Edibles Canada Guide from the Best Online Dispensaries

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Edibles Canada Guide from the Best Online Dispensaries

Find the best deals to buy edibles online Canada with coupon codes.


Buy the best edibles online from verified online dispensaries.

Edibles Canada comes in many forms and types. There are strong edibles, THC and/or CBD edibles, edibles in the form of pills, tinctures, and food & drink based edibles, you name it! If you buy edibles online, then this guide is for you. I detailed some of the best edibles, and the best edible brands, with deals and coupons from verified online dispensaries.

Also check out my Edibles Dosage Chart with lots of tips for beginners and chronic users alike.


Don’t overdo it, see our dosage warnings at the bottom of this article.

Buying THC and CBD Edibles online are a great way to try cannabis for the first time for those who do not want to smoke or vape cannabis but be warned. Edibles come on strong and could affect you in ways you wouldn’t expect (read more about edibles warnings at the bottom of this article).

Edibles are relatively inexpensive compared to cannabis flowers and concentrates, and can make great add-ons to your order. If you are an edibles enthusiast, then you will find some of the best and most recognized THC and CBD edibles brands in Canada with the best deals. Brands like Mota Edibles, Twisted Extracts, and Mary’s Medibles. For some of the strongest edibles available online, you might want to check out the High Dose edibles brand.

All edible coupons & deals below are from our verified online dispensaries in Canada. Click on the coupon or deal that interests you, and you’ll be taken to the original source so you can get the deal directly.

Lets start with my top 4 list of the best gummies in Canada with the top 3 strongest edibles and the top 5 best CBD gummies. I have sampled and was particularly impressed with all the gummies mentioned for their:

  • Flavor with little green taste
  • Brand appeal and packaging
  • Value offering
  • Effectiveness for sleep, pain relief, and recreational fun

I have also reviewed many of the products in my various cannabis brands and online dispensary reviews.

Top 4 Best Gummies Canada (THC)

THC Gummy & Brand

Online Retailer

Info & Reviews 

#1 West Coast Teddy Gummies by Mary's View Products

West Coast Cannabis, coupons on homepage

$12 for 140mg THC in 4 doses. Customer Reviews

#2 Sour Watermelon Gummies by Mota View Products

Herb Approach, $30 off coupon: HADOTORG

$13-$15 for 100mg THC & 20mg CBD in 10 doses. Customer Reviews

#3 Fuzzy Peach Gummies, House brand View Products

Haute Health, 30% to 40% off coupons on homepage

$5 for 40mg THC in 4 doses, bulk prices available. Customer Reviews

#4 Sour Green Apple Gummies by Boost View Products

MMJ Direct, 20% off coupon: theChronicBeaver

$27 for 150mg THC in 15 doses.

See the Top 3 list for the strongest edibles in Canada.

See the Top 5 list for the best CBD gummies in Canada.

Edibles Spotlight with Special Coupon Code

At West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis online dispensary has a huge THC/CBD edibles menu that features all the best edibles brands in Canada. They have organic edibles, milkshakes and all sorts of edibles beverages, CBD gummies, edibles mix & match packs, and so much more. If you are an edibles connoisseur, then West Coast Cannabis is your go-to spot to buy edibles online.

West Coast Cannabis is also one of Canada’s leading wholesale dispensaries for buying bulk edibles online with great mix & match packs as well as bulk cannabis and concentrates.

Edibles coupon code from West Coast Cannabis: 10% off edibles on your first order (min order $80), use coupon code: WCCEDIBLES

Edibles from the Best Online Dispensaries

Buy Edibles Online Canada

The below featured online dispensaries have the best edibles in Canada with large menus to choose from. You will find all types of THC and CBD cannabis edibles, such as gummies, baked good, hot and cold beverages, capsules, honey, and other types of food products. They feature the best edibles brands in Canada, from the likes of Mota Cannabis Infused products, Baked Edibles, Herbivores Edibles,  Ed’n Bills Edibles, and more.

If you can’t find the edible product that you got a hankering for, drop me a comment at the bottom of this article, and I will help you find the best edibles at the best price, I will even suggest an edibles coupon code that you can take advantage of.

