Pure CBD Tincture – CBD2Heal Review

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Pure CBD Tincture – CBD2Heal Review

CBD2Heal Review – Pure CBD Tincture

Let’s talk some CBD (aka Cannabidiol) tincture goodness today. This CBd2Heal review is part of my CBD Magic main review. I gave a bottle of CBD2Heal Pure CBD tincture (1000mg) to Amanda to review, she is my CBD connoisseur who has lots of experience in this arena, here are her thoughts on the product and brand.

This CBD2Heal review also includes:

  • CBD2Heal dispensary profile and brand
  • Pure CBD tincture photo gallery
  • Amanda’s Pure CBD tincture review
  • Coupons and promotions
  • Final rating, and final thoughts

CBD2Heal Canada Profile, the Brand

CBD2Heal is a CBD brand based out of Toronto Canada, they offer an extensive list of products, including Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Water-Soluble Tinctures, CBD Pain Topicals, Pure CBD Oil, Vape Cartridges, and more..

CBD2Heal are a vertically integrated manufacturer, processor and distributor of hemp derived extracts, focusing on high-tech CBD and vital cannabinoids for optimal health. They operate out of a fully equipped laboratory, that enables extraction, winterization, distillation, purification and crystallization of hemp and Cannabidiol. Thier facility also includes state-of-the-art wet labs with solvent-handling systems, inert atmosphere glove boxes and a full suite of analytical testing equipment.

CBD2Heal is Committed to Quality

They carry a wide selection of luxury CBD products (from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks). With a combined total of 40 years of experience in Business Operations, Medicine, Marketing & IT, their team of experts has streamlined the entire process to ensure they are in compliance with GMP Canada. They believe in producing high-quality, lab-tested, luxury CBD products while delivering exceptional customer service. They care care about you and want to show it through their products and unwavering support.

Is CBD2Heal Legit?

Yes, CBD2Heal is Legit. CBD2Heal is founded by former Apotex chemist and is run by a team of experts. Most notably their lead chemist, who used to work at Apotex Corp for over 10 years in engineering, producing and manufacturing all CBD oil products they make in Canada. All of their CBD products are third-party lab tested for consistency and accuracy.

WEBSITE SECURITY - SSL certificate, 256-bit encryption
CUSTOMER SUPPORT- With 40 years experience
PRODUCT QUALITY - 3rd party lab tested, top chemists

Pure CBD Tincture from CBD2Heal Photo Gallery

Amanda’s CBD2Heal pure CBD tincture review.

I was given some CBD Heal Pure CBD Tincture (link to product) with a healthy 1000mg CBD dosage to try out. I am a fan of CBD for pain relief personally and have also witnessed its power when incorporated into effective products. Because of this I was really excited and optimistic to review this tincture. I had a few plans for it and first up was to test the tincture sublingually when I felt a migraine heading my way.

CBD2Heal is checking off all the boxes I have for both quality and legitimacy.

I have to mention how much I appreciate the visuals of this company. The CBD2HEAL logo has a heart in the middle of the words CBD and HEAL. Which is comprised of a 2 reflected upon itself. This just adds more simple clean beauty in my mind to the visual appeal of the clear lines, colours, font choice and crisp white packaging of this product. I notice and appreciate when a company takes the time to match the aesthetic appeal with the purpose of the product.

Partnering this appreciation with a quick perusal of their website and I found my inner lab geek was drooling. They’ve got, by the sounds of it quite the processing and lab set-up. Impressive against any standard. With top chemists and third-party lab testing, this company is checking off all the boxes I have for both quality and legitimacy. I notice the difference when quality and knowledge are applied in production. I truly find that, as in all things it makes a world of difference in the end product.

A little about cannabidiols (aka CBD).

Let’s talk about why any of this even matters and to accomplish that we need to talk about cannabidiols (aka CBD) and how they are a component of the marijuana plant. One of the really interesting things about CBD is that, unlike its truly intoxicating sibling tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC), CBD has no intoxicating effects. Making its medicinal properties of keen interest to many who otherwise may remain on the fence regarding its usage. A fun fact I learned off their website was that there are over 113 different cannabinoids have been isolated from the cannabis plant but CBD has specific anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-oxidative properties.

CBD tinctures and my CBD2Heal experience.

Now onto what a tincture is and how to best use it. Then I’ll touch briefly on my experience in testing this high grade CBD oil out. Tinctures are varied in form but CBD tinctures usually are comprised of a light carrier oil blended with a concentrated CBD oil. This particular tincture was really nice and I found it to be tasteless and it also absorbed quickly when I placed it under my tongue. You can swallow tinctures as well. But I find they work faster and with a greater efficacy while using less product if placed under the tongue instead allowing it to enter the system faster.

Using CBD2Heal’s CBD tincture was a pleasant experience. I did notice that it carried none of the effects of THC, but I also did notice that it had a distinctly unique and positive effect upon my system. Specifically, I found that a migraine I had oncoming diminished in strength and intensity to the level that I forgot I had been wracked with nerves over potentially losing another day to pain. Which I would say with all confidence is a great win and a worthy accomplishment. The effects of this lasted for well over an hour, that I found to be decent based from my personal experiences with CBD in general. I have a relatively high tolerance to all medicines and process them quickly through my system. I find the CBD experience to be overall a really calming and warm fuzzy feeling type experience. The effects slowly roll out across you, but you’re not impacted with any mental fogginess.

My hyper positive experience with this CBD tincture has me super curious to explore some of the full spectrum versions of this tincture. As an adult I appreciate the combined effect (entourage effect as they say) of the full spectrum CBD albeit in specific amounts. As I find that my body reacts very differently to all components of the Cannabis plant.

CBD2Heal Review – Coupon Code and Promotions

CBD2Heal Pure CBD Tinctures are exclusively available via their parent company CBD Magic.

100% Pure CBD Oil for Pain Relief, Anxiety and Stress Relief, Sleep Apnea, Focus and more. Available in 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, and 4000mg bottles with lab test reports available on their website.

  • CBD2Heal 20% off coupon code: ChronicCBD
  • Free delivery promotion, all orders get free shipping Canada wide (no minimum order required)

Final Ratings & Final Thoughts

I hope my CBD2Heal review helped you decide if this is your brand to trust and if CBD might be right for you. Also take a look at the Best CBD Oil Canada Guide for more reviews and recommendations.

See my final ratings and thoughts below.

The Chronic Beaver
The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice.

Overall Brand Quality: 10
Overall Product Quality: 9
CBD Oil Taste: 9
CBD Oil Effectiveness : 8
FINAL THOUGHTS - CBD2Heal is a fantastic brand who represents their products very well with transparency. I trust CBD2Heal and their lab tested pure CBD tinctures just work as you hoped they would.