The Best Strains for Sex: The Ultimate Arousal Guide


The Best Strains for Sex: The Ultimate Arousal Guide

Get the low down on the best strains for female arousal, and the best strains for male arousal, with some pot for thought.

Updated April 11, 2024

It’s not uncommon to search for something to heat things up in the bedroom, and what we search for changes as time passes. Whether it was ducking into the adults-only section of your local DVD rental or popping into a local sex shop; when it comes to getting our rocks off, we’re pretty resourceful. However, with cannabis recently celebrating its’ first legal year in Canada, we’re beginning to wander into new realms of curiosity, what are the best strains for sex? How can we incorporate weed when we’re fooling around with our partner?

Does a bowl first thing in the morning get you in the mood? Is it possible that our green friend can help us attain even higher levels of pleasure between the sheets?

I’m here to present to you the best strains for sex, to open up that conversation and get this sexy show on the road! I’ll discuss what are the best strains for female arousal? And, what are the best strains for male arousal, with a pot for thought discussion as a conclusion.

Some people may argue that weed is better than sex, others vice-versa. I just think…why compare? Like fine wine and aged cheese, (or boxed wine and mac n cheese, no judgment) bumpin’ uglies and blowin’ clouds complement each other. We’re about to find out which strains of sticky icky stand out when it comes to getting us saying, “Oh…Canada!”

Best Strains for Female Arousal


Oh yeah!, here are some seductive, and delectable strains for the flirty ladies out there. I focused on the best strains for female arousal that taste good while providing intoxicating effects on the mind and body.

Best Indica Strains for Female Arousal

Bubba Kush

Notes of coffee and chocolate accompany this tantalizingly heavy Indica. This is the perfect strain for women who need to have their stress melt away before they’re ready to play. From head to toe, a dreamy euphoria envelopes the recently imbibed, and encourages a happy mindset. Part of enjoying sex is being able to relax and share a good time; not only does the flavor of this strain please, but the easygoing attitude it instills is sure to make for one hell of a stress release!

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Black Diamond

Meet the perfect mix of mood elevation and steadfast tranquility. Black Diamond is definitely more of a social strain, despite its Indica roots, and helps lure out the laughter. Giggles aside, this strain won’t render you incoherent; quite the opposite! It carries a natural musk but it’s not overpowering. If you’re planning on packing this strain into your pipe prior to a roll in the hay, do note: munchies are a bit of a notorious element to this one. All the more reason to finally use whipped cream and strawberries in the bedroom!

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The Best Sativa Strains for Female Arousal

Strawberry Cough

Don’t let the fresh strawberry scent fool you, it’s called Strawberry Cough for a reason. This strain can provide an uplifting, euphoric background to any Netflix and Chill session. At lower doses, Strawberry Cough provides a clear headed, energetic, and sociable experience. This bud can leave you feeling particularly adventurous, and willing to explore long-forgotten fantasies. Push further onwards to higher doses, and you’ll find a foggy, exhilarating high. Despite its Sativa genetics, don’t be surprised if a relaxing body high chaperones you into a whole new realm of pleasure.

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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze will put a smile on your face and might be a strain to reach for the next time you plan on getting friendly. An uplifting strain with an energetic high, this can inspire socialization and lead to some interesting developments when worked between the sheets. This is a good strain for those who prefer a clear, focused high rather than the foggier varieties. The subtly sweet flavor of this strain also draws no complaints.

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The Best Hybrid Strains for Female Arousal

Blue Dream

This is the cannabis flower you try when you’re not sure if cannabis is fun yet. Blue Dream never fails to please, and there’s a reason it’s a hit and has amassed a cult following. Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain and, as such, can help blend the best of both worlds. Although Blue Dream can be a higher THC strain, it manages to ease us into a gentle, invigorating cerebral high–quite dreamlike. This strain can leave you lost in a lusty fog, but it never sedates you into an early sleep; especially useful for those looking to avoid hitting the pillow before the fun even begins.

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Cherry Pie

Cute name aside, this strain packs a solid punch. Not only does this strain smell tempting, but it tastes exotic too! This hybrid resulted from crossing Durban Poison with Granddaddy Purple (another strain mentioned in this list). A well-balanced hybrid, Cherry Pie meshes the best of its sedating, mellow qualities inherited from GDP, and the edifying head high of Durban Poison. One of the best strains for female arousal. So sit back and enjoy your partner on the slow passionate roll, it is sure to put a grin on both your faces for a few hours.

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Best Strains for Male Arousal


When it comes to the best strains for sex, I have some energizing and euphoric strains for you passionate gents. I focused on energetic strains that can help boost deep and gratifying physical connections to your sexual experiences.

The Best Indica Strains for Male Arousal

Granddaddy Purple

This flower  is definitely one of the best strains for male arousal. This is a potent strain that is not to be taken lightly. Take a few too many tokes off this bud, and it will gladly send you off to Mr. Sandman. However, Granddaddy Purple delivers an unmistakable fusion of cerebral ecstasy alongside full-body, physical relaxation. If you’re able to ride that wave–and avoid the dreaded couch lock–you’ll be able to enjoy a dreamy state of absolute delectation. Tension dissolves from your muscles, and pleasure takes its place. Granddaddy Purple has also received some attention for banishing negative thoughts, so it can certainly get you in the right headspace to have some mind bending sex!

Blue Zkittlez

Blue Zkittlez is one such strain that could probably stand out by its scent alone; earthy, yet sweet, with an overtone of wildflowers. Definitely more of an evening strain as it can be sedating. Stress-relieving properties mean this bud is perfect to come home and share to unwind with your lover. This isn’t going to be a high energy experience, but more of a sensual, slow-moving affair. The perfect flower to roll a joint with and then go plant some kisses on whoever you fancy.

