Tom Ford Bubba Kush Strain Review & Ratings

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Tom Ford Bubba Kush Strain Review & Ratings

My Tom Ford Bubba Kush review includes my 9 point ratings overview, my personal insights, with my photo gallery and final thoughts.

Tom Ford Bubba Kush (AKA – Tom Ford Bubba, AKA – Tom Ford) is an indica dominant hybrid cross. This strain is known for its insanely gorgeous appearance, with vibrant orange hairs and a generous coating of frosty clear white trichomes. The high will sneak up and leave you feeling lifted and happy, while eventually making you feel sedated with a care free attitude.

I will also point out the best online dispensaries to buy Tom Forb Bubba Kush online.

My Tom Ford Bubba Kush Photo Gallery

Notice the impressive coating of trichomes (crystals) and ample red hairs (pistols).

Tom Ford Bubba Kush Review and Ratings

Strain Information:

  • Indica Dominant (80% indica/20% sativa)
  • THC: 20% – 29% average
  • Total CBD: < 0.005%
  • GENETICS: Cross between OG Kush X Bubba and an unknown Northern Lights phenotype

My Experience

I’ve been smoking Tom Ford and all the different phenotypes of it for years. The batch featured in this review I picked up online and vaped it mostly on my own. I enjoyed its flavor and long lasting effects to the utmost. I also noticed some welcoming medicinal benefits from this strain, mostly in the pain relief and stress departments. Another stand out attribute of this strain is its bag appeal. You look at your bag of weed and you instantly know that you’re in for a treat.

The aroma and taste of Tom Ford Bubba Kush is another treat to experience. You know how it usually goes – you love the look of the bud at first, then you crack open the bag for the first smell of it, and finally, you fall completely in love and can’t wait to smoke or vape Tom Ford. This was my experience of it anyhow, and every time I’ve gone through that type of experience with other strains, I know for sure, like 100% of the time, that the strain is going to be knockout good.

My 9 Point Tom Ford Bubba Kush Ratings Guide

  • Grade: AAAA
  • THC Potency: High, upwards into its max 29% range
  • Cost: Fair ($140 to $180 per ounce)
  • Bud Size/Quality: 8/10 Medium, with fluffy and dense nugs, caked with crystals and red hairs
  • Cure & Humidity: 9/10 Professionally cured and trimmed
  • Smell: 8/10 Honey, sweet & sour, citrus, very welcoming
  • Taste: 8/10 Complex, sweet, earthy, a little sour
  • Buzz Quality: 8/10 Strong hazy buzz that’s uplifting to a degree at first, then settles into a sedated chill kind of high
  • Harshness vs Smoothness: A smooth strain with lots of flavor, not harsh to vape or smoke

Buy Tom Ford Weed Online Canada

This strain is easy to find online, most of the online dispensaries seem to always have AAAA or budget AA versions of this strain available. Here are 2 online shops who have consistent inventory:

Final Ratings & Thoughts

I hope my Tom Ford Bubba Kush strain review was helpful and informative. I highly recommend that you give this strain a try for some fun and stress-free good times.

My final ratings and thoughts are detailed below.

The Chronic Beaver

Overall Flower Quality: 9
Overall Value for Money: 8
Bag Appeal: 10
Aroma: 9
Taste: 9
Final Thoughts – Tom Ford Bubba Kush is a powerhouse indica and a fun ride. Its beautiful to look at, tasty and smooth. The best attributes I liked are its bag appeal and stress-free high.