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Green Society Review, Unboxing & Faded Edibles Review

Part 1 of my Green Society review includes a company profile, service & support, an unboxing review, coupons, deals, and a Faded Edibles review.

Green Society Review

Updated July 19, 2021. Welcome to the first part of my Green Society review, it was exciting to be given the opportunity to review this popular online dispensary. This article will hopefully inform everything you need to know about Green Society, so you can buy weed online at the best value possible and with confidence.

My review is broken into 3 parts:

Green Society Review Part 1

  • Green Society Online dispensary profile and overview
  • Service & Support
  • Coupon codes and deals
  • Green Society unboxing review and photo gallery
  • Faded Edibles review
  • Final ratings and final thoughts

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Green Society Strain Reviews Part 3 

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Green Society Review – Online Dispensary Profile & Overview

green-society-canadaGreen Society is a popular and established mail order marijuana dispensary who delivers premium quality and affordable medical marijuana, concentrates, CBD, and edibles all sourced from some of BC’s best craft cannabis brands. Speaking of great brands, Green Society’s brand is one of the best I’ve seen, they represent BC’s best with style and professionalism (more on that later in my unboxing review).

Green Society is very serious about what they do, and are succeeding on their mission to be your #1 go to and best online dispensary in Canada. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or other conditions that require the benefits of cannabis, Green Society ensures you get the treatment you need when you need it, thanks to their enhanced fulfillment procedures, experienced virtual budtenders, and user-friendly website. It’s easy for people of all legal ages over 19 without much internet savvy to order weed online from Green Society.

Is Legit?

Green Society has established a strong foothold in the online dispensary market with passion, compassion and with a reputation for excellence and value. Green Society reviews online are positive and you will find tonnes of happy customers praising the good word about Green Society.

Their website is secure, professionally designed, optimized for speed and categorized intelligently, these are all good signs when it comes to their legitimacy.

Yes, Green Society is Legit and are another top online dispensary in Canada. In my experience so far with Green Society, I can say that they are a pleasure to work with and shopping with them is even a better experience when it comes to selection and ease of use.

WEBSITE SECURITY - SSL certificate, 256-bit encryption 100%
SUPPORT - Responsive with defined support hours 90%
PRODUCT QUALITY - The best locally sourced BC bud, concentrates, CBD, and edibles 95%

Review of Green Society’s Customer Service & Support

green-society-review-service-support-checkGreen Society is committed to its members and aims to provide the best and safest craft cannabis available in BC with the best customer care in their field. If you ever have any questions about their strains, or anything else, the Green Society’s support desk is responsive and super helpful.

When I was shopping at Green Society for this review, I was intrigued about their Mendocino Purps strain and had a few questions regarding its batch information. So I shot off an email to their support and received a reply promptly with the information I was looking for. There is nothing worse than needing additional information while buying weed online and having to wait for a response from the dispensary. It usually results in an abandoned shopping cart, well for me anyhow.

The support desk is open Monday to Friday 10AM-6PM PST. If you have questions about their policies or products, you can email them at [email protected]

From Green Society’s homepage

If you are in constant search of the perfect marijuana strain that will suit your various physical and mental needs, look no further, Green Society will offer you that and more. Our service goes beyond the computer screens and courier companies; we extend it to your lifestyle so you can live your life better the way a happy person should. If you want to buy weed online in Canada, just choose and you shall receive – discreetly and securely.
Better yet, contact our customer support if you need help with the kind of strain and dosage to suit your needs. Yes, we want to help you in any way we can. That is what our online weed shop in Canada is all about.

Green Society’s Coupon Codes, Deals, & Flash Sales 2021

Green Society has a bevy of coupon and discount codes as well as flash sales and other sweet promotions. I also have an exclusive $20 discount code for you. You can find their in-house deals on various pages, that can be found here:

  • Sales Page – With cheap ounces on sale, mix & match flash sales and more.
  • Coupons Page – On this page, you will find several coupons, miscellaneous offers, and daily deals. Things like new member freebies, such as branded rolling papers, filter books, Green Society Key Chain, and a free gram of BC bud. Also, at the bottom of the page make sure to take advantage at some point their $20 off discount code offer by signing up for their newsletter.

The Chronic Beaver’s Exclusive First Order Coupon Code and Discount Code

  • 20% off your first order coupon code: GS20
  • Exclusive $20 off your next order discount code: Chronic20

Free Shipping

Green Society online dispensary offers free shipping via Canada Post Xpresspost on all orders over $149 Canada wide.

Green Society Unboxing Review and Photo Gallery

When my box of goodies arrived from Green Society I was feeling quite deserving as I have been working relentlessly on my websites and restaurant. I was quite excited as I handpicked everything I wanted to try for this review and I must say that the online shopping experience at Green Society was joyful and seamless (++).