Buy Edibles Online from the Best Edible Brands in Canada @ The Grow House

The Grow House has some premium cannabis-infused THC & CBD edibles on their menu, and they are lab-tested and sourced from well known and established edibles brands in Canada.

Strong Edibles Canada

Lab tested strong edibles

Their strong edibles Canada menu offerings include the extreme strength fudge brownie by the Marys Medibles brand with 300mg of THC per portion. Some of their other strong edibles include, chocolate bars (300ng THC), Shatter Cookies, and more.

Edibles Coupon Code for The Grow House

If it’s your first time buying edibles online from The Grow House, then you can get 20% off your first order, use coupon code: Chronic20 (one-time use)


Haute Health Canada for the Best Bulk Edibles Online Canada 

Featuring a good selection of THC and CBD edibles. With all sorts of THC Edibles that have 10MG of THC per portion, Coke Bottles, Fuzzy Peaches, and Gummies with various flavors. Their bulk/wholesale edibles are available in 10 packs, 25 packs, 100 packs, 250 packs, and 1000 packs.

> THC Edibles Canada – See all

> CBD Edibles Canada – See all

Haute Health 30% to 40% off coupon codes are always available on their homepage. See my Haute Health review to learn more about this online dispensary.

Edibles Canada @ BudLyft Online Dispensary

BudLyft is another great shop to buy edibles online in Canada. They have a wide selection to choose from all from the best brands. Including infused beverages, cookies, chocolates, gummies, capsules and more.

Edibles Canada Coupon Code at BudLyft

  • 20% off your order, use coupon code: CBBL20
  • Free shipping on orders over $139
  • Free gifts with minimum purchases

strongest-edibles-canada-haStrongest Edibles Canada @ Herb Approach

Here you will find some seriously strong edibles, like the strongest edibles in CanadaHerb Approach online dispensary is one of the best places to get some strong edibles. They carry the best cannabis brands who make edibles, from the likes of Mota Cannabis Infused Products, Boost Edibles, Sugar Jacks (love the name), Custom 420 Edibles, and many more.

Another nice thing about Herb Approach’s Edibles menu is that they list the ingredients for most of the products, with dosage warnings.

speedgreens-edibles-menuSpeed Greens online dispensary for the best edibles Canada with one the biggest inventories.

Speed Greens have one of the best online menus of THC and CBD, Indica/Sativa edibles in Canada.

Their edibles shop has all types of edibles Canada from the best cannabis brands, featuring; Canna Co Medibles, Herbivores Edibles,  Ed’n Bills Edibles,  Pure Relief CBD, and Mota Cannabis Infused Edibles.

The Speed Greens edibles line up includes some confectionery delights such as gummies of all sorts, cookies and cake bars, nutri-green bars, lots of chocolate bars, Swiss rolls, berry logs, twonkies, pop tarts, dong kongs, and so much more.

If you are new to ordering edibles online and never tried Speed Greens out before, make sure to read our review of Speed Greens. Get up to speed about who they are, and get all their current promotions and coupon codes at the same time. Discounts like 10% off your first order, 10% off your second order, $25 cart discounts, and free weed deals.

> Go to my Speed Greens Review Coupons & Deals Section


Buy Edibles Online Canada @ BYMO

Featuring a wide selection of THC and CBD Edibles Canada with gummies, Twisted Extracts Care-melts, cotton candy, Keey THC and or CBD blasts, Ease THC mist sprays, Hemp seed capsules, and more.

> See All

BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon Code & Promotions – 10% off and 3.5 grams free on your first order coupon code: FRESH10
BuyMyweedOnline have endless deals and coupons that all can be found on their dedicated page. Deals like $99 ounces, first order bonus, free gifts, mix & match volume discounts, monthly giveaways, weekend flash sales, and more, see all their promotions.

