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Online Dispensary Canada Coupon Codes & Weed Deals

Featuring a large list of Online dispensary Canada coupon codes with the best weed deals.


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Updated October 16, 2021 – Looking to buy some weed online and save some money at the same time? Find online dispensary Canada coupon codes and the best weed deals all in one place. If you are looking for coupons for cannabis edibles, flowers, concentrates, magic mushrooms, CBD oil and more, we got you covered! Whether it’s AA to AAAA weed, craft cannabis, mix & match variety packs, bulk orders, you can add a dispensary coupon code to save more money.

All the online dispensaries mentioned below are vetted and trusted operators who in many cases provide The Chronic Beaver custom coupon codes so you can take advantage of unique weed deals just for you.

You will see that many of the weed deals I have listed below use a mix of the imperial system and metric system when it comes to weed measurements. If you need help understanding what it all means, you’re in luck, I have a weed measurements info-graphic just for this purpose.

Featured Online Dispensary Canada Coupon Codes and Best Weed Deals

The featured dispensary coupons are from the most popular online dispensaries in Canada who are verified and established in the Canadian marketplace. Rest assured that you will get the best quality BC bud with the best weed deals at the best prices. Also, if you are looking for weed deals by the ounce, take a look at my Cheap Ounces Canada Page.

All mail-order marijuana (MOM) coupon codes are available for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age.

Coupons and Weed Deals at The Grow House

FEATURED WEEKLY WEED DEALS – The Grow House Online Dispensary have some killer strains on sale every week with pricing that you can’t ignore. Pay anywhere from $1.99 to $5.75 per gram, while supplies last. You will find their strain of the week on sale and featured on their homepage.

Coupon Codes and More Weed Deals

  • 20% off exclusive coupon code: Chronic20
  • Get a free gram of flower with your first purchase
  • See all their AAA-AAAA flower sales with deep discounts showcased on their homepage
  • Get free Express shipping on all orders over $150
  • Get Grow Bucks with every purchase that can be redeemed on your next order


$2 GRAMS, $3 GRAMS, UP TO $9 GRAMS – $15 Shatter & $20 Shatter

Their flower menu is categorized by the gram value with $3 grams, $4 grams, $5 grams, $6 grams, $7 grams, $8 grams, and $9 grams (quads). Allowing you to get exciting weed deals online right up AAAA flowers at compassionate prices, also with $15 & $20 shatter options.

Cheap Ounce Example: In their $3 gram section, you can buy Pandora’s Box, Rockstar, and Shipwreck strains for $77.28 per ounce, that’s just over $300 for a QP. Same goes for their $4 per gram offering, they are just over $100 an ounce.

NEW! Smoking Weed Deals @ Haute Health

Check out their new smoking deals page, it has crazy stupid 420 sales with $1.50 grams, 50 to 70% off higher quality flowers,  half price edibles, and ridiculously cheap discounted concentrates, like $45 top-shelf shatter at $18. I don’t understand how Haute Health makes any money with these offers. The deals are updated daily and sell out fast.

Haute Health Coupon Code and Rewards:

  • The Chronic Beaver’s Haute Health 50off coupon code: TCB50 (unlimited uses, excludes $2-$5 grams, $15 shatter & smoking daily deals). 
  • Get 20 points ($20 store credit) just for signing up.

See my review of Haute Health for more details and flower and shatter reviews.


5% off coupon code: Beaver5

West Coast Cannabis Coupon Codes

With cheap ounces and endless mix & match variety packs.

West Coast Cannabis online dispensary Canada has a great lineup of mix & match variety packs, with mix & match quarters, half ounces, ounces, quarter pounds, full pounds and much more. Plus you will find some great deals on cheap ounces for A to AAAA BC bud.

West Coast Cannabis Coupon Code & Weed Deals

  • Get 5% off, use my coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only).
  • Receive 20% off cannabis on your first order. Use coupon: WCCWELCOME (excludes items on sale).
  • Get 3.5 grams free with your first order (min $50 order to qualify).
  • 10% off West Coast Cannabis Edibles. Use coupon code: WCEDIBLES (excluding sale items, min order $80).

BudLyft Weed Deals & Dispensary Coupon Code

Featured Weed Deals

BudLyft has a dedicated page for all their featured weed deals on BC bud and concentrates with lots of mix and match packs to pick from. Here is a good example of one of their top shelf strain weed deals. Death Bubba (AAAAA) ounce flash sale $300 $245, add on a coupon code and you have yourself some of the best AAAAA BC bud for under $200 an ounce.

BudLyft Coupon Code and Promos

  • Get 20% off, use coupon code: CBBL20
  • Free shipping on all Orders over $75 (lowest in Canada)
  • Free gifts with purchases – Over $100 Free Joint / Over $150 Free Edible / Over $299 Free 3.5 AAA Grams

See my Budlyft unboxing review for more details.

The High Club Coupon Code & Wholesale Weed Deals

See my review of The High Club for more details with flower reviews.