This Green Society review is courtesy of Green Society, they sent me the samples I ordered essentially to strut their stuff and to show Canada who they are and what to expect if you decide to buy weed online with them. At the end of the day, Green Society’s brand and product are impressive and enticing if you will, from the shopping experience to the end result (unboxing and partaking).

Unboxing Review

The white box of BC’s best arrived from Green Society in a standard Canada Post sealed bubble wrapped envelope with the goods inside. Inside the box was a professional vacuum sealed clear plastic bag with all the goodies individually packaged and labeled inside.  Each product was labeled appropriately and sealed in their own self-contained little Ziploc type branded pouches (as seen in the photos below). I was impressed with the overall presentation, very discreet, zero smell, and professionally branded. Add on all the extras Green Society threw in (organic rolling papers, key chains, and filter booklets) it all made me feel special like I was part of, well their Society. For me, that goes a long way, how about you?

Unboxing Photo Gallery

Please excuse the quality of my photos, I’m an amateur photographer with an iPhone, lightbox and Macro lens, fun, fun, fun!

Faded Edibles Review from Green Society

I ordered 2 pouches of gummy type edibles from Green Society for this review, they are sourced from Faded Cannabis Co, one pouch of Fizzy Colas, and one of the Cherry Bombs. There were 16 doses in total that 4 of us consumed in one evening.

They had various impacts on us due to the simple fact that edibles influence everyone differently. So if you are new to edibles, please be warned when consuming them, start off with a half dose (10mg dose), wait an hour or so to see how you feel before considering having more. The buzz won’t stop creeping up and intensifying, so again, please be careful, I want everyone to enjoy edibles with no bad experiences.

Faded Edibles Review – Cherry Bombs


These fresh, juicy, and a little bit sour Cherry Bombs are effective with no green taste.

These Cherry Bomb THC edibles are real beauties and taste even better than they look. They are infused with THC distillate and contain 20mg of THC per portion/dose. With 8 portions per bag, totaling 160mg of THC. Plus they only cost $16 per bag, it’s quite a good deal, you can buy edibles online and save quite a bit. I’ve seen brick & mortar dispensaries here in BC charge as much as double for the same type of products.

When we each consumed one of these cherry bombs, we were all pleasantly surprised how fresh they tasted. They were soft, juicy, sweet and sugary, with a fruity cherry/sour back taste and no green taste at all.

These little weapons pack a punch, a THC punch that is! The Chery Bomb hit me almost immediately with a warm tingling rush starting from the head and it slowly worked its way down. Edibles hit me hard and quick, eventually, I lose muscle control and turn into a rubber band that’s spring loaded with laughter. Others in our group can eat endless amounts of edibles it seems and they hardly get anything out of it, so again, portion control is everything, know your tolerance level.

For those who prefer to consume edibles for medicinal reasons, these Cherry Bombs from Green Society can help with anxiety, stress, cramps, depression, fatigue, insomnia, appetite, pain, and inflammation.

Faded Edibles Review – Fizzy Colas


Careful, these little Fizzy Cola’s taste better than the real thing and hit hard!

The Fizzy Colas were also very satisfying and fresh, both for my sweet tooth and THC fix. They are also infused with THC distillate and contain 20mg of THC per portion/dose with 8 portions per bag, totaling 160mg of THC. They tasted just like the real thing, even better actually, with no green taste but with plenty of fun. In some ways, they awakened the kids in us and transported us to the footloose and fancy-free days of having no responsibilities.

By the time we consumed all of the edibles (4 doses each) we were living in the past and having a blast! Some of us were in a comatose state, some were all smiles, while I was couch locked, not able to hold my head up, but I was fully immersed in the conversation and music. I also had the best deep 10-hour sleep I had in several weeks.

The same medicinal benefits the Cheery Bombs deliver apply to the Fizzy Colas.

Faded Edibles Review – Final Thoughts

The edibles from Faded Cannabis Co. are high-end products that are made with care and passion. These adult temptations mirror the treats that bring us back to our youth, thanks to Faded Cannabis’s dedication to their craft.

Green Society retails these edibles at very competitive prices, it’s easy and affordable to add on a bag of Faded Edibles to your next order. Together both brands are knocking it out of the park and you can’t go wrong if you are in the market for fun with Edibles!

Green Society Final Ratings & Final Thoughts

I hope my Green Society review was helpful and not too painful to get through. If you have any questions about Green Society online dispensary, please post them in the comments section below, and I will answer them the best I can.

The Chronic Beaver

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaMake sure to check out my part 2 and strain reviews of Green Society.


Overall Service Quality: 9
Overall Value for Money: 9
Coupons & Promotions Quality: 9
Faded Edibles Quality: 10
FINAL THOUGHTS - Green Society is one of the best and most popular online dispensaries in Canada. I was proud and excited when I was given the opportunity to review Green Society. Their service commitment, high quality brand and product places them in my best of the best list.