More Coupons & Deals to Buy Edibles Online

> See All (10% off coupon code: TCB10)

Choose from a large selection of Edibles available online Canada. With gummies, beverages, THC or CBD honey, Keyy Cards liquid shots, Munchin Edibles (baked goods, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Oreo Rice Krispies, squares, and much more)

> See all

The Green Ace online dispensary carries the best edible brands Canada has to offer, featuring Marys Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Faded Edibles and more.  Their edibles shop has a focused menu featuring chocolates, cookies, THC brownies and bars, hard candies, beverages, extreme strength strong edibles, CBD edibles, you name it! If it’s your first order with The Green Ace, use coupon code: Chronic15 for 15% off.

CBD Edibles @ CBD Oil Canada
> See all

Buy CBD Edibles Online Canada with a large selection. All CBD products are made with love right here in Canada and we carry a great variety of CBD edibles including chocolate bars, CBD gummies , oil tinctures, and gel capsules. CBD Oil Canada Coupon Code for 10% off: Beaver10 (one-time use)

> See all

CannaWholesalers have about 20 edibles products on their menu with very competitive pricing. The menu includes some popular edibles brands like Twisted Extracts, Buuda Bomb, Baked Edibles, Phoenix Tears and more.

> See All (15% off coupon code: FIRST15)

Edibles Guide and Dosage Warnings

The recreational use of cannabis edibles is legalized and available on the shelves since December 2019. The government mandated that any single package of edibles can only contain 10 milligrams of THC and branded in plain packaging to lessen the appeal to children.

Edible products mixed with alcohol will not be allowed, but products with caffeine will be. Those edibles will also have to meet general food safety standards, and cannot be produced in the same place as regular food products.

Right now there are edibles and consumables on the market (as listed in this article) that are intended for medical marijuana patients. These strong edibles in Canada are just that and should be consumed with caution and are for experienced consumers over the age of 19.

Strong edibles Canada dosage and safety information.

Controlling your dosage is everything when it comes to consuming cannabis edibles until you learn how your body reacts to the effects. Everyone reacts differently with edibles and it also depends on your tolerance to THC. If you are chronic, then you might require higher dosages and vise versa.

For me, I consider myself to be a semi-chronic recreational and medical cannabis user and when it comes to edibles, they floor me every time. Even the smallest doses (15mg of THC ) hit me hard and I lose control over my muscles and can hardly hold myself up. So be careful and safe, test your limits first, otherwise, your experience with edibles will not be enjoyable, and negatively impact you.

Edibles dosage recommendation and warning.

See my Edibles dosage chart for more information.

DO NOT OVERDO IT.  When enjoying edibles, it can take up to one hour to feel the effects, they gradually increase as the body digests the edible.

You might feel after you consume edibles that they are not working right away and eat some more, been there done that and you will regret it. It is hard to judge how much you should actually eat and it can produce a much longer-lasting and stronger body high compared to other forms of marijuana. So start with small doses of about 10mg of THC to test your limits and go from there.

Youths will always be tempted to eat your cannabis edibles, after all, who doesn’t love sugary delights? They can be dangerous to them and cause panic, so please keep your edibles away from children and store them safely out of reach in your home. I lock them in a food-safe container out of reach and mark them as “Medicine DO NOT TOUCH”.

Find more deals for BC Bud and Everything Else

Take a look at my main deals & coupon page for BC bud, shatter, HTFSE, and pretty much anything else that interests you.

If you need some help finding some of the best Edibles Canada deals around, I’m here for you. Leave a question in the comments section below, and I will respond as soon as I can.


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    I notice most of these reviews are now over a year old. I’ve been ordering from Haute Health for quite awhile and love their edibles and deals but tons and tons of negative reviews out there. It’s quite confusing. I’m new to marijuana (last time I touched it was 30 years ago!) so it’s a bit distressing to read such things when you’ve not had any problems with them. So then you look for who is the best and most consistent and that’s not possible to find. None seem to have phone numbers or chat with real people.
    Is there such a list somewhere for people like me who don’t know who to trust? And can’t afford to keep sampling to see who’s better, etc? I mostly use edibles.

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      Hi Steven, take a look at the brands, Mota and Mary’s, you can find them at the Grow House and Herb Approach. They have some triple dose and strong edibles to choose from.


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