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Review of GetKush With Ratings and Coupon Code

Including strain reviews, hash reviews, and shatter reviews.

My Review of GetKush with user ratings, current deals, and coupon codes all in one place.

Here is our review of Get Kush one of the biggest call outs for this popular online dispensary is their cheap weed bulk discount deals that are fully described later in our review.

The Chronic Beaver reviews online dispensaries, cannabis brands, and strains, if you would like to have your business reviewed, please grab our attention and let’s talk.

GetKush Company Profile

GetKush is owned and operated by an engaged and professional brother and sister team – Nancy and Ryan. They grew up in the cannabis business in British Columbia and are both highly experienced and trained in cultivating and wholesaling cannabis on a professional level but in a craft environment.

“The brother and sister team are true professionals at their craft” – TCB is an online dispensary with a difference. Nancy and Ryan’s passion, attention to detail and quality, personal care, and cheap weed bulk discounts put on the map and I can personally say that GetKush’s continued growth is impressive. excels because they do not cut corners to boost profits, they thrive on saving you money by selling BC quality cheap weed and providing personal customer care. This all goes a long way in the online dispensary business where reputation and great customer service is everything.

Is GetKush Legit?

I have ordered from GetKush for personal use a few times before I got into doing reviews and they also supplied me with samples for this review. Each order arrived in 3 days or less, except one instance where it took 6 days due to the Canada Post rotating strike. The customer service was excellent, and the product quality was superb making me one of Get Kush’s biggest fans. They are a trustworthy and reliable online dispensary with excellent BC bud and concentrates.

Yes, GetKush is Legit and are one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, hence the reason why  I am doing this review.

  • GetKush’s website has SSL security meaning that your passwords and sensitive information are safe & private.
  • The shopping experience at is streamlined and made easy for those who struggle when ordering online.

Cheap Weed Bulk Discounts at GetKush

Cheap Weed Bulk Discounts at 5% off coupon code: beaver5

At GetKush you save some serious hard earned money when you buy cheap weed online in bulk. When we say cheap weed, it’s cheap in price, but not quality, after all, we’re talking about BC Bud here.

You can pick and mix and get cheap ounces from their entire store and save up to 40% with 6 ounces in your cart, plus you can stack a coupon code on top of that if it’s your first order or if a limited time coupon is running. The cheap weed bulk discounts will be automatically applied at checkout along with any other promotions that are running, for example, their current free 14 grams of pink diesel on all orders over $349.

GetKush Coupon Codes, Deals and Promotions


Not Cheap Weed But Free Weed Deal!

Get 7 grams of free weed or a free honey oil vape pen at for a limited time when you make any order over $349. Note: Your free weed will be automatically added to your shopping cart once you hit the $349 threshold. 

Get Kush and The Chronic Beaver’s Contests and Giveaways

Get Kush have monthly contests with fantastic prises routinely, and the Chronic Beaver teams up with them periodically. The last promotion was with a $300 giveaway. Coming soon we will be launching a Shatter promotion and will be giving away 14 grams of free shatter from Get Kush, I will publish the details here once we figure them out.

GetKush Coupon Codes

At the moment, you can save 5% off your first GetKush order, use Coupon Code: beaver5 – GetKush often run special coupon codes for promotions and deals to use them on, keep an eye on their website’s top banner for their latest codes and promotions.

GetKush Rewards

Not only does GetKush reward you with free samples in every order, but they also allow you to earn reward points with their point system, they use the following conversion for points to dollar amount: 25 Points = $1.00

  • Signing up, you will receive 250 points = $10
  • Each review written will earn you 25 points = $1
  • Each item bought in our store will have corresponding point values in the product description.
  • At check out, you will be given an option to use up the total value of points to apply to your order.

Please note: Point discounts will not stack with any other coupons

Review of Customer Service and Support

The brother and sister team at make sure that you get what you’re looking for at the best possible price no matter what. The Chronic Beaver has first-hand experience working with them and ordering, and it has been nothing shorter than delightful and professional, they are one of the best online dispensaries to interact with on a professional and consumer level.

The folks at GetKush want you to love shopping for cannabis with them, so they love to help and therefore maintain a support desk aimed to do just that. Getkush responds to customer inquiries promptly and you can ask them anything about cannabis, their strains/products, and of course any questions about your order. They have a lifetime of combined experience in the BC craft cannabis industry, so pick their brains if you need advice on what strains could be best for you.

You will be delighted when conversing with the brother and sister team – Nancy and Ryan. Expect nothing but the best service and support from

Get Kush Unboxing Review and Photo Gallery

The Get Kush unboxing review is the best part of this job when reviewing online dispensaries and their cannabis strains. My box arrived from Canada Post in 3 days, and I was excited once again to see what was in-the-box as I had no idea. Get Kush provided the samples so the Chronic Beaver can do a more detailed review to help show you what they are all about and what to expect when you order from

The box of goodies was 100% discreet, with no smell, and no unwanted labeling, just as we all expect from top-rated online dispensaries. All the products were professionally vacuum sealed in an opaque bag, and then within that bag, there were 3 more sealed Ziploc type black bags, each containing products from different categories of their menu. Within each of those black bags were smaller Ziplock bags with a clear face exposing the products themselves with labels.

There was no damage to any of the bags or products and the flowers were not only beautiful, but you can tell that they were trimmed and cured by true craft cannabis professionals. See our detailed review for each strain and concentrate products below.

Review of GetKush Cannabis Strains, with Hash & Shatter Reviews

As mentioned earlier I received samples from Get Kush and my friends and I spent about 4 weeks testing them out over several sessions, good times were had with some excellent product.

Here are the strains and concentrates reviews with strain profile information, our personal experiences, and ratings.

GetKush User Reviews, Ratings & Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read my Get Kush review, I hope it helped. I recommend Get Kush and as I said, I’m one of their biggest fans. I couldn’t find much wrong with this online dispensary as a whole, and if I ever do, I will update my review to let you know.

If you have any questions about Get Kush, maybe I can help, use the comments section below and I will answer as soon as I can.

Also, I’d love to hear about any experiences you had with Would you recommend them? How did you like their BC bud and price? How was the service you received?

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