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BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) Review & Unboxing

My BuyMyWeedOnline review includes a company profile, service & support, deals & coupons, and with cannabis and shatter reviews.

BuyMyWeedOnline Review & Unboxing

Welcome to my BuyMyWeedOnline review and unboxing. I ordered two strains (reviewed separately) and a gram of shatter from this online dispensary who happen to be pioneers in the mail order marijuana (MOM) business. I wanted to give them a full deep dive since I recommend them on my site. I dug in to see what they are all about as a business, and how their AAAAA cannabis products stand up. So, let’s break it all down.

The Chronic Beaver reviews online dispensaries in Canada, cannabis brands, vapes of all types, and CBD products. If you would like to have your business and products profiled and reviewed, please grab my attention and let’s talk.

BuyMyWeedOnline Review – Business Profile

buymyweedonline-dispensaryBuyMyWeedOnline is an established and one of the oldest mail order marijuana dispensary based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC.

They are committed to delivering their patients the very best medical marijuana that Canada has to offer.

Buy My Weed Online is not just your regular online cannabis dispensary, but rather, an institution. Founded on the belief that every Canadian should have access to medical and recreational marijuana, we provide only the best, most premium marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles as well as the highest quality accessories. For us, marijuana is more than a business, it represents every principle we hold dear. The founders of BMWO and their friends have been at the very forefront of the legalization movement, and this is why we strive hard to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best.

Is BuyMyWeedOnline Legit?

Buy My Weed Online dispensary hold a high level of integrity when it comes to their customers and service commitment. Their website is secure, professionally designed, and quick. They have a privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of service pages published that supports their commitment to privacy and transparency.

Yes, BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) is Legit

They are a trustworthy mail order marijuana dispensary. My experiences with BuyMyWeedOnline have been all positive, and their products measure up. They have a strong brand and earned a spot on my top 6 online dispensaries in Canada.

WEBSITE SECURITY - SSL certificate, 256-bit encryption 100%
CUSTOMER CARE - Responsive with real-time chat 100%
PRODUCT QUALITY - BC sourced, with AAAAA cannabis 100%

BMWO Service & Support Review

BuyMyWeedOnline is all about providing top tier service levels to their customers. They want everyone to have the BMWO Advantage. Here is a quote from their About Us page:

When you order marijuana from Buy My Weed Online, you’re not just receiving your weed in the mail. What you get is a promise of the utmost commitment to product quality and customer service. This is the BMWO advantage.

BuyMyweedonline-BMWO-Service-Support-ReviewI read their About Us page when I vetted them to see what kind of online dispensary they are. BMWO does a goo job explaining all their goals and commitments, more so than other online shops. That was good to see, but do they back it up?

My experience with BMWO from a customer service perspective was good. There was no problems with correspondence, their support was responsive on the live chat, and their virtual budtender seemed knowledgeable when I asked about their Purple Space Cookies strain vs the Space Cookies strain.

So BMWO gets a big green check in the customer service department. Continue reading to see more about the unboxing experience.

BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon Codes, Promos, Weed Deals

BMWO 10% off coupon code: FRESH10

What would my Dispensary review be without highlighting their weed deals and promotions, and they have a lot.

BMWO has a dedicated page for all their promotions, that include:

  • A BMWO first order coupon code
  • Free gifts (the more you buy online, the more free gifts you get).
  • Mix & match weed deals by the ounce.
  • Monthly giveaways.
  • Weekend flash sales.
  • Limited time $99 ounce specials
  • Loyalty rewards and more.

See it all on one page.

Mix & Match weed deals and then some.

How it works. Browse all of their cannabis products and add your favorites to the cart. Once your order reaches 2 ounces, your discount will automatically be applied. From that point forward, the more you add to your cart, the less it’ll cost at checkout. Here’s how much you can save on orders of 2 ounces and larger:

  • Buy 2 ounces and get 15% Off
  • Buy 3 ounces and get 20% Off + Gifts*
  • Buy 4 ounces or more and get 25% Off + Gifts
  • *3oz orders qualify for free gifts only if the cart total is $345 or more.

And that’s not everything. 

Only looking for a weed deal on 1 ounce of Cannabis? Or do you want to Mix & Match other products, like concentrates, and vape carts? BMWO offer nice discounts on 1 ounce mix & match packs for cannabis along with a lot of other options. Take a look

BuyMyWeedOnline Unboxing Review and Photo Gallery

When my little brown box of 420 goodies arrived by Cannabis Post (Canada rocks!), I was excited to get to the unboxing.

I ordered 3 items for this review:

  • 3.5 grams of the Gelato Strain (link takes you to my separate review).
  • 3.5 grams of the Purple Space Cookies Strain (link takes you to my separate review).
  • 1 gram of God’s Green Crack shatter (review can be found below)


The box full of BC’s finest arrived in 2 business days (BC to BC). It was professionally presented and sealed, the box contained a sealed bag (as seen in the photo gallery) concealing the contents inside. Inside the bag contained another clear vacuum-sealed food-safe type bag with all the individually packaged products inside. Each product was labelled appropriately and had nice containers for each.

I was happy with the overall presentation, it was discreet, and it didn’t smell like weed. I liked the product packaging the most, the weed containers are nice and easier to handle, same as the glass container for the shatter. Shatter is hard to work with sometimes, and when you get it wrapped in parchment paper, it tends to pop out like Pop Rocks.

Unboxing Photo Gallery

Please excuse the quality of my photos, I’m an amateur photographer with an iPhone, lightbox and Macro lens, fun, fun, fun!

BuyMyWeedOnline Review – God’s Green Crack Shatter



One gram packaged in a glass container.

God’s Green Crack Shatter Review

God’s Green Crack Shatter from BMWO is a house product and rated as top-shelf, grade AAAAA. The God’s Green Crack strain is a super rare slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain (55% Indica/45% Sativa) created through crossing the infamous God’s Gift X Green Crack strains.

This powerhouse shatter packs a heavy high that’s suitable for days where you want a little energy to get up and moving but still want to kick back and relax. God’s Green Crack is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, ADD or ADHD, migraines, and nausea or  loss of appetite.

Texture, Taste, Performance

The shatter has a nice amber golden translucence, it’s hard to the touch at room temperature and snaps like top shelf shatter should. When vaped and dabbed, the shatter tasted clean with natural terpene flavors present, and with no harsh butane or chemical back flavor. It had berry like tropical flavors on the exhales, with spicier almost pine tasting flavors on the inhales.

I vaped the shatter mostly on my own, and found that God’s Green Crack Shatter is definitely the powerhouse it’s said to be. It performed like a Yoyo if you will. At first the high is in your head, and gives you happy energy with get up and go inspiration. Then the Yoyo comes back full circle with relaxing thoughts of peace that soon become physical and I succumbed.

God’s Green Crack Shatter is defiantly AAAAA quality, and I highly recommended it for those who want a premium clean experience for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Final Ratings & Final Thoughts

I hope my BuyMyWeedOnline review was helpful and informative. If you have any questions about BMWO online dispensary, please post them in the comments section below, and I will help the best I can.

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaThe Chronic Beaver


Overall Service Quality: 9
Overall Value for Money: 8
Coupons & Promotions Quality: 10
Overall Product Quality: 9
FINAL THOUGHTS - BMWO is one of the pioneers in the mail order marijuana business, and their experience shines in both customer service and product quality.