Top 10 MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana) Guide – Currently Open in 2024

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Top 10 MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana) Guide – Currently Open in 2024

Best Canadian MOM DispensaryLiat of the Best Mom (Mail Order Marijuana) in Canada with unboxing reviews.

Updated May 27, 2024

2019 was a big year for Canadian MOMs, the list grew to over 200 open for business. 2020 and 2021 were also big years for mail-order marijuana, and the list grew to over 350 but there were numerous shutdowns along the way.

Enter 2024, there is still a lot of change happening in the mail-order marijuana dispensary scene. MOM dispensaries nationwide have been changing their domains like they are playing a game of whack-a-mole. Additionally, marijuana has become much cheaper online, making the competition fierce and forcing a lot of dispensary closures. As a result, people are lost and can’t find their favorite MOM and the best MOM for Edibles and bulk orders to get some high-quality products and concentrates delivered.

The below 2 tables act as a listicle guide showing my choices for the best Canadian MOM that are still open for:

  • The best MOM shops overall for value and trustworthiness
  • The best bulk MOM weed dispensaries
  • Feature: The best MOM for Edibles with my unboxing review

They are ranked based on my experience with their products and services, also my unboxing reviews, and overall popularity online. Learn more about my history and ranking process at the end of this article.

Best Overall Canadian MOM Canada 2024 Spotlight

Best MOM Canada 2023

Bud Express Now is an established shop based out of Vancouver, BC. This MOM is a top pick because of their huge menu offering that includes everything under the sun that’s cannabis related. From cheap ounces to high-end craft ounces of weed and concentrates with amazing mix-and-match bulk options for almost everything in their shop.  They also have a deals page with prices slashed up to 50% off., with really cheap concentrates such as $10 shatter and live resin – BXN is the best Canadian MOM for concentrates, plain and simple.

They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free express shipping via Canada Post on orders over $150, tier 1 level customer support, BXN coupon codes, and free joints with your first order.

Canadian MOM List 2024 - Top 10 MOM Dispensaries

MOM Dispensary 

My Reviews

#1 BudLyft

#2 Speed Greens

#3 Haute Health

#4 West Coast Cannabis (Bulk MOM)

#5 The High Club (Bulk MOM)

#6 BulkWeedInbox (Bulk MOM)

#7 BC Weed Edible

#8 The Canna Society

#9 Get Kush

#10 Low Price Bud

Best Bulk MOM Weed And Concentrate Dispensaries List

The below chart for the best bulk weed dispensaries in Canada shows the top 5 that have the cheapest bulk deals for cannabis and concentrates. They are also ranked based on my experience with their products, my reviews, and overall performance based on sales and popularity online.

Best 5 Bulk MOM Dispensaries in Canada





Bulk pricing model for all products in thier online shop. With a large flower and concentrates menu, bulk mix & match is available. Coupons don't apply to items on sale.


With over 10 strains priced at the wholesale level in QPs, half pounds, with $750 full pounds of weed. Coupons do not apply.

West Coast Cannabis

BC bud and concentrates with the best bulk deals going in 2023. WCC are the mix & match masters. Coupons don't apply to full pounds of weed.

Get Kush

Get up to 40% off bulk weed with mix & match ounces. With bulk mix & match concentrate deals. Coupons don't apply to items on sale.

Low Price Bud

Bulk pricing model for weed, concentrates (Ounces of hash, shatter, resin, ...), edibles, and CBD. With lots of great LPB coupons and promos.

Online Dispensary Coupon Codes. Check this page out, maybe you can apply a coupon to your bulk order.

Best Canadian MOM for Cheap Ounces of Weed

Best mail order cheap ounces of Weed

The Grow House is the best place for cheap ounces of weed and concentrates. With ounces of weed ranging from $33 to $45 with $1.50 grams and lots of cheap pre rolls such as shatter infused 1 gram pre rolls for $12.99 for a 2 pack. In addition, you maybe be able to add a Grow House coupon for a cheaper price.

My Unboxing Review

Worthy Mention: The Best CBD Online Store

  • CBD Magic Canada is the top place for everything CBD online. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of CBD and their CBD roll-on pain stick, well is just magic. Read my unboxing review and see why.

About my Canadian MOMs List

This Canadian MOMs list displays the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries that are still open for business. They are established with a large customer base and with good reputations. Additionally, they have been reviewed by me and by users on Budhub Canada and Reddit.

Since 2017, The Chronic Beaver has been working, reviewing, and thoroughly enjoying the top 10 MOMs listed. My experience and relationship with them has strengthened over the years, to the point that I know and respect their business values and ethics. To sum up, the list includes trustworthy brands that survived the 2019 to 2022 shutdowns, you know, shops that are still open today.

If you require any help choosing the best Mail Order Marijuana dispensary for you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to pick my brain, I will do my best to help out. Contact me

The Chronic Beaver