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Online Dispensary Canada (MOM) Coupon Codes & Weed Deals


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Updated May 28, 2024

The online dispensaries in Canada are like the many strains of cannabis – diverse and with their own unique blend of highs and lows. Some are the epitome of quality and affordability, while others, well, let’s just say they might leave your wallet feeling a tad too light. It’s a wild world out there, but with this coupon guide, you’ll be scoring the cream of the crop without burning a hole in your pocket.

In this article, I’ve rolled up a selection of online dispensaries that are not only reputable but are also generous when it comes to handing out coupon codes and deals. So, if you’re looking to elevate your cannabis experience without defying gravity on your finances, you’re in the right place. Dive into this reservoir of resources and let the green times roll!

So, light up your excitement, and let’s blaze a trail through the best online dispensary coupon codes and weed deals in Canada. Your adventure towards a garden of ganja garnished with great savings begins right here!

All of my Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) coupons below are vetted and are from trusted dispensaries who in many cases provide the Chronic Beaver custom codes so you can get even better weed deals. In some cases, you can even stack the deals, such as my Haute Health’s insane code for 5% off on top of their in-house 50% off coupon, I know crazy good deal eh!

Featured Online Dispensary MOM Coupon Codes

Haute Health Online Dispensary Canada Coupons

Go to my page for Haute Health coupons

NEW! Smoking Weed Deals

Check out their new smoking deals page, it has crazy stupid 420 sales with $1.50 grams, 50 to 80% off higher quality flowers,  half price edibles, and ridiculously cheap discounted concentrates, like $45 top-shelf shatter at $15 or less. I don’t understand how Haute Health makes any money with these offers. The deals are updated daily and sell out fast.

Go to the my page for the best coupons at Budlyft online dispensary.

You’re going to find so many offers and deals, including a free $200 mega bonus gift pack. You may just get overwhelmed about all the coupons ands weed deals that are available!


5% off coupon code: Beaver5

West Coast Cannabis coupon codes and promotions with monthly $5000 cash giveaways.

Go to my page for The Grow House coupons and weed deals.

Also check out my exclusive weed deals page with The Grow House. With daily deals and discounts up to 60% off flower, edibles, concentrates, shrooms, and vapes.

Speed Greens Online Dispensary Exclusive Coupons

Speed Greens online dispensary exclusive coupons.

  • First order 20% off coupon code: TCB20 (one-time use, excluding on-sale products)
  • Repeat order 10% off coupon code: BEAVERAGAIN10 (Intended for your second order, one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products)
  • NEW $25 off discount code: BEAVER25 This $25 cart discount code is ideal to use for your third order (one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products, min order $139)
  • Complimentary 3.5g AA cannabis sign up bonus upgrade to AAA coupon code: FREEBEAVER (one-time use, min order $149)

See my Speed Greens review for the full details.

Bulk Weed Inbox (BWIB) coupon code details

Go to my page for my Bulk Weed Inbox coupon code details.

Make sure to check out their hash menu if that’s your thing, they have lots of options and great pricing.

BC Weed Edible $99 Free Gift Pack, $20 off, and Discount Codes

Learn more about our joint promotion and get $99 worth of free stuff and a $20 off discount code on your next order. If the free gift pack isn’t your thing, then here are a few more codes.

BC Weed Edible Discount Codes:

  • See my unboxing review for details on the free gift pack offer and coupon codes.

Verified Online Dispensary Coupon Code List

Dispensary (MOM)

Coupon Codes

Discounts / Weed Deals

20% off sitewide

First orders come with 5 free pre-rolls, $10/g concentrates sale

5% off code: beaver5 (with free gifts)

Up to 40% off mix & match ounces

20% off coupon with discount codes

$10 concentrates, monthly cash giveaways, free weed

$20 off code: WELCOME20

Best value for cheap ounces 


20% off code: BUDHUB (unliited uses)

Free express shipping on all orders

20% off code: ChronicCBD (unlimited uses)

Free express shipping (no min order)

10% off code: budhub10 (2 uses)

3.5g of free weed on first order


3.5g of free weed

Free express shipping on orders ov $99

Herb Approach 

$25 discount on first order

See their weekly flash sales

The Green Ace

15% off code: Chronic15

Great mix & match packs

20% off code: CANADA20 - 3.5g of weed code: FreeFlower

Free pre-roll with every order

20% off code with free gifts

Free $85 welcome pack


$10 off code: Chronic10

Orders include free gifts 

20% off code: TCB20

Get up to 45% off on bulk orders with cheap AAA ounces

The Foggy Forest

10% off code: VAPELIFE

Up to 30% off clearnace items

Lit Vape Pens

10% off code: Budhub10

Join VIP club for 20% off deals

20% off code: FIRST20 
10% off code: FIRST10 (for 2nd order)

Huge slection of edibles and concentrates with great bulk pricing

Featuring the Canna Society for the Best Mail Order Marijuana Weed Deals

The Canna Society has a nice curated collection of strains that offers something for everyone with some of the lowest prices in Canada. This mail-order marijuana shop has great prices for those who order regular quantities of 420 happiness in bulk, or by the ounce.

Here are some of their Notable Weed Deals, Discounts, and Promos:

  • All new customers get $20 off, use coupon code: WELCOME20
  • $99 ounces or less (AAA to AAA+ quality
  • $100 – $130 ounces (AAAA to AAAA+ quality
  • Mix & match discounts, save 10% when you buy 4 ounces of weed and 15% with more than 8 ounces
  • Get $15 for every Reddit review


How to Apply Coupon Codes

It’s a simple process, all online dispensaries in Canada are the same when it comes to applying coupons in their shopping cart. Once you have chosen your MOM dispensary and selected your desired items and added them to your cart, proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout page, you will typically find a field labeled “Apply Coupon Code” or “Promo Code.”, or “Discount Code”. Simply enter the coupon code you have obtained in this field and click on the “Apply” or “Submit” button. The discount or special offer associated with the coupon code will then be applied to your order total.

Dealing With Expired Codes

It is important to note that coupon codes have expiration dates and may not be valid indefinitely. If you come across an expired coupon code, it will no longer work when applied to your order. Therefore, it is essential to check the validity of a coupon code before attempting to use it.

Other Online Resouces to Help Find Coupon Codes

For those savvy shoppers looking to trim the cost of their cannabis, here’s a concise guide to finding the best coupon code sites in Canada:

  • 420 Coupon Codes: This site is a jackpot for discounts, offering exclusive deals across a multitude of online stores, including dispensaries
  • Cannabis Vouchers: Your go-to for comprehensive listings of coupon codes tailored to online dispensaries. They’ve got a variety of offers on cannabis products, from flowers to concentrates.
  • Save On Cannabis: Consider this your comparison guide for cannabis shopping. It doesn’t sell directly but provides valuable insights on where to find the most wallet-friendly mail-order prices.

Happy savings!
The Chronic Beaver