What Is Hash?

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What Is Hash?

Hash Explained

Few things compare in this world to the fresh scent of Hash. It’s resinous stench reminds one of simpler times. Times when cannabis was only available as either flower or Hash. Now the market is dominated by concentrates such as shatter and THC Distillate. While these extracts are welcome and generally fantastic, they don’t have the timeless energy of Hash. Nor do they have the authenticity of Hash.

Since the introduction of the previously mentioned concentrates, Hash has fallen somewhat out of favor. So much so, you may, in fact, be wondering, what is Hash?

If it’s burning you up, no worries, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of Hash, including what types of Hash exist, how it’s made, and how to smoke this unique concentrate.

As mentioned, not everyone knows what Hash is, so let’s get on the same page.

What is Hash?

Also known as Hashish, Hash is a concentrate from cannabis plant material. It’s produced from the plant’s trichomes. Trichomes are home to most of the active compounds in cannabis. It’s what mostly gets you high. Aside from the plant’s potency, trichomes are a reservoir of cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpenes are what give cannabis its distinct flavours and scents. Hence, Hash’s robust flavour palate.

The origins of Hash are a little murky, but it’s presumed to have originated in the regions of Nepal and North India. Both have rich histories of cultivation.

The first mention of the term hashish dates back to Cairo in 1123AD. Although, it’s exact inception is unknown. However, Hash or Hashish is a common word used globally.

With that, we’d like to conclude the history portion of this class. Let’s move our attention to the different varieties of Hash, and how they’re made.

Different Varieties of Hash

Hashish comes in more than 1 variety. The differences are tiny but worth exploring. The one thing they do have in common is THC potency.

Cannabis buds tend to float around the 20% THC mark. Certain medicinal CBD strains are as low as 0, or high THC strains such as Death Bubba, clocking in at a whopping 30%. Yet, no strain can compete with the flat-out potency of Hash. The average THC percentage of Hash ranges from 40-60%.

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash is one of the most common types of Hash you’ll find. The light golden-brown varietal is soft to the touch and crumbles easily. Although the resin extract is illegal in Morocco, it doesn’t stop it from being the largest exporter to Europe.

We’re not surprised, as Moroccan is a top-tier product.

Nepalese Hash

This variety of Hash is much darker and malleable than its Moroccan counterpart. Its consistency is like play-doh, making it the best to roll “snakes” for joints.

Nepalese Hash is a pungent extract. Its flavour and smell are easily recognizable as it stands out much more than the other types. While not as common as Moroccan, Nepalese is making a comeback.

Afghan Hash

Afghan Hash is the baby bear porridge of the bunch. Its shade falls somewhere in between the previously mentioned, as does it’s taste and smell.

Afghan Hash is typically made from Afghani Landrace strains. However, this may not always be the case. Landrace strains are hard to come by, and most prefer to savour the flavour than produce hash from the cannabis plant.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is the new kid on the block. Unlike the previously mentioned Hashish, any type of cannabis works for Bubble Hash production.

We’ll go over it a bit more shortly, but it’s a crumbly and flavourful extract. The golden-brown extract is a favourite for DIY enthusiasts.

These four varieties make up the brunt of anything you’d ever find. Next, we’re going to take a peek at how to make Hash.

How to Make Hash

Hashish is an old extract, but other than bubble hash, the way its made hasn’t changed much.

Making hash consists of 2 methods: heat and pressure, or using bubble bags with ice. Here’s a brief breakdown of both approaches.

Heat and Pressure

The original method and is still being used today, it’s done by pressing the trichomes and kief. In essence, producers collect trimmings, trichomes and kief and apply pressure with heat. The heat molds the compounds together and forms the consistency we know and love.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is newer to the market but has an avid following. It uses bubble bags and a rotating machine similar to a washing machine to compact the extract. This method requires little start-up money and done from the comfort of your kitchen.

Another variation is Drum Hash, which is very similar to Bubble Hash but uses industrial machinery.

Finger Hash

An unofficial method for making Hash includes using your fingers. This might be the actual origin for Hash, as it’s simply made from the collected kief and trichomes on your fingers from hours of trimming.

You won’t find this variety at any dispensary, but you may accidentally make some from time to time.

As you can see, making Hashish isn’t rocket science. Neither is using it, which we’re about to explore.

How to Smoke Hash

Of the greatest assets of this extract is its versatility. Of cannabis concentrates, Hashish is the Swiss army knife. There’s no wrong way to smoke Hash, but there are better ways than others. Here are some ways of how to smoke hash.


In combining the old with the new, vaporizing Hash is a combination of past and present. In fact, it’s the optimal use of the cannabis plant’s resin glands. Vaporizers allow you to control the temperature, meaning you get the most of the plant material. See my article the benefits of using a vaporizer to learn more.

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, with dab rigs and handhelds being the most common. You won’t want to use a dry herb vaporizer unless also using hemp pulp, but dab rigs work fine!

Pipe or Bong

If you don’t have a vaporizer at your disposal, pipes and bongs are also great. We suggest using a bed of flower at the bottom and breaking the Hash into small pieces on top. You’ll get a consistent burn this way.

Just be aware, using Hash in bongs and pipes will clog them fast. Make sure to give it a nice clean after every use.

Rolling A Joint

A favourite of many is rolling Hash into a joint. The tasty combo is easy to do and keeps joints burning longer.

The best way to roll a joint is to roll your Hashish into a “snake” and lay it on top of the ground weed. If you happen to have more of a crumbly variety, heating it up and breaking it apart (fluffing) and mixing it into your weed for a joint also works well.

Making Edibles

Last but not least, edibles. This method isn’t as standard now with the advent of THC distillate and cannabutter. Regardless, it is possible and worth experimenting with. All you have to do is include the Hash into any baked or cooked goods. Just be careful not to mix up the brownie batches!

There you have it, how to smoke Hash. Before we conclude, here’s a breakdown of what we’ve covered today.

So, What is Hash?

  • Hash is an extract of marijuana. It’s made from the trichomes and kief of the cannabis sativa plant.
  • Hash most likely originated in Nepal and India.
  • The 4 main varieties of Hash are Nepalese, Moroccan, Afghan and Bubble Hash.
  • Hash’s versatility is unmatched. You can smoke it, vaporize and cook with it.
  • Hash may be an old-school extract, but it’s one of the greatest uses of cannabis plants.

I hope this Hash article was helpful. If there’s anything I didn’t cover that you’d like me to clarify on, be sure to let me know in the comments section below. Until then, enjoy your new-found hash smoking skills.

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