Coupon Code & Bulk Weed Promos:

  • 15% off coupon code: WELCOME15 (Applies to your first order). 
  • Current promotions are featured on their dedicated page
  • Receive 10% off on 1 to 2 ounces
  • Receive 15% off on 2 to 4 ounces
  • Receive 20% off on 4 to 8 ounces
  • Receive 10% off on 1 to 2 quarter pounds
  • Receive 20% off on 2 to 4 quarter pounds

Verified Online Dispensary Canada Coupon Codes List

Dispensary (MOM)

Coupon Codes

Promos / Weed Deals

Speed Greens Coupon Code

20% off code: BHC20 - $25 off code: BEAVER25

Comes with free weed & gifts, see my review for all coupons

Get Kush Coupon Code

5% off code: beaver5 (with free gifts)

Up to 40% off mix & match ounces

20% off coupon: New20 (with free weed)

Spend over $300 and get 3.5 grams of weed free

10% off coupon code: ​TCB10 

Free express shipping on orders over $99

CBD2Heal Coupon Code

20% off code: BUDHUB (unliited uses)

Free express shipping on all orders

CBD Magic Coupon Code

20% off code: ChronicCBD (unlimited uses)

Free express shipping (no min order)

10% off code: Beaver10

2nd code for 15% off: FIRST15

BMWO Coupon Code

10% off code: budhub10 (2 uses)

3.5g of free weed on first order

10% off code: OFFER10

Clearnace shop for deep discounts

Weedsmart Coupon Code

3.5g of free weed

Free express shipping on orders ov $99

$25 discount on first order

See their weekly flash sales

15% off code: Chronic15

Great mix & match packs

MMJ Express Coupon Code

20% off code: CANADA20 - 3.5g of weed code: FreeFlower

Free pre-roll with every order

20% off code: new20

2nd $30 off discount code: backfor30. $100 cheap ounces

Xpress Grass Coupon Code

10% off code: XPG2020

Surprise gifts with orders

Online Dispensary Canada Coupon - Website

15% off code: FIRST15

Huge CBD and edibles menu

10% off code: VAPELIFE

Up to 30% off clearnace items

Lit Vape Pens Coupon Code

10% off code: Budhub10

Join VIP club for 20% off deals

Dr. Baked Coupon Code

20% off code: Budhub20

Free gifts and giveaways

Best Weed Deals Online Canada

The Canna Society have a nice curated collection of strains that offers something for everyone with some of the lowest prices in Canada. This mail order marijuana shop has great prices for those who order regular quantities of 420 happiness in bulk, or by the ounce.

Weed Deals by the Ounce & Bulk Discounts

  • $79 – $99 ounces (AA to AA+) View menu
  • $110 – $120 ounces (AAA to AAA+) View menu
  • $130 – $140 ounces (AAA+ to AAAA) View menu
  • $150 to $160 ounces (AAAA) View menu
  • Bulk flowers (great deals on QPs, half and full pounds) View menu

The Canna Society Coupon Code: All new customers get $20 off, use coupon code: WELCOME20.

$99 AAA OUNCES @ BUDLYFT – Also with AAAA popcorn buds, and mix & match ounces – Go there now

$75 to $169 CHEAP OUNCES @ CANNAWHOLESALERS – Budget ounces at their best – Go there now

$100 OUNCES OR LOWER @ CRYSTAL CLOUD 9 – AA to AAA ounces of BC bud – Go there now

NEW @ HAUTE HEALTH – Smoking Daily Weed Deals – 40 to 70% off – Go there now

DAILY WEED DEALS @ HERB APPROACH – 50% OFF Each Day! – Go there now
Every day discover a new promotion that is only valid for one day only. Each item is limited to stock quantity so better make sure to get it fast because this sale wont last!

FEATURED STRAIN DEAL OF THE WEEK  @ The Grow House – Go there now
$3.50 to $5.75 per gram While supplies last. You will find their strain of the week on sale and featured on their homepage. 10% off Coupon Code: Chronic10 (one-time use).

WEED DEALS BY THE OZ WITH BULK PRICING @ West Coast Cannabis – Go There now
$100 Ounces (28g) / $375 QPs (4oz) /  $700 Half Pounds (8oz) / $1300 Pounds (16oz)
Most of it is AA-AAA quality weed, with plenty of mix & match options. Some higher grades that are on special are also mixed in. See the Menu (make sure to check their homepage for their latest coupons.

CHEAP WEED DEALS @ The Green Ace – Go There Now
$99 to $155 Ounce Specials The Green Ace online dispensary has some nice $99 cheap ounce weed deals , with $110, and $115 ounce specials as well, and its AAA to AAA+ quality with about 10 strains to choose from.

BUILD YOUR OWN OUNCE DEAL (Top Shelf) @ Herb Approach – Go there now
$220 Choose any 4 Strains to build your own ounce. Each strain comes with 7 grams of flower 

$120 OR UNDER OUNCE SALES @ Speed Greens – Go there now
Speed Greens have all sorts of 420 sales, mix & match variety packs, and weed deals coupons, discount codes, and upgrades. But, it’s too much to list here, you can find all the deals on my review of Speed Greens.

Mix & Match Pack Weed Deals

See my Mix & Match Weed Canada Guide for more details.

On Sale! 5% off code: Beaver5
5% off coupon: beaver5
5% off coupon: beaver5
See all our Mix & Match deals

Thank you for your support!

See my Wholesale Dispensaries guide for some great bulk weed deals, and my cheap ounces Canada page.

The Chronic Beaver


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Unlimited use 50% off coupon: TCB50