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Speed Greens Shatter Review

Our shatter review features 4 strains, Jack Herer, Glacier Gold, OG Shark, & Gorilla Glue.

This shatter review was made possible by Speed Greens Online Dispensary. They were kind enough to send The Chronic Beaver four samples of their AAAA grade shatter strains; Jack Herer, Glacier Gold, OG Shark, and Gorilla Glue. Each shatter strain is reviewed below, you can use the contents menu to jump to the shatter review that interests you the most.

Speed Greens shatter is sourced from Everest Extracts who are based out of beautiful British Columbia. Their AAAA shatter is lab tested and is the very definition of high-quality shatter, more on that later.

Each shatter review below covers the basic genetics of the strain, effects, look and feel, how it performed when dabbed and vaped.

I have fun with these shatter reviews, and I hope you do as well, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them at the end of this article, we love to help any way we can.

Speed Greens Shatter Out-of-the-box and Image Gallery

The shatter arrived from Speed Greens in 3 days, each strain was packaged by the gram in its own custom zip-lock type package that was all put in a larger vacuumed sealed bag, packaged by Speed Greens. There was no smell or evidence that cannabis products were inside the box, everything was discreet and professional.

Shatter Review – Jack Herer Strain

  • SATIVA DOMINANT: 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
  • ORIGIN: Created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s
  • GENETICS: Northern Lights #5 crossed with a Shiva Skunk, with four known Jack Herer phenotypes, 3 Sativa, 1 Indica

Jack Herer Shatter from $30g to $25g

Speed Greens Jack Herer Shatter Review –  EFFECTS

The Jack Herer shatter does a great job with uplifting effects associated with Sativas and the heavy-hitting effects of Indicas. It’s very energetic and provides a happy and uplifted high, and I didn’t crash too hard.

Its medical benefits are said to help with stress and depression as its main benefits, with pain relief and fatigue as runners up.  The two biggest negative benefits of Jack Herer shatter was for me, dry mouth and dry eyes.

Speed Greens Jack Herer Shatter Review –  LOOK & FEEL

This shatter strain has a rootbeer to clear translucent look to it in yellow light, and in a different light, it takes a whole new look on, pretty awesome. The shatter feels smooth, not sticky by any means at room temperature (a great sign) and it has a hard texture that’s brittle when trying to break it up for a dab or to put some in your vape. It’s easy to work with and not messy at all.

Speed Greens Jack Herer Shatter Review –  HOW IT PERFORMED

I dabbed and vaped this shatter over the course of an evening. When dabbing the Jack Herer it performed nicely, the smoke was thick, clean, and plentiful with no unwanted butane or chemical taste. I felt its effects immediately and preferred dabbing this shatter when compared to vaping it.

When I vaped Speed Greens Jack Herer shatter, it also performed well, but it felt to me that I needed to catch my high quicker and wasn’t satisfied. The vapor quality was great with big rich smooth clouds that were just as clean as when it was dabbed.

Shatter Review – Glacier Gold Strain 

  • HYBRID: Ratios unknown
  • ORIGIN: Origins unknown
  • GENETICS: A cross between Glacier OG and Acapulco Gold

Out of stock

Speed Greens Glacier Gold Shatter Review –  EFFECTS

The Glacier Gold shatter felt more like an Indica dominant strain as it hit me heavy right in the face and left me feeling happy, elevated and energized right away. My face was all warm and tingly after 3 dabs of this shatter. The crash was moderately hard, I had a great weed nap and was then ready to try the Glacier Gold in my freshly cleaned concentrates vape.

Its medical benefits are said to help with stress and depression as its main benefits, with pain relief and fatigue as runners up. Dry mouth is a common negative effect of Glacier Gold shatter, but I didn`t experience it.

Speed Greens Glacier Gold Shatter Review –  LOOK & FEEL

This shatter strain has a beautiful golden hue to it with some deeper orange like coloring throughout. The shatter at room temperature felt smooth to the touch and is snapped perfectly. It’s easy to work with but after a short while, this shatter seemed to get a little sticky and crumbly, so work with it quickly or you will have sticky fingers that`s hard to clean off.

Speed Greens Glacier Gold Shatter Review –  HOW IT PERFORMED

I dabbed and vaped this shatter over the course of an afternoon with a weed nap in between sessions. Dabbing the Glacier Gold was over the top, it invaded and overloaded me instantly, my poor lungs. The smoke was dank, clean, and with no unwanted butane or chemical taste.

When I vaped Speed Greens Glacier Gold shatter, it also performed well, I could taste it better in the vape, it tasted like unsweetened toffee with sides of roasted pine nuts (yeah yeah, I’m a foodie). The vapor was dank and robust with huge endless rips that also hit me straight away. This was my favorite shatter strain from Speed Greens so far but stay tuned, I will be reviewing all of Speed Greens concentrates and products this year.

