Budlyft Coupon Code Canada

Here are exclusive Budlyft coupon codes and promotions for shatter, hash, BC bud, and Shrooms, with cash discounts and more.

Budlyft Coupon

Many of the online dispensary Canada coupons and promotions for Budlyft are exclusive and can only be found at the Chronic Beaver.

  • Main coupon code for 20% off storewide: CBBL20 (excludes items on sale).
  • 420 Sales – With great pricing on mix & match ounces, half ounces, concentrates, edibles and much more.
  • $99 AAA Ounces at Budlyft are hard to beat when it comes to quality of these trips, and you definitely can’t beat the prices. Take a look at their menu
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99.

The Budlyft free $200 mega gift pack.

I did an unboxing review for Budlyft and they sent me 5 exclusive coupons in the form of postcards that I can use for future orders. They told me that I am free to share them with friends, so here they are for you in photo form:

5 Exclusive Verified Budlyft Coupons and Promotions 2023

1) 15% off Hash (one coupon per order):

Go to their Hash menu

Budlyft coupon code for 15% off hash

Use coupon code: HASH15

2) Budlyft 10% off Magic Mushrooms Coupon Code (one coupon per order):

Go to their Shroom menu

Budlyft Magic Mushrooms coupon code

Use code: SHROOMS10

3) Budlyft Free Shatter Coupon Code (one coupon per order):

Go to their Shatter menu

Budlyft Free Shatter Coupon Code

Use code: SHATTER1G for 1gram of free shatter with your next order.

4) Budlyft 20% off Cannabis Flower Code (one coupon per order):

Go to their Flower menu

Budlyft 20% off Cannabis Flower Coupon Code

Use code: FLOWERS20

5) Budlyft Bonus Free AAAA+ Craft Cannabis Gift Code (one coupon per order):

Go to their Craft Flower menu

Budlyft Bonus Free AAAA+ Cannabis Gift Code


About BudLyft Online Dispensary

BudLyft is one of Canada’s best online dispensaries. Their mission is to provide you with the highest quality cannabis products at the most affordable prices. At BudLyft, every product is carefully curated with you in mind. Whether you are looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes, or premium quality products for recreational use, they have what you need! They carry a wide array of cannabis flower strains (including top quality indicas, sativas, and hybrids), THC and CBD edibles, concentrates. hash, tinctures, CBD products, vape pens, and more.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to them. Which is why there focus remains on providing the cannabis community with superior product quality, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices.