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Budget Concentrates Canada – Get the Cheapest Prices Online

Let me get right to it. There’s going to be no fluff in this article, it’s only about budget concentrates in Canada. I want to help you find the cheapest concentrates prices online , plain and simple. I hope you enjoy the ride!

About Budget Concentrates in Canada

To start, I think it is important to briefly discuss what budget concentrates implies, and how they can be perceived. You see, some people think of budget concentrates as extracts that are made from premium AAAA cannabis flowers. But, with a cheap price tag attached offering good value for your money. While others expect budget concentrates to be lower quality extracts that are made from AA-AAA cannabis flowers or bottom of the bag left overs with bottom-end pricing for the cheapest concentrates on a budget.

This article is going to focus on the cheapest budget concentrates available online in Canada. You know that AA-AAA and bottom of the bag stuff I just mentioned. I’ve sampled lots of it and enjoyed most of it. I also reviewed some decent cheap $15 shatter and compared it to $45 premium shatter. See the comparison review

The best dispensaries to buy budget concentrates online are ones who have their own house brands. This gives them a competitive advantage over the popular cannabis extract brands in Canada who retail their products with online dispensaries. These dispensaries with their own house brands are able to sell the cheapest concentrates online because:

  • Less overhead, cheaper branding and packaging, less resources are required.
  • Costs less to get the products to market.
  • Speed to market is increased.
  • Ability to sell concentrates in bulk, for example, slabs of shatter and bricks of hash.

Add a Coupon Code to your order.

Also don’t forget that you can add coupon codes to your order most times to make your online concentrates purchase even cheaper. Here are the current coupon codes for the 3 recommended online dispensaries seen in the chart below.

  • Haute Health 20% off coupon code: chronichighclass20 (applies to orders over $100, one-time use per customer). Also see their latest and greatest 25 to 35% off coupons on their homepage.
  • West Coast Cannabis 5% off coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only). Receive 20% off on your first order. Use coupon: WCCWELCOME (excludes items on sale).
  • CannaWholesalers $10 off discount code: Chronic10 (one-time use per customer, min order $110)

Top 7 Budget Concentrates in Canada

Concentrate Type

Cheapest Prices


1) Shatter (AA-AAA)

$10 to $15 shatter ($280 to $395 ounces)

Haute Health - see menu

2) Bulk Shatter

AAAA Shatter $550 ounces - AA-AAA Shatter QP (4ozs) $1545, 1/2 pound (8ozs) $3024

Haute Health - see menu
W Coast Cannabis - see menu

3) Hash 

AA Hash $99 ounces - AAA -AAAA Hash $180 ounces, $600 QPs

W Coast Cannabis - see menu
CannaWholesalers - see menu

4) Kief

AA-AAA Kief $5 per gram - $100 ounces - $350 QPs, $1000 pounds of Kief

W Coast Cannabis - see menu
Haute Health - see menu

5) Budder/Wax

AAA-AAAA Budder 1 gram $25, 14g $275, 1oz $500 to $550 - AA Wax $15 grams, $369 ounces  

W Coast Cannabis - see menu
Haute Health - see wax menu

6) Live Resin

AAA-AAAA grams of live resin $30, $550 ounces

W Coast Cannabis - see menu

7) Edibles (THC & CBD)

4 pack $10, 25 pack $29.40, 100 pack $114.10, 250 pack $276.70, 1000 pack $1073.50

Haute Health - see menu

Mix & Match Packs

Prices vary, best online dispensary for cheapest variety packs is West Coast Cannabis

W Coast Cannabis - see menu

In conclusion.

If you are interested in getting yourself some of those budget concentrates, but you need more buyers confidence before you pull the trigger, well then I can help. Take a look at the unboxing reviews and user reviews for each online dispensary that’s mentioned above.

West Coast Cannabis Reviews
Haute Health Review
CannaWholesalers Review

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