Shatter Review – OG Shark 

  • HYBRID: Ratios unknown
  • ORIGIN: Canada
  • GENETICS: A high in THC strain. Unknown genetics but said to be a cross between OG Kush and Great White Shark

OG Shark Shatter – out of stock

Speed Greens OG Shark Shatter Review –  EFFECTS

The OG Shark shatter is another strain that hit heavy and left me feeling happy and way too relaxed, also the munchies set in quickly that was unstoppable. The strength of this shatter is very impressive, so any newbies out there to shatter, be warned, “one dab will do ya”! and keep it positive, no likes a negative high right?

Its medical benefits are said to help with sleep, stress, and headaches mainly. I did have a great sleep that night, but I can’t attest to the headache or stress relief benefits though, just because I’m a chill kinda guy and I didn’t have a headache. Dry mouth is also common with this strain, especially in its concentrated shatter form.

Speed Greens OG Shark Shatter Review –  LOOK & FEEL

This OG Shark shatter strain has a beer like yellowish translucence to it and when you hold it up to the light it transforms into a light yellow clear piece of shattered glass art, almost something like I would bring home after art school when I was a kid. The shatter at room temperature is glass like smooth, almost polished, and it was brittle, be careful handling this shatter, it tends to break up into tiny pieces and pops all over the place like its magnetized. OG Shark is one of the easiest strains of shatter that I ever worked with and it holds up after having it in your hands for too long.

Speed Greens OG Shark Shatter Review –  HOW IT PERFORMED

I dabbed this shatter only over the course of an evening with a bunch of friends. Dabbing the OG Shark was just like the Glacier Gold but with a much more of a stoner creative type high to it. The smoke was thick and white, clean, and with no unwanted butane or chemical taste just like all of Speed Greens shatter I have sampled so far. This shatter tasted like it smelled – pungent and earthy when exhaling those sweet dank clouds. It’s true about what they say about shatter in this case “One dab will do ya”!

Shatter Review – Gorilla Glue or Gorilla Glue #4

  • HYBRID: 50/50
  • GENETICS: Chem’s Sister mixed with Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb

Gorilla Glue Shatter from $30g to $25g

Speed Greens Gorilla Glue Shatter Review –  EFFECTS

Gorilla Glue shatter from Speed Greens is said to be a heavy hitter with higher THC levels making this shatter even more potent than the other strains I’ve sampled so far, so another shout out to be careful with this shatter and plan to settle in for a relaxing or sedated type of evening.

This shatter is widely known for being one of the hardest hitting highs that fight nearly any medical symptoms, but it’s commonly used to aid with depression, anxiety, headaches, and for helping to get a good night sleep.

Expect a few side effects with Gorilla Glue shatter, like super dry mouth right away, so keep some refreshing beverages handy and be prepared for dry and itchy eyes. For those who are particularly sensitive may experience anxiety that leads to paranoia, dizziness, or a headache.

Speed Greens Gorilla Glue Shatter Review –  LOOK & FEEL

Speed Greens Gorilla Glue shatter at room temperature had a light yellow to clear transparency, but as seen in the picture, it tends to darken and look more royal orange if you will in artificial light. After storing the shatter in the fridge it seemed to lighten up in color and change consistency slightly, it was softer to the touch than it was when it first arrived out-of-the-box. It wasn’t sticky or hard and brittle, it seemed like a cross between shatter and budder. It was workable though and was easy to load some into my vape pen and break some up for a joint without having it glued to my fingers.

Speed Greens Gorilla Glue Shatter Review –  HOW IT PERFORMED

I vaped this shatter on a rainy BC afternoon while trying to put some final touches on a design project, and then I rolled up a fattie that evening containing Gorilla Glue AAA bud that I had on hand with Speed Greens Gorilla Glue shatter peppered throughout, what a treat it was.

When vaped, the high was ultra-relaxing and I slowed right down and found it hard to focus on the task at hand. The giggles settled in making me think of other fun stuff, so as a result, I couldn’t get anything done and I don’t recommend this shatter if you want to get some real work done.  The vapor was rich tasting with coffee and mocha pungent back flavors while providing huge hard hitting clouds that hits instantly with deep long-lasting effects.

As mentioned, rolling up the joint with Gorilla Glue AAA bud and the shatter was a real treat. It smoked evenly and slowly with nice clean ash, I could only get through half of it. It tasted the same as it did in the vape but with less prominent flavors. The high though was something else and intensely relaxing and stress-free, no paranoia set in and it put me into a coma type sleep within 2 hours, hey you try spending a rainy day with Gorilla Glue and see what happens! During those 2 hours I mainly just gazed at the TV rooted into my couch watching American Pickers wondering if they will ever find antique bongs or pipes.

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The Chronic Beaver’s Overall Shatter Ratings & Final Thoughts

Please add your review and any questions you may have in the comments section below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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Speed Greens Shatter Overall Quality Rating: 9
Speed Greens Shatter Value for Money Rating: 10
Speed Greens Shatter Look & Feel Rating: 9
Speed Greens Shatter Performance Rating: 9
FINAL THOUGHTS - All of Speed Greens Shatter is nug run AAAA quality sourced from Everest Extracts, so the shatter always has a consistent non-sticky and smooth feel, translucent appearance, and excellent robust flavor. It's highly recommended for any shatter enthusiast.