush Review – Overall Ratings & Final Thoughts

Check out my Get Kush unboxing review, with deals and coupons.

GetKush`s Cannabis Overall Quality Rating: 9
GetKush`s Overall Hash Rating: 9
GetKush`s Overall Shatter Rating: 8
FINAL THOUGHTS - All of the samples from GetKush were top quality in all departments, I highly recommended them for their AAAA flowers and concentrates.