Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed – Why Using a Vaporizer is Healthier & Smarter


Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed – Why Using a Vaporizer is Healthier & Smarter

Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed

Vaporizing, AKA “vaping” of cannabis is a trending topic since the legalization of cannabis in Canada (October 17, 2018). Vaping weed vs smoking weed has become a very popular alternative method to traditional ways of smoking weed in Canada. Vaping weed vs smoking weed has many benefits, and the top 4 reasons why it’s a smarter choice is listed below, but first, let’s talk about what vaping weed actually is and how it works.

Don’t Get Confused – The difference between Vaping with Vape Pens and Dry Herb Vaporizers

Recently there has been some Vaping related deaths in the USA that are linked to THC and tobacco products that has everyone duly concerned in North America. I think it’s important to point out these differences as the recent vaping related deaths has nothing to do with Dry Herb Vaporizers.

  • Vaping – A term loosely used when describing the act of inhaling vapor using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping devices like vape pens. Vaping also refers to using vape pens for inhaling THC or CBD concentrates in the form of vapor. Furthermore, the term vaping can describe the use of dry herb vaporizers to inhale vapor from dried cannabis.
  • Vape Pens – Used for vaping tobacco (a type of e-cigarette), see the Risks of Vaping e-cigarettes from the government of Canada. Alternatively, vape pens can also be used for vaping THC and CBD concentrates. They are small normally pen-shaped handheld portable devices that can be rechargeable or disposable. JUUL is considered a Vape Pen, AKA JUULing and is in the spotlight for being tied to the recent vaping related deaths.
  • Dry Herb Vaporizers – Are portable or desktop devices used to vaporize dry herbs such as cannabis flower. They are not tied to the recent vaping deaths and are safe to use. Dry herb vaporizers heat cannabis to a specific temperature that’s lower than the combustion point of a burning joint or smoking a bowl. They produce vapor instead of harmful smoke and are considered to be a safer vs smoking cannabis (more details below).

What is vaping weed all about? What are the ideal dry herb vaporizer temperatures?


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Vaping weed is essentially the heating of cannabis without actually burning it, it’s the conversion of cannabis from a solid state into a gas (vapor) by the application of heat. Vaping consists of the use of convection or conduction heating methods to safely heat dried cannabis to an optimal temperature (not high enough to cause combustion) to release those sought-after cannabis compounds and terpenes in the form of a vapor.

Here are some general temperature guidelines for vaping weed:

As a general rule, setting your vaporizer to a temperature above 200 degrees Celsius provides more of the cannabinoids that affect your body. Setting your vape gear to a temperature below 200 degrees Celsius provides more of the cannabinoids that affect your mind and consciousness.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Temperature Guide

180 °C OR LOWER = Light mental medication, best flavor
180°C TO 200°C = Moderate body effects, good flavor
200°C AND UP = Heavy body effects, less flavor

The beauty about vaping weed is that while it will contain all of the active ingredients of cannabis, you won’t have to breathe in many of the toxins that would traditionally be associated with smoking weed. Vaping cannabis is perceived to be a cleaner, safer and less harmful option compared to smoking.

If you are looking for a safe and efficient option to consume your legal cannabis in Canada, here are the top four reasons why you should consider vaping weed vs smoking weed.

Top 4 Reasons Why Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed is Healthier & Smarter

Vaping-Weed-Vs-Smoking-Weed-top-4-reasons-healthier1. Healthier Lungs

Recommended by many doctors as one of the safest methods for consuming cannabis, vaporizers produce a pure, clean vapor offering a more pleasant experience compared to smoking. Health-conscious consumers choose Vaping weed vs smoking weed because they can use a vaporizer to consume dried cannabis and/or oils without worrying about the toxins, carcinogens, and respiratory irritants that arise from smoking.

2. Quicker Effects

Vapor inhalation is ideal for those looking to experience immediate relief or effects from cannabis as it provides a quicker delivery method and onset of effects. Vaporizing is rapid, immediate and lasts for hours making it a more convenient and controlled method of consumption. Since there is no burning involved, many patients and enthusiasts prefer the taste of vapor to that of smoke.

3. Cost-effective

Vaporizing offers a more efficient experience than smoking, it is known to convert 46% of available THC to vapor, whereas smoking converts less than 25%. Although quality vaporizers tend to cost more, the improved conversion rate of THC to vapor means less cannabis is required to achieve the desired experience. As a result, vaporizing offers a more cost-effective experience when consuming your cannabis.

4. Discreet and Convenient

Vaping weed vs smoking weed offers a level of discreteness that consumers seek out. The vapor produced by vaporizers is practically odorless and dissipates almost immediately, eliminating any odor-related concerns. Additionally, vaporizers are a great option for when you’re on-the-go. Portable dry herb vaporizers are designed to fit in the palm of your hand making it pocket-friendly and easy to use.

Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed – Conclusion


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Vaping weed is my preferred method over smoking weed. In addition to the vaping benefits I already outlined, vaping weed is a cool and modern method to get high and you know what you are vaping because you load your favorite strains into it. Moreover, vaping weed provides a much more flavorful and personalized experience when compared to smoking joints. I do strain reviews and to best describe the strain’s flavor profile, I use my Davinci Dry Herb Vaporizers at the lowest setting to get maximum flavor, the flavor difference with smoking weed is incomparable.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Recommendations

I have used and own many dry herb vaporizers (portable and desktop vapes), vape pens, and refillable concentrate vapes. They all have their own set of pros & cons, but the most reliable and easiest to use vapes are dry herb vaporizers. When using dry herb vaporizers, you can clean them easier, they are generally a better quality build and with larger rechargeable batteries that are interchangeable in many cases. You will also get a much longer life span with dry herb vapes that provides better value in the long run.

My Recommendations

DaVinci Vaporizers Canada is the best brand and my top choice when I want to hit a portable dry herb vape. Take a look at my reviews to learn more:

> Davinci IQ Review – For the ultimate flavor experience with huge clouds.

> Davinci Miqro Review – For the ultimate in stealth portability.


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Try a dry herb vape vs smoking weed to taste the difference for yourself, and while you’re at it, share your vaping experiences below in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you.