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The Best Sativa Strains for Male Arousal

Sour Diesel

Here’s that strain you keep hearing about but haven’t tried yet. What this strain lacks in flavor (can’t mistake that pungent, diesel-like taste), it makes up for with an uplifting, energizing high. Stress and tension seem to fall by the wayside, and you’re left feeling as though the world is your oyster. Sour Diesel works so well as an aphrodisiac because it doesn’t weigh you down. If you’ve ever strayed away from Indica, harboring fears of snoring when you should be shagging, this is the bud for you. This strain takes hold promptly and is sure to leave a smile on your face.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Judging by the name, you’re in for a good time here. Word on the street is that this rapturous strain can help get it up. It shouldn’t be hard to find this name kicking around either, it’s become a quick favorite amongst pot smokers. This strain is potently energetic and contributes towards a jubilant disposition, so it’s no wonder why it adds some much-needed playfulness to any romp. Alaskan Thunder Fuck has been called a “creeper” strain, however, which suggests treading carefully with this one until you know how it affects you.

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Viagra Strain

Could cannabis be the answer to better sex? Does smoking pot increase the quality of your sexual performance? Is there a strain that mimics the effects of Viagra? While cannabis alone likely won’t cure erectile dysfunction, many issues that contribute to sexual dysfunction begin in the mind and body, often in ways that cannabis consumption could help to alleviate.

There is a Viagra strain on the market, dubbed a “Viagrra” cannabis strain. Of course, as you would expect, it is a 100% Sativa strain, perfect for the best sex! Viagrra has a spicy aromatic vibe, with citrus and vanilla flavours on the backend. This strain absolutely makes the best strains for male arousal list because for one, its name alone implies great sex, that will get into your head nicely (yup, pun intended).

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The Best Hybrid Strains for Male Arousal

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner will have you feeling like a big green hero in the bedroom. This strain acts as the key to unlocking creativity; adding a playful spice to your sex life, like role playing perhaps? Much like Sour Diesel, Bruce Banner won’t have you conking out before the show; a strain match made in heaven for those seeking to get off the couch and into bed…or the kitchen counter. Most of the effects are felt in the head, but some physical relaxation can be felt. Joint jockeys beware, this strain can be pretty powerful!

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Agent Orange

Another well-balanced hybrid, Agent Orange has smooth smoke quality and a fresh, citrusy scent. This strain provides your classic, stereotypical stoner experience while maintaining a therapeutic effect in the background. A great mood enhancer, Agent Orange can help motivate and uplift, and possibly inspire lustful motives if your game?

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The Best Strains for Sex: Pot for Thought



There’s a case to be made regarding marijuana’s effects on arousal and sexual perceptions. We’re well-aware of cannabis’ stress reduction capabilities; sex is a great way to relieve tension, but it can sometimes be that very same tension that prevents us from exploring our desires.

Some studies have suggested that smoking weed can help reduce tissue buildup associated with high cholesterol. Other folks have reported beneficial effects on their sexual wellbeing when they integrate cannabis consumption into their lives. Besides just the physical effects, cannabis can help alleviate the sufferers of depression and anxiety. Simply moving into a more positive headspace can do wonders for libido and lovemaking alike!

Any pot smoker will tell you.

That cannabis can make fast food taste like it was a feast fit for a king, or music sounds that much more intricate and encompassing. Depending on what your mind looks like on an average day, pilfer through the above suggestions to see if a strain speaks to you. Do you have a hard time letting go because there are too many thoughts circling in your head? Maybe an Indica that leans more euphoric than it does sleepy. Do you value creating an intimate environment with your partner? Hazy, creative, cerebral highs (owed to that of a Sativa) can add an indescribable quality to your carnal proceedings. Everybody has a favorite strain–sometimes they just don’t know it yet.

The good news? Most enthusiasts agree: weed can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. Not because it acts as beer goggles, but due to its enhancing sensations that stokes life into your fantasies.

There’s something out there for everyone, regardless of taste.

But before we go racing off to our racy thoughts, we need to understand the different effects cannabis plants have depending on their composition. What’s going off like dynamite here may be fizzling out over there; if you’re looking for something arousing, knowing the differences is key. Cannabis strains vary widely, and there’s something out there for everyone, regardless of taste.

Now, these statements are generalizations and, as such, we invite you to survey strain lists for yourself. However, there are some bits of information, here and there, that proves helpful when seeking out a specific result.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid, your choice requires experimentation in such a good way!

Indica strains typically provide a relaxing body high and refer to a shorter, more stout plant. Due to the body buzz Indicas are famous for, most folks prefer these strains for nighttime use. Sativa strains lean toward a more energetic, cerebral stone, and are derived from taller, more narrow plants. Hybrids are, as the name implies, an amalgamation of the two. This is one of the most common ways dispensaries will sort their cannabis, so it gives you a clue where to look first. In reality, whether or not your strain is Indica or Sativa might not matter as much as the actual composition of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) in your choice, but this is something that requires experimentation.

Okay, okay. We get it, right?

Smoking weed and getting laid is a pretty sweet combination. We’re still curious… Can cannabis help a man perform?

Well… you’re probably not going to have to call a helpline because you’ve had an erection for the past 4 hours just because you smoked some pot. You’re much more likely to have a unique and fun experience with your partner though!

New strains are becoming available now more than ever, and we’re finding out more about our cannabis than ever before. It’s the perfect time to get out and try a few strains that have tickled your fancy, perhaps one will end up in the naughty box… or wherever people keep their sex toys now.

The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice.

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