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Popcorn Buds Canada: From The Best Online Dispensaries

Alrighty then, I reckon it’s high time (no pun intended) to chat about something fun and a little bit crunchy – the adored Popcorn Buds from Canada. Now, you might be wondering, “What are these culinary shenanigans he’s rambling on about?” But hold onto your hors-d’oeuvres folks, because we aren’t spinning tales about some fancy movie theater snack. No siree, we are dancing around a topic far more… shall I say, herbal?

Carefully plucked from Canada’s best online dispensaries, these popcorn buds aren’t for tossing at your buddy’s head during a giggle fit in a cinema. These petite potent pieces are the result of master green thumbs and the mystery of Mother Nature. You’ll find yourself feeling snuggled by a warmth that registers somewhere between the coziness of a cashmere blanket and the exhilaration of seeing your ex run into a park bench. Simply put, you’ll be on cloud nine, grinning like a raccoon in a crème-filled doughnut shop.

Definition of Popcorn Buds

Check out my popcorn buds 101 guide to learn everything you need to know these tight nugs of joy. Some topics include:

  • Smell and taste factors
  • Assessing quality
  • Pros and cons
  • How to recognize popcorn buds

Table Showing the Prices of the Cheapest Popcorn Nugs: Popcorn Smalls, and AAAA Popcorn Buds in Canada

Cheapest Popcorn Buds Price Guide Canada

AA-AAA Popcorn Smalls

AAAA Popcorn Buds

AAA+ Meatbreath Smalls: $70 per ounce / $40 per half ounce - Source: The High Club Smalls Menu

Purple Tuna Strain: $90oz / QP (4oz) $300 / Half Pound (8oz) $500 / One Pound (16oz) $900 - Source: West Coast Cannabis

AAA+ White Tahoe Cookie Strain: $79oz / QP (4oz) $290 / Half Pound (8oz) $450 / One Pound (16oz) $790 - Source: BC Weed Edible

Miracle Alien Cookies Strain: $89oz / 4oz $300 / 8oz $560 / 16oz $850 - Source: Budylft $99 Menu

AA+ Rockstar Smalls: $1.99 per gram, or $55.72 per ounce - Source: The Grow House

El Jefe Smalls Strain: $69 ounces
Source: Canna Society $99 Menu

The Best Online Dispensaries for Popcorn Buds in Canada

The Best Online Dispensaries for Popcorn Buds in Canada

More of my UK Cheese popcorn buds.

1) The High Club (THC) Online Dispensary

Brief Overview of Popcorn Buds at The High Club: Every mail order marijuana dispensary in Canada brings something different to the table, variety keeps life spicy doesn’t it. THC has a dedicated Smalls & Popcorn Buds menu that consistently has over 5 strains of small buds including, Gas Leak, Purple Thunder, Purple Punch, Gas Truffle, and last but not least – Meatbreath.

I’ve been ordering from THC for many years, and published an unboxing review for them back in 2018. You will also find their coupons and offers in the review.

2) West Coast Cannabis (WCC) Online Dispensary

Brief Overview of Popcorn Buds at West Coast Cannabis: West Coast Cannabis is the #1 leading online dispensary that offers a wide variety of cannabis products, including Popcorn Buds and Budget Buds. ‘

WCC Smalls Menu

What makes Popcorn Buds particularly attractive is their affordability. Known for the cheapest prices on the market, West Coast Cannabis has become a go-to destination for budget-conscious consumers who want quality without the high price tag.

With excellent bulk pricing, you will never pay more than $900 a pound for your favorite AAAA popcorn bud strains. Or, if you prefer ounce bags of AAAA popcorn buds, you will pay $90 per ounce.

I’ve also been ordering from WCC for many years, and recently published an unboxing review for them. You will also find their coupons, offers, cash giveaways and more in the review.

3) Budlyft Online Dispensary

Brief Overview of Popcorn Buds at Budlyft: Budlyft like to call their Popcorn Nugs “Smalls” and they stock them in the $99 menu. When there, browse around and you will soon find 4 or 5 strains tagged with “Smalls” that are always on sale with discounts up to 68% off. All the flower I’ve tried from Budlyft has always been top-shelf, but I haven’t personally tried their AAA to AAAA popcorn smalls yet.

I’ve been ordering from Budlyft since the first week they opened back in the spring of 2021, and proceeded to publish an unboxing review for them because I love their hash and ultra friendly attitude. You will also find their coupons and offers in the review.

Purchase Options and Pricing for Popcorn Buds

And, of course, we can’t overlook the matter of the mighty dollar.

Bulk Purchasing Options

Got a party? Or just stocking up for the Winter (or the next week)? There are countless options for bulk purchasing of popcorn buds – just remember that word about greed though!

West Coast Cannabis and The High Club are the top 2 online dispensaries to buy bulk popcorn buds online. Both dispensaries have a dedicated Popcorn Buds/Smalls menu and offer the lowest prices on the Canadian market.

Price Range and Factors Affecting Costs

The price tags of your popcorn buds will not give you heart palpitations like your girlfriend’s ‘Surprise! I swiped your card’ shopping spree. Remember, several factors play into pricing like quality, strain, dispensary price model, and weed grade.

You shouldn’t pay more than $120 an ounce for AAAA Popcorn Buds, and for AA to AAA Popcorn Smalls, the prices should be between $50 to $90 per ounce.

Discounts or Deals Available

Ah, the sweet, sweet lure of a good bargain. Online dispensaries frequently run deals and discounts – you can thank your lucky stars. Make sure to check the homepage of each online dispensary for their latest deals and coupons so you get the best price possible on your next order.

Shipping and Delivery for Popcorn Buds in Canada

Typical Shipping Times

Typically faster than your pizza arriving on Superbowl weekend. But seriously, every online dispensary in Canada ships via Canada Post Xpresspost. Meaning that you will receive your popcorn buds via Cannabis Post between 1 and 5 days depending on where you live in Canada. Ninety percent of the online dispensaries in Canada are based out of the Vancouver and Okanagan areas, I live on Vancouver Island , so I get my delivery the next day most of the time, or in two days at most.

Packaging and Discretion Measures

Discretion is the name of the game. Your popcorn nugs will be more incognito than a movie star dodging paparazzi. There online weed operators are pros at discretion and double seal your cannabis products in air tight boxes or pouches.

Handling Shipping Issues

Should issues arise, rest assured they’ll be handled faster than a lovestruck teen texting their crush back. The recommended dispensaries are vetted for trust and will make good on your order should you have issues with shipping, quality, or missing items.

Appropriate Storage Methods

Keep your popcorn buds like your precious documents – in a dark, dry, and securely locked place, stashed in a sealed glass jar.

Rules on Online Purchasing and Shipping

You can purchase popcorn buds online just like buying those sneakers you promised to workout in. Fast free shipping, multiple quality options, boom, it’s at your door!

Another rule that might be important to you in that you must be a minimum of 19 years of age to order from an online medical marijuana dispensary in Canada.

That’s it! Your comprehensive, fun buyers guide to popcorn buds in Canada. Have fun, be responsible, enjoy the journey, and above all, save your money!

The Chronic Beaver
The Chronic Beaver