Best Live Resin Canada Guide, with Reviews, Brands & Prices

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Best Live Resin Canada Guide, with Reviews, Brands & Prices

When it comes to live resin, I bet you arrived here with more questions than answers, in any case – welcome! Let me help and break it all down for you. This best live resin Canada guide will ultimately show you the best live resin brands, and house brands from online dispensaries, and the best live resin strains with reviews. Additionally, I will answer some popular live resin questions.

Live Resin Prices Canada

The below chart displays current live resin prices in Canada from trusted and vetted online dispensaries. Online dispensaries represent more or less 90% of the live resin market in Canada who retail popular live resin brands and house brands. Live resin is generally priced by the gram when it comes to popular brands, but with live resin house brands from online dispensaries, they are sometimes available in bulk. You can buy live resin online in these cases by the ounce and up to a QP (Quarter Pound, or 4 ounces).

AmountLive Resin BrandPrice
1 GramHigh Voltage$50 - $65
1 GramHouse$30 - $50
3.5 GramsHouse (bulk pricing)$100 - $150
7 GramsHouse (bulk pricing)$180 - $220
14 GramsHouse (bulk pricing)$325 - $400
28 Grams (1oz)House (bulk pricing)$500 - $650
QP (4 ounces)House (bulk pricing)$1900 - $2200

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which Live Resin is made. When producing Live Resin, the primary goal is to capture the essence and aroma of live cannabis plants (not dried and cured) to lock in its natural terpene flavor profile. Products extracted using the Live Resin process are largely considered to be high-quality, flavorful concentrates.

If you are looking to buy cheap live resin online, then my live resin prices Canada chart and top 4 recommendations will have huge value to you. You will save some money while getting the best live resin possible for your dollar.

What’s the difference between live resin and rosin?

The main differences between live resin and live rosin are:

  • Live resin is a solvent based extract, that normally uses butane (BHO).
  • Live resin is made with live (green) cannabis, or freshly frozen cannabis.
  • Live resin uses a single pass extraction process that captures the terpene profile in the Cannabis plant by extracting its resin glands before they dry and cure.
  • Live resin requires more experience and know-how to make because its extraction process can be dangerous (combustible) and requires a lab and trained professionals.
  • Live rosin is a solvent-less extract by comparison.
  • Live rosin is made by pressing bubble hash that was made from freshly frozen, or live cannabis flower.
  • The live rosin process captures the live terpene profile of the cannabis plant without the use solvents because bubble hash extraction is made using a water sieve.
  • Live rosin won’t have residual solvents like butane.
  • Live Resin and live rosin both retain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant in the final product, resulting in a more desired concentrate that delivers in potency, aroma, and taste.

Does live resin need to be refrigerated?

How to store your live resin to ensure its quality is maintained for up to one year is an easy task. While the live resin extraction process is done at sub-freezing temperatures, there is no need to store the extract in your freezer. Just keep the resin away from light, heat, air and moisture to increase the resin’s shelf life. Additionally, to preserve the integrity of  your live resin, store it is a light-proof container in your refrigerator or in a cool room. Containers made of silicone or glass work best for storing live resin or any concentrate for that matter.

Best Live Resin Brands Canada

The best live resin Canadian brands are concentrate companies who specialize in their craft. As previously mentioned, live resin is a solvent based extract that uses potentially dangerous extraction processes and techniques that are highly specialized and require a lab and trained professionals. Each live resin or concentrates brand have their proprietary secret live resin recipe that uniquely positions them in the cannabis extracts marketplace in Canada.

Each recommendation below is based on the brand’s overall popularity, reputation, and availability (market exposure) to the consumer. In order for the best live resin brands to make this list, they must also provide lab-tested products using commercially certified facilities.

#1) Best Live Resin Brands Canada

High Voltage Extracts

This concentrates brand hit the Canadian extracts scene in late 2017 and haven’t looked back since. You will find their live resin products retailed at the top online dispensaries and brick & mortar dispensations alike.

High Voltage Extracts Awards List

  • First Place – Sour Amnesia Terp Cart: Cartridge Karma Cup 2019
  • First Place – Romulan Sauce: Indica Extract Grey Area Cup 2019
  • First Place – Peanut Butter Breath Sauce: People’s Choice Grass Roots Craft Cup 2018
  • First Place – Space Queen Live Resin: Live Resin Grass Roots Craft Cup 2018
  • Second Place – Sour Amnesia Sauce: Sativa Extract Grey Area Cup 2019
  • Second Place – Romulan Terp Cart: Cartridge Karma Cup 2019

Read my High Voltage Extracts review for more info on this brand and where to buy online.

#2) Best Live Resin Brands Canada

Nektr Extracts Canada

Nektr Extracts is an established and reputable Canadian Cannabis brand based out of British Columbia who specializes in premium concentrates. Nektr Extracts proudly uses only AAAA BC bud for their extracts, for a terpene enriched experience that is remarkably aromatic, fully bodied, and clean tasting.

Nektr Extracts Live Resin

This top-rated concentrates company has a mission to bring an elevated experience to the world of concentrates in Canada. They have premium live resin, with full transparency, and a stellar reputation for expertise. Some of the top live resin strains they produce are:

  • Purple Candy live resin
  • Rockstar live resin syringes
  • Papaya live resin syringes
  • God’s Green Crack live resin
  • Gorilla Glue #4 live resin
  • Peyote Cookies live resin
  • Nuken Live Resin

Read Nektr Extracts reviews on Budhub Canada for more info on this brand and where to buy online.

