High THC Review – Unboxing with Strain & Shatter ReviewsPurple Space Cookies strain from High THC


High THC Review – Unboxing with Strain & Shatter Reviews

High THC Review

Welcome to my HighTHC.ca review, I had a great time sampling their strains and shatter and I’m confident you will enjoy what this online dispensary has to offer.

My review includes:

  • Online dispensary profile and overview
  • HighTHC’s coupon codes and deals
  • HighTHC unboxing review and photo gallery
  • Purple Space Cookies strain review
  • Gelato strain review
  • Their house blend premium shatter review
  • Final ratings and final thoughts

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High THC Review – Online Dispensary Profile & Overview


High THC online dispensary is based out of BC Canada. The team at High THC are focused on providing high-quality cannabis, concentrates, and edibles with prices that are very attractive.

Their website is simple to use that makes ordering weed online with High THC a hassle-free experience. If you happen to have questions while placing your order, you will find their customer service to be just as good as their BC bud, so go ahead and send them an email with your queries, and they will respond promptly.

The menu at HighTHC has a nice focussed collection of cannabis flowers ranging from AA+ to AAAA. They also feature some yummy edibles from some of Canada’s most popular brands like Twisted Extracts and Faded Cannabis Co. Additionally, you will find a selection of concentrates on their menu, with some excellent house blend shatter (see review below), kief, hash, and prefilled vape pens.


“High THC’s Purple Space Cookies is powerful stuff”

My HighTHC.ca review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t address this common question people have about online dispensaries in Canada.

Is HighTHC Legit?

HighTHC.ca consists of a professional group of passionate cannabis lovers who are experienced with e-commerce and are dedicated to customer service. They are doing everything right and are making a mark in the online dispensary business.

Yes, HighTHC is legit and are quickly becoming one of Canada’s best online dispensaries. Ordering online is quick and easy at HighTHC and their BC bud is fantastic.

WEBSITE SECURITY - SSL certificate, 256-bit encryption 100%
EMAIL SUPPORT - Responsive 90%

HighTHC Review – Coupon Codes & Deals


Oz = Ounce = 28 Grams

HighTHC has some great deals and promotions running all the time. From mix & match ounce sales to high-grade cannabis discounts when you order online in bulk. Their premium house blend shatter is also a product to take notice, for $25 per gram, you can’t beat it.

3.5 Grams of Free Weed Coupon Code

With your first order, get 3.5 grams of free weed on a minimum order of $50. Use coupon code at checkout: FREEEIGHTH

Free Shipping

Offering free shipping via Canada Post Xpresspost on all orders over $150 Canada wide.

High THC Unboxing Review & Photo Gallery

High THC sent me a few of their strains and their premium house shatter to sample and review to help show you what they are all about and what to expect. I sampled two of their strains (Gelato, and Purple Space Cookies) and their nug run house shatter over the course of four afternoons with good friends, everything was exceptional and the shatter was a home run for us (see more about our experience below in the HighTHC strain review section).


The box arrived via Canada Post in their standard bubble envelope, containing a small brown unmarked cardboard box that had a shrink-wrapped airtight bag with the goods inside the box. Each strain was labeled and sealed in their own self-contained little Ziploc type pouches (as seen in the photos below), and the shatter was packaged inside a small silicone container, which is always nice.

There was no smell of BC bud before I opened the package, and there was no indication that some of BC’s finest was inside the box. Everything was very discreet just as you would expect from a reputable online dispensary.

After I opened the box, it was a different story, more on that later.

Photo Gallery

Please excuse the quality of my photos, I’m an amateur photographer with an iPhone and Macro lens.

High THC Review – Strain and Shatter Reviews

For this part of my review of High THC, I sampled their Purple Space Cookies and Gelato strains, as well as their House Shatter. All of it was top-shelf and memorable.

I sampled everything with a few friends over the course of 2 weeks during high tea if you will. I was also elevated “high on THC” while I crafted this review. We vaped some, and smoked joints, one joint had some shatter mixed in “We tossed a salad”!

Each review is done separately below, they include strain profile information and personal experiences with my final ratings.

Purple Space Cookies Strain Review

  • HYBRID Sativa-dominant: THC 20%+
  • ORIGIN: Western Canada, BC born and bred
  • GENETICS: Cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies

Purple Space Cookies is a getup and go neighborly strain that is great to share with friends for a great adventure. From a medicinal perspective, the strain helps with pain and it did wonders for my knee pain, and it also gave us all some big-time munchies, so if you have troubles with appetite, this strain will help. We found the uplifting high to settle down after a while and turn into a relaxing finish.


Nice dense, crystal packed buds


  • Happiness
  • Giggly
  • Makes you want to get up and go!
  • Talkative
  • Uplifted
  • Helps with appetite, stress, and pain


HighTHC’s Canadian Purple Space Cookies have medium to large dense crystal coated purple buds. The trichomes were overabundant and mixed with its amber pistils made this flower true eye candy that we couldn’t wait to try.

When smoked, it tasted earthy, with undertones of berries/grapes, almost like they were freshly picked. The exhales were huge, smooth, rich and dense, perfect!  Vaping Purple Space Cookies was some of the best-tasting BC bud I’ve ever vaped. We vaped this strain in the afternoons and we all really enjoyed the fruity vapor and huge dank clouds it provided. Man, did we ever laugh out loud a lot as we tried to drink our tea all proper like, trying to pretend that we were at the Empress for High Tea. We were close to actually going on a road trip to Victoria for high tea, but we were too high and too late. Yup, we are a silly crew of stoners.

We preferred vaping vs smoking Purple Space Cookies for its distinct flavor and wicked clouds. The strain performed remarkably and got us all “stoned immaculately”. The Sativa side of this Hybrid enhanced our high with happiness and laughter, while its Indica counterpart settled us down for late afternoon sinful feasts.


