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AAAA Online Canada – Buy the Best AAAA Flower

Buy the Best AAAA Flower Canada Online

When it comes to buying weed that’s AAAA online in Canada, knowing where to look to find that sought after high grade flower, and knowing how to identify it are two steps in the right direction.

AAAA flower Canada is widely available from brick & mortar dispensaries, retail cannabis stores, and online dispensaries. But, not all AAAA grade weed from these sources are of the same quality. You will find that sometimes your top-shelf, AAAA premium weed that you purchased is not quite what you expected at all.

This article is intended to not only help you find the best AAAA flower online in Canada, it will also help you identify AAAA flower, and get the best deals at the same time.

Identifying your AAAA Weed – The Weed Grading System

The weed grading system in Canada varies depending on where you get your weed. Dispensaries mostly use the A – AAAA system, while our new cannabis stores don’t use any system at all, the quality of their weed is based on THC content mostly.  It can be subjective, everyone has an opinion of what AAAA weed is and how its referred to. There is always confusion and debate in my experience with old school smokers, and new cannabis users alike. So in an attempt to help, the Chronic Beaver broke it down and defined the AAAA Flower Grading System in Canada with some history on how it all began.

The Best AAAA Online Canada

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If you want the best AAAA online Canada, then buying it is best from online dispensaries or as they are also referred to as MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana). Online dispensaries in Canada are mostly based out of BC, home of the infamous BC bud. So when you order AAAA weed online from online dispensaries, you will get AAAA flower that was grown in BC by the most experienced growers and cultivators of true quads. Even if your favorite MOM isn’t based out of BC, you can rest assured that they source their Canadian AAAA flower from British Columbia.

But wait?

What online dispensaries has the best AAAA flower in Canada? Who has actual true quads? Fortunately, The Chronic Beaver has extensive experience in this arena. I have sampled and reviewed many AAAA strains from online dispensaries and have an inventory of 30+ AAAA strains yet to be reviewed.

Here are my recommendations for the best AAAA flower Canada from online dispensaries

All recommendations below are based from real experience and have been reviewed on The Chronic Beaver. All online dispensary recommendations are intended for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age.


The Grow House Online Dispensary

The Grow House are a popular online dispensary because of their large menu, consistent quality, and great reputation. They are one of The Chronic Beaver’s top pics for AAAA flowers and concentrates.

AAAA and AAAAA cannabis at The Grow House can be found in their premium collection. Their strains are priced by the gram, and you can see the flower grade in the description of the product. They have about 30 top-shelf strains in stock with lots of them on sale with up to 40% off mark downs.

I’ve personally tried their AAAA Death Bubba, and 5A Ice Age. Both strains lived up to their reputations, with tight dense buds that were caked in trichomes and pistils. The potency of these 2 strains was impressive as well, and they performed very nicely from a recreational perspective.

Go to The Grow House
See their Premium Collection


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West Coast Cannabis

Here you will find yourself in candy land with endless options when it comes to AAAA and AAAA+ craft cannabis. Their top shelf options include all sorts of mix & match packs, to buying quads in bulk by the QP, half pound, and full pounds. You will always get a great value and fantastic BC bud at this shop.

AAAA quads – go to menu
AAAA+ craft cannabis – go to menu

West Coast Cannabis have numerous promotions, coupon codes and giveaways, to take advantage of them, take a look at their homepage, they’re all listed front and center.

Go to West Coast Cannabis >


Budlyft Dispensary for the Best Top Shelf AAAA+ Weed Online

Budlyft has some potent strains available that are high end and priced fairly. Graded at AAAA+ the lineup includes White Death, Super Silver Haze, and Lemon Cookies Kush. I’ve sampled and reviewed the White Death strain, and it absolutely delivered (read the review).

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MMJ Direct Craft Cannabis for the Best Weed Online

The team at MMJ Direct Online Dispensary has extensive experience in the cannabis and service industry with expert budtenders online ready to help you. They provide guaranteed delivery and provide a tracking number for all orders.

When it comes to their top shelf flower, they have a lineup of craft AAAA, AAAA+ strains, and with small batch limited releases. With excellent presentation, bud size, aroma, and most of all — buzz quality.

Visit Website >
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Herb Approach Online Dispensary

They have a huge AAAA flower menu packed full of Indicas, Hybrids, Sativas, and exclusive craft strains. Herb Approach are one of the original mail order marijuana shops in Canada with experienced bud tenders and operators. Make sure to watch their homepage slideshow to see all the quads that are on sale.

See the Exclusive Genetics Strains
See the 2oz Mix & Match Flower Sale

speed-greens-strain-review-sweet-tooth-gallery-7Speed Greens Online Dispensary

Speed Greens has some killer high grade flower that is AAAA all the way. These guys are true pros at what they do and are good people, I’ve never worked with a nicer group of dispensary operators who are so dedicated to their brand. One of my favorite Hybrids came from Speed Greens, Burmese Kush, check out my review of this strain and see why.

Speed Greens and The Chronic Beaver have all sorts of exclusive deals and coupon codes that are available to you, check them out.

Go to Speed Greens
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Here is a call out for True Quad Lovers

Nature’s Fire Concentrates carry craft cannabis, grown by the Berlin Flower Co. This stuff is AAAA+, I don’t have any reviews published yet for their strains, but I have lots in stock as my personal stash. The inventory at Nature’s Fire can be limited at times, but their flower is outstanding.

I asked the owner what does true quads look like at Nature’s Fire?

When looking for True Quads cannabis, one of the first things we look for is a proper cure. Curing is essential to creating an optimal experience for the user. Without a proper cure, Terps will not be presented as they should be to the palate, and often times less than desirable contaminants can be left behind.

The second thing is the bud structure, and trich coverage. We like to closely inspect with a 60x jewellers loupe to ensure that the trichs have proper heads, and are not any more than 25% amber throughout the sample. Using the jewellers loupe also allows us to inspect for any mildew or other contaminants that may be present.

Lastly, we look at the trim job, no one likes a hairy lady, and we’re no exception. We like to see a few sugar leaves leftover, but there shouldn’t be any burnt or excess leaves on a True Quad sample.

All in all, we look for a well cured, tasty and potent smoke. When the ash is white, all is right!