Winnipeg Dispensaries & New Cannabis StoresWinnipeg wall of groovy art in a winter setting.


Winnipeg Dispensaries & New Cannabis Stores

Get updated information on Winnipeg dispensaries with all the new cannabis stores near me (provided by Budhub Canada).

Are you looking to find brick & mortar Winnipeg dispensaries, or a Winnipeg downtown dispensary? The Chronic Beaver and Budhub Canada can help you find all the new dispensaries open for business with the latest dispensary information.

First let’s clear up a few things about dispensaries and cannabis stores.

Does Winnipeg have dispensaries?

Yes Winnipeg does, but they are more commonly referred to as Cannabis Stores, or Legal Cannabis Stores, or Retail Cannabis stores, and even Recreational Cannabis Stores.  The grey market dispensaries in Winnipeg have more or less closed their doors since cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018.

Legal Winnipeg Dispensary Information

There are about 14 legal dispensaries in Winnipeg and downtown Winnipeg that are mostly made up of large cannabis store corporations such as, Tokyo Smoke, Tweed, Delta 9 Cannabis, Meta Cannabis Supply Co, and Garden Variety. These dispensaries can also offer online delivery that is restricted to the province of Manitoba, meaning, if you want to get legal weed delivered in Manitoba, you can only order from the mentioned dispensaries located in Manitoba. Check with Manitoba cannabis stores for availability and more details.

The Province of Manitoba has prioritized economic opportunities within the cannabis industry for First Nations. Currently, four of Manitoba’s legal dispensaries are owned by First Nations.

All the new Dispensaries & Cannabis Stores in Winnipeg

Budhub Canada has all the new dispensaries & Cannabis Stores in Winnipeg with maps, reviews, contact information and with fantastic filter options to find a dispensary near me across Canada. We are relentless at keeping dispensary listings updated and current so you get the best experience possible to help find a dispensary when in need.

Some of the Best Dispensaries in Winnipeg

Here are some on the best and most popular winnipeg downtown dispensaries. As new recreational dispensaries open, they will get listed on Budhub Canada so we can offer you the most updated recreational dispensary and cannabis store listings.

Tokyo Smoke Downtown Winnipeg

Address: 264 McDermot Ave #101, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S8
Telephone: 431-803-5897
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Inside Tokyo Smoke dispensary, downtown Winnipeg.

Meta Cannabis Supply Co – Close to Downtown Winnipeg

Address: 584 Pembina Hwy Unit 23, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M5
Telephone: 204-560-2262
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Inside Meta Cannabis Supply Co, located close to downtown winnipeg.

Tweed Recreational Cannabis Store – Osborne Village Winnipeg

Address: 120 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y5
Telephone: 204-515-7723
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Outside Tweed recreational cannabis store in Osborne Village.

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