Jamaican Gumball Hash Review & Buying Guide7 gram chunk of Jamaican Gum


Jamaican Gumball Hash Review & Buying Guide

Jamaican gumball hash is a rare exotic delight that’s really hard find and buy online in Canada. Let me tell you, this absolute beauty carried its own distinctive identity with a unique set of gummy characteristics that made it truly stand apart as one of the best types of hash that I’ve ever had the pleasure to smoke.

I couldn’t wait to get my Jamaican gumball hash review online because finding this hashish was a whole adventure in itself. Like stumbling into a time machine that transported me to the pot of gold at the end of a Jamaican rainbow.

Let me explain. Aince I was a teenager back in Ottawa, hash was the only cannabis product that was available in the mid 1980s. Jamaican gumball hash was infamous and was held a high regard as being royalty compared to the Montréal black hash that was on the market. I had two opportunities back then to buy some, so my friends and I jumped on it and pooled our cash to get as much as possible. Oh boy, it wasn’t cheap either. In the 80’s it was $25 per gram; but now, you can get it online for about $12 to $15 per gram and it’s much cheaper by the ounce.

The hash was memorable back then and we hoarded every last crumble to make it last as long as possible. Today, Jamaican Gumball is almost as rare, and just as good.

Jamaican Gumball Hash Review

I ordered 7 grams from BulkWeedInbox online dispensary for this hash review. The photo gallery below shows the Jamaican Gumball Hash as I received it from the dispensary. Each shot shows the hash in closer detail, right up to its uniquely compressed gum like resinous trichomes.

My favorite way to smoke Jamaican Gumball Hash is in a joint because that’s what we did back in the day, and it also fluffs beautifully. Check out my step-by-step instructions on how to roll a hash joint, in the instructions, you will see that I am using the gumball hash I’m talking about now for this review.

Is Jamaican Gumball Hash Good?

The two Jamaican Gumball Hash joints I smoked back to back delivered a unique blend of a potent head rush, and a deep body buzz. It’s definately set apart from the other imported hash that I’ve had the pleasure to smoke. Furthermore, the sedating effects of this hash have a notably long lasting high, for several hours it seemed. As such, it is advisable to ensure that all daily responsibilities are completed before getting into some gumball, if you know what I mean. I also enjoyed some therapeutic benefits. Its relaxing effect proved helpful with my body pain, inflammation, and sleep.

The best thing about this hashish is not only its hard hitting high, but it’s aroma, and flavour. So, yes, Jamaican Gumball Hash is good, it’s really good, and above all, it’s memorable.

Appearance, Aroma, Flavour and Consistency

Jamaican Gumball Hash is a visual spectacle and like no other type of hash. Unlike the standard brown or dark green hues associated with traditional hash, Jamaican Gum exhibits brilliant shades of dark red to flat out midnight black. The unique cultivation conditions in Jamaica during the hot seasons help make up its colour, more on that later.

Upon closer inspection, the sticky consistency of this hash is over-the-top evident. The stickiness is so pronounced that it tends to stick to your fingers upon touch, a characteristic that has contributed to its ‘gumball’ nickname. This stickiness also attests to the rich, resinous content of the hash, signifying that you are in for a rich, deep experience. It’s couch-lock redefined. Also, fair warning – it will get under your fingernails.

Beyond its vibrant black/reddish hues, Jamaican Gumball Hash possesses a soft, pliable texture, reminiscent of the malleability of a gumball. Fluffing and crumbling the hash for joints is a real treat as well. In my 35 years experience smoking hash, the better the hash crumbles, the better quality it is. If it crumbles poorly, and gets harder, it means that the hash has unwanted additives, or is cut with something. That’s not good.

Is Jamaican Gumball Hash Indica or Sativa?

Jamaican Gumball Hash is made solely from Indica-dominant strains. This hash has an intense, full-body high, an expected trait from a potent cannabis concentrate derived from Indica strains.

Jamaican Gumball Hash Review: The Backstory and How it’s Made

For many decades, Jamaica has been renowned for its export of high-grade cannabis and hash products worldwide. Among these export products, a high-quality hash variant known as Jamaican Gumball Hash has gained particular fame in the hash loving communities. This variant stands out for its unique, brilliant dark red and orange hues. This color differentiation makes it a topic of interest for many cannabis connoisseurs across the globe, especially in countries like Canada.

The process of creating Jamaican Gumball Hash is distinctive and intriguing. The “gumball” nickname refers to the hash’s sticky nature – a lot like gum. Its red and orange hues come from the unique cultivation conditions in Jamaica, where growers can have up to four outdoor shoots annually. This results in a lot of variation in the cannabis cultivated based on the season. For instance, Gumball can only be produced during the hot seasons when excellent weather conditions facilitate the growth of red hairs in Jamaican cannabis. On the other hand, the Blue Gum hash variant is produced only during winter months when the flowers lack red hairs and plant material, leading to a final product with a dark brown color.

In terms of its production technique, Jamaica differs from many parts of the world. Here, the hash is primarily produced using live plants, where fresh indica flowers are hand-rubbed or even processed by running through fields wrapped in nylon jackets. This technique, referred to as “Charas” in the high mountains of India, where it originates, is the primary method for producing Jamaican Gumball Hash. By rubbing the fresh flowers, the sticky THC which has been exposed to the hot tropical sun all day long, sticks to the hands. The red hairs and other plant materials contribute to the characteristic dark color of Gumball. Creating a substantial amount of Gumball is labor intensive and requires a significant quantity of fresh-cut cannabis and many hours of hand-rubbing.

The final product. Jamaican Gumball Hash is typically a high-cost product, if it’s a true import, due to the lengthy production process. However, for those who appreciate cannabis, it’s considered worth the effort and cost. Its taste profile is described as sweet and piney, accompanied by an earthy smell. The smoothness on the lungs and the rich flavors it imparts are appreciated by users.

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Final Ratings and Final Thoughts

Fluffing Quality
Final Thoughts - My first 5 out of 5 perfect score. The best thing about this hashish is not only it’s hard hitting high, but it’s aroma, and flavor. So, yes, Jamaican Gumball Hash is good, it’s really good, and above all, it’s memorable.