Bud Appearance: 100points
Effects Quality: 90points
Smoke & Vape Quality: 95points

Gelato Strain Review

  • HYBRID (50/50%): THC 20-25%
  • ORIGIN: Bay Area, California
  • GENETICS: From Cookie Fam Genetics, Sunset Sherbet crossed with Thin Mint GSC

I’ve been wanting to try the Gelato strain for some time, so needless to say that I was pleased when HighTHC sent me a sample to review. Their Gelato arrived in one 3.5 gram bud that was tight, dense, and loaded with sweet aromas. This AAAA strain performed excellent in the “high” department and was a real fruity treat to smoke and vape.

Despite Gelato’s wonderful aromas and bud appeal, this strain is most adored for its effects that won’t leave you couch-locked for the most part.


Gelato phenotype #33 – AKA Larry Bird – in reference to the legendary player’s jersey number.


  • Relaxing
  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Creative
  • Chronic Pain
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Helps with Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Helps with Fatigue
  • May relieve Bipolar disorder
  • Dry Mouth

The effects list for Gelato is long and impressive making this strain an all-around fan favorite. It’s a heavy hitting Hybrid that’s high in THC, the high started off for us like a heady Indica rush that eventually transformed into an uplifting energetic and creative experience. Then the Indica effects crept back leaving us relaxed with a nice body buzz and with a sense of purpose and well being. We were all quite happy with Gelato and surprised how unique this strain is in both flavors and positive effects.


HighTHC’s Gelato as mentioned came as one large 3.5-gram nug that was robust and very aromatic. The fat nug had a thick and dense structure, a moderate coating of crystals and bright orange pistils, with forest green leaves that are accented by shades of purple. All contributing to some seriously great looking BC bud and bag appeal. It was trimmed and cured perfectly to achieve optimum stank.

The strain had a pungent sweet aroma that was unique and welcomed. It had a faint smell of sweet citrus berry and when I cracked the nug apart, its aroma intensified with a heavier pungent woody aroma that filled the room quickly.

When smoked in a joint, its flavor was very prominent with earthy and woody flavor profiles, with sherbet-like fruity sweetness tingles on the exhale. The smoke was thick and packed with flavor that burned evenly and very clean.

Gelato from HighTHC.ca is a real treat that all enthusiasts should try at some point, it’s hard-hitting, balanced just right, and it won’t knock you out like powerful Indicas can sometimes do.


Bud Appearance: 95points
Effects Quality: 90points
Smoke Quality: 95points

HighTHC’s Premium House Blend Shatter Review

I always enjoy reviewing shatter because of its powerful effects, intense high, and loads of fun it delivers. This High THC review was delightful to write while sampling the strains, but the house blend shatter was next level enjoyment. I sampled the shatter one afternoon with two friends, we vaped about half a gram of it and rolled a mega salad fattie with the rest. The fattie had High THC’s Purple Space Cookies, Gelato, and the house blend shatter sprinkled throughout, it was huge and the end of us

High THC’s house shatter is custom made using a proprietary blend of only the highest quality AAA strains and BC bud from their menu.  It snaps easily and is not sticky or hard to work with at all. Normally when rolling up a joint with shatter in it, the shatter is hard to work with and sticks to everything while you have it in your fingers trying to break it up for the joint. Not this stuff.


One gram of premium house blend shatter from High THC


Taken from their website. “Our Premium House blend Shatter is made from the best AAA strains available to us. Only the highest quality buds are used to ensure that our product is exceptional. We only use high-grade butane for our solvent extractions. Through extended distillation, curing, and vacuum purging, we maximize purity and THC content. The flavor profile of our premium House blend Shatter is earthy with a slightly sweet aroma. Due to the high concentration of THC, it is recommended that novice users go easy on their first time as it may be overwhelming.”

“Shatter is a popular alternative to traditional smoking as the product is very pure and does not contain any other byproducts, making it a healthier choice for users. It is also a choice among heavier users as the effects are much more intense and delivered faster than traditional smoking.”


As mentioned this shatter was the end of us after we vaped and smoked it all within a few hours. We all got immensely high, confused, hungry, and we laughed. We felt its effects immediately that had stronger Indica effects with deep body numbing and a head high that made me feel like the Road Runner was doing Mach 20 while racing in circles around my brain.

When we smoked that salad I mentioned after the vaping session, we could hardly think or speak clearly for that matter. We were glued to our patio chairs debating the ins and outs of AA bud vs AAAA bud, and who could BBQ a steak the best. At this point, we were all famished like we haven’t eaten in days but we couldn’t find the energy to prepare anything, so we ordered in. After the fantastic feast, it was the end for us all and we got a lift home for a serious early evening weed nap.

The shatter had a nice taste with a sharp earthy flavor when vaping it. I was surprised and pleased, normally the terpenes are extracted when making shatter, leaving a lot of shatter with not much flavor. HighTHC did a great job preserving some terpene content that really enhances their shatter.


HighTHC’s house blend premium shatter is a fanatic product and a hard hitter. It gets straight to the point and performs well, but be cautioned, if you are new to shatter, take it slow at first.

Shatter Appearance: 90points
Effects Quality: 100points
Vape Quality: 90points

HighTHC.ca Final Ratings & Final Thoughts

I hope my HighTHC.ca review was helpful for you. If you have any questions, please let me know, post them in the comments section below or contact me via email.

The Chronic Beaver

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaHey, have you heard the one about my Illegal Grow-op?

Overall Bud & Shatter Quality: 9
Overall Service Quality: 9
Overall Value: 9
FINAL THOUGHTS - High THC have a focussed menu with top shelf BC bud, house shatter, and edibles. You will get value for your money and consistent great quality.