Purple Space Cookies Strain Review & Ratings

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Purple Space Cookies Strain Review & Ratings

Purple Space Cookies Strain Review

My Purple Space Cookies strain review was made possible with thanks to BuyMyWeedOnline (link takes you to their review). I ordered two strains and a gram of shatter from them, and man, it was a memorable experience.

My review covers the following topics:

  • Purple Space Cookies Photo Gallery
  • Effects and Medicinal Benefits
  • Purple Space Cookies Strain Review, Info & Profile
  • Where to buy Purple Space Cookies Online
  • Purple Space Cookies Final Ratings & Thoughts

Join in on the review.

Do you have first-hand knowledge of Purple Space Cookies? How did you like it? Let Canada know and leave your own review in the comments section at the end of this review.

Purple Space Cookies Photo Gallery

Here are some home pics of Purple Space Cookies, talk about some serious trichome action!  

Purple Space Cookies Strain Effects & Medicinal Benefits

Relaxed 100%
Happy 85%
Euphoric 65%
Hungry 45%
Sleepy 35%
Dry Mouth 95%
Dry Eyes 55%
Paranoid 20%
Anxious 20%
Helps with Stress 95%
Helps with Pain 85%
As a Sleep Aid 75%
Helps with Depression 65%

Purple Space Cookies Strain Review, Information & Profile

  • THC: 24-28%
  • CBD: >1%
  • ORIGIN: Unknown, this version of the strain is from BC Canada
  • GENETICS:  A cross between GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Durban Poison

This version of Purple Space Cookies is a potent sativa-dominant (60% Sativa/40% Indica) balanced hybrid (more or less) strain out of western Canada, in BC specifically. The strain inherently has, and is most notable for its presence of dense and visually pleasing trichomes (crystals) that are caked all over the buds. The pics above speak a 1000 words don’t they.

My experience.

Purple Space Cookies can be described as being very joyful, thought provoking, easy going, and chill. I smoked 3.5 grams of PSC with a few friends one evening, mostly in joints, but some vaping was thrown in. The session turned into a talkative brainstorm about any random topic that popped into our heads, I love it when that happensSo yeah, a boost of energy was defiantly part of the high, that was very social. It felt like I was part of an engaged focus group making progress with unimportant things.

Purple Space Cookies would be a perfect strain for mid-day activities and errands as well, and better yet, for sex. It would put you right in the mood to get creative in bed, and a boost of energy can never hurt. I’ll have to add it to my list of The Best Strains for Sex.

This potent strain is also used by many to treat chronic pain, as well as stress, and to help as a sleep aid.


The aroma of Purple Space Cookies is earthy with scents of pine, and with a slight sense of sweet and almost grape-like undertones. The PSC buds were large, packed with thrichomes (lots of THC), and medium dense. The trim job on the batch I had could have been better, thus taking away from its bag appeal.

The flavor and taste of Purple Space Cookies was a real canna treat. It’s strong while sweet, it was spicy in the vape, and it left an earthy after taste that leads to some serious dry mouth.

Where to Buy Purple Space Cookies Online

buymyweedonline-dispensaryPSC from BuyMyweedOnline.ca is what I based this review on, check it out. If they are sold out, you can get it at:
> Weedsmart, check it out

Purple Space Cookies Final Ratings & Thoughts

Get in on the this Purple Space Cookies review, and leave your comments below. My final ratings and thoughts are detailed below as well.

The Chronic Beaver

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaHey, have you heard the one about my Illegal Grow-op?

Bag Appeal : 6
Bud Size: 8
Cure & Humidity: 7
Aroma: 8
Flavor: 9
Buzz Quality: 9
FINAL THOUGHTS - Purple Space Cookies is a very joyful, and thought provoking social strain, that's high in THC. Medical marijuana users will like it as well for its powerful medicinal benefits.
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  • comment-avatar

    just smoked this for the first time tonight. definitely smooth from a joint, and then smoked 2 tokes afterward and i am pooched. i can say that i dont have dry mouth, but i am insanely THIRSTY. i havent been this excited about water in years.

  • comment-avatar
    Ingrid Prince 3 years ago

    How do I buy this weed, I am looking for a bulk dispensary with quads for a good price

  • comment-avatar
    Nicole Morris 3 years ago

    Its what the world is looking for and cant find in Canada

  • comment-avatar
    Nicole Morris 3 years ago

    Purple Panty Dropper is A three-way cross of Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist, Humboldt Seed Company’s Purple Panty Dropper is named for its deep purple hues and supposed aphrodisiac effects. These beautiful indica-dominant flowers produce a rich, sweet aroma and an energizing, euphoric high.

  • comment-avatar
    michel carpentier 3 years ago

    Holy Matrimonial !!!!!!
    I am a huge weed smoker and let me tell you mama that this strain kicks in like no other and it is total violation ( lol ) as I remained stoned for hours.
    A huge physical feeling of not wanting to do much. It had me deeply connected to myself but I found the body buzz to be way too poignant. LOL
    I got it from BC ; if you are looking for quality and intensity, go for this weed . Remember, it will physically rob you of your body LOL