Blueberry Hash Canada: Review and Ratings


Blueberry Hash Canada: Review and Ratings

Blueberry Hash Review – Unboxing Photo Gallery

I ordered two grams of BC Blueberry Hash from Budlyft online dispensary for this review. It was on sale for $20 for two grams.

The photo gallery below shows the Blueberry Hash as I received it from Budlyft. Each shot shows the hash in closer detail, right up to its uniquely compressed resinous trichomes.

Welcome to another detailed hash review where I explore the ins and outs of popular types of hash. Today, I’m focusing on a constant star in the Vancouver hashish scene – Blueberry Hash, made from the classic BC Blueberry Kush strain. This potent and over-the-top aromatic hash variant is quickly gaining a foothold among cannabis enthusiasts Canada-wide, and I’m here to tell you why. Let’s dive in!

In this Blueberry hash review  I’ll provide insights covering:

  • Unboxing photo gallery
  • What is Blueberry Hash?
  • The smoking experience and effects
  • Flavour, aroma, texture
  • Where I bought it online from a Vancouver Online Dispensary
  • Final thoughts and my 5-point star ratings

What is BC Blueberry Hash?

Get ready for a bursting blueberry surprise when you break open this Blueberry Hash. You might just want to review it yourself! It genuinely has that summertime blueberry scent! This unique hash is a proud domestic product of British Columbia, the heartland of the best Canadian cannabis.

What sets Blueberry Hash apart is its roots, quite literally. It’s crafted using authentic Blueberry Kush, a top-tier and famous BC strain renowned for its fruity terpene profile.

Making Blueberry Hash in Canada is just as meticulous and refined as the end product. The trichomes from the Blueberry Kush plant are carefully sieved ensuring zero unwanted plant matter makes it into the final mix. This attention to detail results in a pure, unadulterated hash experience.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. The resinous trichomes then undergo a flash-freezing process before pressing. This crucial step helps preserve the delicate, natural terpenes inherent to Blueberry Kush, locking in that fresh blueberry aroma and flavour.

The result? A hash that’s not only gooey and flavourful but also represents the best of what BC has to offer. This Blueberry Hash is a shining example of the craft and quality that hails from British Columbia, a must-try for any hash enthusiast.

Is Blueberry Hash Indica or Sativa?

Blueberry Hash is made from the Blueberry Kush strain, making it an Indica type of hash.

My Experience Smoking Blueberry Hash

Blueberry Hash provides a smoking experience that is enjoyable and full of energy. The hash burns smoothly and evenly producing a thick, aromatic smoke that fills the room quickly. It was gentle on the throat when I smoked it in a joint and in my bong. After I finished my hash joint I wondered what if I mixed it with Blueberry Kush flower instead of the Platinum Huckleberry strain I used (strain review coming soon). Wow, that would be a killer blueberry-on-blueberry combo and serious tasty treat. Yup, I got ripped off that joint, but not how I expected…

Blueberry Hash Review -The Unexpected Effects

The high from Blueberry Hash is equally impressive as its aroma. I typically expect a heavy body stone, you know, a relaxing Indica type of experience. But an unexpected cerebral buzz flooded my senses and inspired me to write this blueberry hash review. The effects are potent yet balanced, offering a peaceful creative high that won’t leave you couch-locked, making it ideal for those looking to boost their mood, or get something done.

Aroma, Texture, Flavour

The sensory journey with Blueberry Hash started the moment I opened the pouch. A wave of sweet ripe blueberry aromas greets you, entwined with earthy undertones that hint at the complexity of the hash. It’s a refreshing and mouthwatering scent that sets the tone for what was sure to follow.

The texture of the hash was soft and easy to work with. When I went to heat it to fluff it up for a joint, it let out the richest hearth baked smell of homemade blueberry pie. Unreal, I was stoked to light it up! The hash fluffed excellent and mixed well into the flower.

Upon lighting up, the full flavour profile of Blueberry hash unfolds. The hash tasted different from its blueberry pie aroma, with flavours of unripe blueberries and slight spicy, earthy accents. I was expecting more punch in the flavour department and was a little disappointed in that regard.

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Final Ratings and Final Thoughts

Please note: the effects of cannabis can vary greatly between individuals. The information provided in this blog post is based on personal experiences and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

The Chronic Beaver

Appearance & Texture
Fluffing & Crumbling Quality
Final Thoughts - Writing this Blueberry hash review gave me the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about this BC born concentrate. The Blueberry strain has always been a classic favorite of mine for flavour and aroma, its hash variant doubles down on the aroma part, and delivers an intense high that makes you get up and go.