#3) Best Live Resin Brands Canada

Viridesco Live Resin

Viridesco live resin is a premium product with proven quality and consistency. They make their live resin in single batches and it’s lab tested at a 3rd party lab – MB Labs. This cannabis oils brand uses the latest technologies to create the best products and packaging techniques in North America, expect nothing but the best from Viridesco.

Read Viridesco Live Resin reviews on Budhub Canada for more info on this brand.

Buy Viridesco live resin online at BMWO dispensary.

Best Live Resin Canada
My Top 4 Recommendations

The below top live resin recommendations are based on my personal experience with the products over the course of 6 months to a year of smoking, vaping and dabbing the live resin. My ratings are also based on how the live resin held up in quality and integrity over time, potency, buzz quality, and value for money.

1) High Voltage Extracts Live Resin

This concentrates brand uses a proprietary extraction process that produces some excellent live resin that is potent, clean and very tasty. I reviewed their live resin, and was thoroughly impressed, hence the reason High Voltage Extracts made #1.

2) Strawberry Banana Live Resin – House Brand @ BMWO

This live resin strain is an indica dominant hybrid, that was crossed with Crockett’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum. The aroma and flavor of this live resin is unreal, very fruity and sweet, while being clean to vape and dab with little to no chemical harshness. BMWO’s house live resin is one of my top pics because I’ve tried 4 strains of it over the past year and it was always noted for amazing flavor, aromas, and punch. All my friends loved it, and I do too. Take a look at all their live resin strains. Read my BMWO dispensary unboxing review to learn more about them.

3) Trainwreck Live Resin Vape Cart @ The Foggy Forest

The Trainwreck live resin cartridge contains 1.0ml (1gram) of premium live resin with approximately 300 mg of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN). Trainwreck is a sativa dominant strain that induces a disorienting euphoria that begins to justify this strain’s name, but smaller amounts are more likely to bring on engaged creativity and energy. This all rings true about this live resin strain, I also found the harshness of the live resin vape juice to be minimal, that packed some unreal flavor. Vaping live resin is a very unique and enjoyable experience. Read the full review

See all their live resin vapes

4) Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin by Nektr Extracts @ Speed Greens 

This live resin is a classic choice for me during my evening bouts of laziness. When I want to melt into the couch and sleep like a baby, Gorilla Glue in a live resin form is one of my top choice’s, 3 or 4 dabs is all you need! Nektr Extracts live resin has always been a favored pic because of its reputation for consistency and potency.  Read my Speed Greens unboxing review to learn more about this online dispensary. See Nektr Extracts live resin strain options at Speed Greens.

Where to buy Live Resin Online
My Top 4 Online Dispensary Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, many of the online dispensaries make their own live resin in-house and carry popular brands at the same time. Here are my top 4 pics for the best live resin from online dispensaries who are trusted and reviewed. Each recommendation includes dispensaries with the biggest selection of mail order concentrates, cheap live resin deals, and ones who have fantastic house live resin with bulk buying options.

1) West Coast Cannabis

At West Coast Cannabis, their live resin menu is one of the largest online that features a big selection of house live resin strains that are available in bulk, or by the gram, and with several mix & match packs. They also retail High Voltage Extracts live resin at a real good price at $40 per gram.

This online dispensary is a top-rated MOM that operates out of BC, they have lots of deals and sales running all the time, make sure to check out their homepage for their latest promotions, free weed deals, and coupon codes.

West Coast Cannabis reviews and ratings on Budhub Canada

2) The Grow House Online Dispensary


At The Grow House, their live resin menu features a nice curated selection of house live resin strains priced by the gram at $50 per. You can also get cheap live resin online at $39.99 per gram that’s on sale quite frequently. They also have Northern Concentrates live rosin hash oil, a 100% solventless flower rosin packed with flavor and punch.

This online dispensary is known for excellence in quality and service who are based out of BC using the best quality flower (BC bud) in their house live resin products.

The Grow House reviews on Budhub Canada

3) Speed Greens for the Best Live Resin Brands

Speed Greens online dispensary have some of the best live resin brands on their menu, with Nektr Extracts, Galaxy Extracts, and High Voltage Extracts. You will also find some interesting live resin combo packs on sale at a great price.

This online dispensary has a great reputation online and are also based out of BC. Like their name implies, Speed Greens deliver fast Canada wide and they always take care of you to ensure customer satisfaction.

See my Speed Greens unboxing review for more details and for all their coupons, discount codes, and free weed deals.

4) BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO)

BMWO have a large live resin menu with house and popular brands. Their live resin is sold by the gram between $38 and $47.50. Some of the live resin brands they carry are; Voyage Extracts, Viridesco Live Resin, and Sasquatch Premium Live Resin.

This online dispensary also have a great reputation online and are based out of BC. They have a professional team working the shop with great responsive service and support.

See my BMWO unboxing review for more details and for all their coupon codes, free weed deals, and other promotions. Also see BMWO user ratings and reviews on Budhub Canada.

Final Thoughts

A couple of things to remember about live resin that I didn’t mention in this guide. If you are enjoying live resin on a recreational level, or if you use it for medicinal purposes, please remember that live resin is very potent (60% to 80% THC), and a little goes a long way. If you overdue it, you may not like being way too stoned and the green over the next morning. Furthermore, live resin is expensive, its more expensive than shatter and other common concentrates, so know what you are buying, read the reviews, make sure you trust the brand or dispensary, and never buy live resin online in bulk before you sample it first.

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